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Surrender September: Feelings in a Gr8 Emotional Focus

Welcome to the month of September. Peace Babes. How are all of you? Is it just me, or do you all feel like you have been fighting a lifelong war as well!!? This current energy is probably the closest our generation can get to how World War II vets may have felt when they came home. If you are feeling warn out, hyper emotional, sensitive and in a constant state of state reflection, you are on the right path. We can look forward to life slowing down a bit.

We are all recouperting form some major galactic activity. From 3 eclipses, up to 7 planets retrograde at a time, full moons and planetary transitions. All of this tells us our bodies are being led by our soul. Some of us, for the first time. Which can cause anxiety, worry and stress. Saturn, the planet of fears, discipline and challenges, goes direct on September 6. To ride this wave efficiently, we must bear down and focus. Concentrate. And control ourselves. Which seems impossible when you feel anxious. The planet Uranus went retrograde August 5, 2018 and goes direct January 5, 2019. Uranus is the planet that is connected to our central nervous system. Making us very well aware of everything that bothers us entering the month of September. We are all in the midst of an extreme awakening. Our hyper sensitivities are actually directly linked to our human super powers. To all my sensitives, now is the time to use the natural knowledge we were born with and guide ourselves and our families to better feeling realities. Highly/hyper sensitive people are simply people born with an overly sensitive central nervous system. We are sensitive to tones of voice, energy, certain smells, bright lights, loud noises, to name a few. Sensitives require frequent time alone, because they tend to become one with the energy they interact with. Sensitives usually specialize in heightening the vibration of an environment. The World tends to guide sensitives to give from an empty cup. Which can lead the sensitive to feelings of detachment and can result in dis-ease. Meditation, eating consciously, yoga/exercise and other acts of self love is the medicine of choice to heal this reality. A challenge for sensitives is the process of learning to listen to our gut. Remember, the human body has multiple brains. Including an emotional brain that lives in the gut. Along with most of our cells in our body. Going meatless and eating consciously this month could be our saving grace. I'm in the same World as all of you. Conscious choices can be tough to come by. Go out of your way to bring your own food, hydrate with natural spring water and be gentle with yourself as often as possible. Remember, food is an addiction. We must behave accordingly. We just experienced a full moon in Pisces, just for days into Virgo Season (review our blogs to remember the lessons). Making right now an ideal time to heal all illusions, in all realms (especially the spiritual). Unifying the urge to unite with you soul group, friends and family members and focus on healing is very natural right now. If you are a sensitive, you are a leader in our current reality. The only work required is leading by example. In tarot, the hermit card is related to Virgo. Hermits are into isolation and loneliness because of introspection of their wisdom. Add on that Mercury (which Virgo and Gemini are ruled by) is in the shadow until September 2. Making now a beautiful time to communicate in pure honestly and utter peace. Whenever we feel any fear, shame or guilt, our inner child comes out to defend our outside self. If we never learned how to resolve things as a child, this would present a tough reality to bear. Especially in our adult years. The Earth sign Virgo is the leader in grounding. Virgo is the sign of the divine feminine, related to Mary Magdalene (Jesus's twin flame), which is an energy all of us are currently tuned into. This month will be all about taking things slow and doing things properly and on purpose. Forgiveness is major. Especially regarding Mothers. We end September in the Air sign Libra, which ushers in unparalleled levels of unconditional love, fairness, beauty and balance. Our challenge is to be kind to the child within, then share our methods with the children of our family so they may learn/remember the same lessons. This is how we change the World. These are the days of us remember what is important to us and behaving accordingly. This month, go out of your way to spend time with family and friends. Be aware of the way you feel around everyone and remember everyone in our life is an angel that Source sent for a purpose, on purpose. If you feel triggered, that is just a reminder that you are dealing with a core issue that is out of alignment with your current life direction. All the tips in this newsletter can heal this reality on the spot. Be gentle with yourselves and grant yourselves permission to learn something you didn't know before. Invest in our services, including our forums, invest in our spiritual items and packages. Press reset on your soul and begin anew. This Earth name is Gaia and she has chakras just like us humans do. Mama Gaia is healing, just like all of us. In this final quarter of the fiscal year, let's chat about some destination healing. 2019, is offering a cruise themed in healing Spring/Summer 2019. We are considering the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Soma. Let us know where you want to go. Ok, this is plenty of insight to get us through. Continue to look forward to regular blogs, new virtual workouts and other spiritual tools to help us help ourselves. As Lisa Nichols says "I'm your sister in prosperity." September is a major month on reaping what we've sown. I'm excited to see the New Earth we are collectively manifesting. Thank you to my personal spirit team. I couldn't do this without ya'll. Sending love n Lite to all. See ya next month <3

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