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Birthing Virgos, Birthing Life

Peace Babes! How ya'll be? Thanks to this new moon in Virgo, I am flying high. Add on the reality that today is my son's Borniversary, and maybe my vibe will come alive a lil mo in your World.

Just 6 days ago, we celebrated the birth of my first born. My baby girl is my walking soul. Today, we celebrate the birth of my son. Who is more like my spirit. Chiming into the two of them always has allowed me to separate from the illusions of life. I used to find myself wrapped up in gossip, slander, or any other forms of defamation women participate in, to socialize with other women. Simply goin along to get along. While internally belting out Alessia Cara lyrics. Askin myself how I ended up here!?

Birthing my daughter taught me how to make peace with illusions. Her chronic sickness since 6 wks old had me in heavy prayer mode during my pregnancy with my son. I was low key terrified of all children. The thought of a son was overwhelming. Yet I knew that to be my reality, once my pregnancy was confirmed. Observing my beautiful nephews ReaLLy petrified me. They were born Vegan and didn't start speaking until they were like 4 or 5. I'm all about communication. The thought of enduring that made me wanna a cry. WHich I did... Often. When I gave up the illusion of control, my son felt safe. Kind of like he was personally dialing into every wish I made. My son is every bit of the image I saw before I actually saw him.

My pregnancy with him, I felt unwanted and hidden. In some ways, I see my son struggling with these very ideas to this day. Which tells me the mother/child bonding process during gestation ain't to be played with. I come from a family of affectionate mothers. Breast feeding has never been a big deal to my family, I offered him the breast off top. He refuse. So I gave him the bottle. He been addicted to sugar ever since. Sugar breaks down to lack of love, energetically. The effects sugar has on the brain is more intense than that of cocaine. Both my son and I have some major cleaning up to do, internally. Thankfully, his Dad, my King, is guiding us on cooking meals his way. Already, my gut is jumping for joy!

I presented life to be fun and safe for my children, but I believed a totally different reality. I gained 50 lbs this pregnancy. But I didn't think anything of it. I gained 50 lbs with Ahmyah too. I lost the weight from my son much slower than I did with my daughter. When Ayden was 7 months old, we moved to Miami. Thickness was acceptable, so I took my time loosing my weight. Reality was, I didn't feel safe and I found comfort in hiding in my new body. While emotionally eating. Crying often. Blaming my hormones instead of just acknowledging that I did not vibe with the life I was living.

This is the 1st time I'm acknowledging my truth, on a soul level... while eating a bag of xxhot Flame n Hots. I had 6 Fudge stripe cookies before the chips. Clearly, I'm feeling. I'm healin what I'm feeling by acknowledging my behavior, speaking to myself honestly and flowing on my path. My addictions are mental. I can change them and overcome myself. Correction, I am changing my mentality and beginning to face myself. Step 1 is acknowledgement. So far so good.

I am grateful to celebrate another year of life with my son. I am disheartened that his father is not here to join us in the physical. I could blame everyone and everything. Reality is, we have each done our part to manifest the lives we are currently living. Instead of privately sulk and behave resentfully. I choose to be loving to myself by speaking positive affirmations to myself. So I may remember my worth. That allows me to speak life into others. Which I've always done. But now I don't feel depleted.

These days, me and both of my Virgo children are in the beginning phases of redefining love. All of us have dealt with our version of extreme heartbreak. These experiences didn't break us. It made us stronger and wiser. I am guiding our tribe to heal the chakras. The babies are guiding me to heal my heart. We're starting from the root, workin our way up beyond the crown, connecting to the Erath star and universal consciousness chakras. 2018 is the year I am methodically introducing the World to my babies. They are genuine healers. Their advice is that of ancient gurus. I am proud to raise them. Before I share them with the World, we must heal our personal, inner darkness. These blogs are documenting our experiences.

As I journey with my children, guiding them to make peace with the World by celebrating themselves. While celebrating their personal gifts. I must lead by example. As I celebrate yet another year of life with my babies, I also get to hold their hand, tell our story and guide them on how they can tell their own. If we share info you value, share with others and give us some love. I believe in giving roses to the living.

Love! It's the gift that keeps on giving. Virgos specialize in unconditional love. Only problem is, the ultra critical Virgo is often distracted by details. Which comes across as conditioned. Many times because their truth has yet to be acknowledged. Effective communication could go a long way in Virgo's World. Virgo is Mercury led, just as Gemini is. We are currently in the thick of a sweet, deep cosmic kiss to our pineal gland. This new moon happened on the 9th month and 9th day, resulting in 9 to 9 portal gateway. Which ushers in all kinds of majestic energy founded on manifesting miracles. This new moon was 0 degrees. Allowing for each of us to start over and put our manifestations on the solid ground of unconditional love and eliminating light. Instead of the wobbliness that is the lack matrix. I work hard to be non-bias. But love and light is my team, all day every day. Today is a majical day of celebration. For that, I am grateful.

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