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Occult October

Peace Babes

Another month has tip toes on us, yet again. Things are changing by the nano second. Are you keepin up?

This month is themed Occult October. Occult simply means hidden. Did you know human beings were manifested to be perfect crratures living on beautiful planet Earth, doin miraculous deeds? It's true. The Earth has recently been upgraded from 3D (full of illusions) to 5D (full of love n light). Mama Gaia is still goin through her own private DMT experience. She hittin her head against the floor, kickin furniture. Foaming at the mouth. Just observe the erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes & other natural disasters. The people must now join Gaia. Now all DMT experinces are created equal. While hitting the head is optional, so is the illusion of hugging a tree or your twin flame.

This is a time of ultimate Ascention of all things, in all people & places. Making now a beautiful time in history to come to peace with all things(hidden and otherwise). Especially the things that hurt.

The Autumn Equinix and the full moon(in Aries) happened around the same time. Highlighting more historic galactic activity. Just before that, we had a New Moon in Virgo (0°), which allowed us to energetically begin to manifest the details of the life we desire. Several planets are out of retrograde. Retrograde (Rx) means the planet is so close to Earth, the planet appears to be going backwards. Many shun the power of a Rx planet. When really, the activity highlights occult (hidden) knowledge about (feel in the blank).

Rx planets are planets that come directly to Earth to shine their planatary power on whomever, directly. I was born with 6 planets in retrograde. Simply put, I'm prolly 1 of ThE most sensitive mofo's you'll ever meet. Which means I have a heart and I wear it on my sleeve. Society guided me to grow thicker skin. Which led to me hiding & burying my special powers. This was sad af to me. I distracted myself by developing more acceptable traces like working hard and talkin instead. That lasted this 1st part of my living experince.

As much as I wanted to hide, I felt too attached to the responsibility of teaching those younger than me what I was learning.The intention was to hide from the World. Somehow, I hid from myself. This past 2-2.5 years has been MaJoR for me. I know I'm not alone. We are now living in an era where our karmic slates & the gunk from our DNA can be healed. Only of we will the experince to fruition and do the required work.

Venus will be in retrograde for 6 weeks. This journey begins in the sign of Scorpio, which will have us doin a country jig in mud. Much like pigs rollin around in mud. Love is known to be soft an acceptable... Until now. All of us have private lil quirks when it comes to love. Venus in retrograde will have us all smackin our gums, heads cocked, eyes rolled. Ready for whatever. Love is about illusions. Making this an ideal time to fall for the okey-doke. Libra and Venus will reunite next month.

Following the guidance of our Higher Selves, archives alignment, which will work miracles. While allowing the you to manifest whatever your hearts desire. Tools like "Breathe Your Way To Oneness" and our community interview of an ex-Skinhead, turned lover of love will inspire you to break out of any private fear/shame/guilt. This is our free gift to all of you. Sign up today.

We also offer online forums for those seeking lifestyle changes. We offer guidance with:

Ascention- A scientific breakdown of physical upgrades the body has been, is and/or will be experincing. The idea is to face ourselves. Which totally happens when we speak our truth.

Conscious Eating- Scientific based guidance on the study of acid vs alkaline in all areas of life. Balance, heal and clear your chakras. Loose weight. Feel great. Heighten your energy. Manifest your life.

Godis Course- Scientific based knowledge telling her-story of the trials & tribulations of stories that got women written out of history. This is a course of awareness and awakening. Allowing the physical body to be every element of the dream it was created to be.

Mercury is also goin retrograde by October 28. Which means communication re-do for us all. Many agonize over Mercury goin in Rx (which happens several times a year). While this is a horrible time to sign contracts or make long standing agreements. It is the perfect time to manifest effective communication in all areas. All tough realities will resurface. Take it easy. Breathe & manifest your remedy. Mercury is the messenger of both higher & lower realm messges. Life is not always as peachy as we would like. Continuing to lie is optional & will result in us manifesting the same reality. Speakin your truth is also optional. It requires more work. Pain from residual fear, shame, guilt is guaranteed. The way you love yourself will determine the ultimate conclusion. When my heart hurts, I study. Mercury Rx requires we be careful with electronic devices. Making it the perfect time to visit your local the library or book store and study old school.

By early October, Mars & Jupiter will be direct. Pluto went direct at the end of September. Uranus, Neptune and Saturn not done just yet. There's a whole science to what I am speaking of. It's called rayology & connects the rays of light to the astrological placements of our natal chart. Describing our character, psyche & frequencies to a t. Read our blogs to catch up. Join the forums to reform yourselves in your healthiest image. Purchase our products and bring your spiritual baddass out. Do commerce with us and contribute to healing your community. If we ReaLLy wanna heal, we must initiate the experince from within. From scratch.

The World has never seen this level of healing before. Are you ready?

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Thx Babes.

Happy Healin & we'll see y'all next month

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