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Week End Review

Peace Babes. Happy Monday. How ya'll be? Me? I'm fantabulous. I have literally never felt more alive. Work is dominating my life these days. Goals are being accomplished. Peace is the ultimate outcome. Which allows me to feel like I'm living out my personal life mission. Which is doper than dope.

My professional accomplishments and my personal goals don't quite align. Yes, I am a flirtatious Gemini sun. However, I most of my placements are in the sign of Libra. I'm all about beauty, balance & equality. I am a stickler for anything I deem to be unbalanced/unfair. I do better in life, when I feel like I have a partner. Which is deeper than actually having one.

The 2 relationships I have had thus far have been dope guides in revealing what I don't want. Don't get me wrong. All of my memories are sacred and mean something to me. However, I'm not really into the idea of there being competition between me & someone else. As competitive as I am by nature, all that shit goes out the window when I feel insecure. My security was majorly tampered with during both of my unions.

The idea of returning and recirculating that insecure energy has been exhausting af for quite a while now. No one is my competition, which I've known from the start. I am a reflection of my situation. Now in the past, I was majorly insecure. So, outside thoughts rooted in lack (bka, fear, shame & guilt) got the best of me. My bf's didn't honestly trust me. They linked up w/other energy that also didn't trust overall.

Then they built their own private reality & engaged in activities that unified their bond. I had no formal knowledge

I just felt it. However, how do you express that to your not so spiritually aware lover? All I could do is feel all this goin on & pick arguments. Which was feeding low frequency energy into our reality. Guiding me to manifest more of what I was fussing about. My choice then becomes to replicate the behaviour. Or rise above. Most times, I was too weak to rise above.

For the last 20 yrs, I've been doin my version of replicating this insecure behavior. It was more of a vibe I was responding to, more than anything else. Constantly feelin like I have a point to prove is a beautiful way to suck the life out of beautiful realities. Instead of beat myself up, I choose to reflect and simply make better choices.

This week, we will be unmasking STDs (spiritually transmitted dis-eases), the new Twerk Class, detoxes, fasting options, fitness & personal restoration tips as well as some self love tips. Simply bc this is what I am doin to better my life. Observe my lifestyle. Find something that could work for you? Attempt it. However, of it don't apply, let it fly.

Every day,I learn something new about myself. Somethings inspire pride others require personal growth so transformation can take place. No matter what I discover, my bottom line is that I'm all about love across the board. My love is on a whole other level. Just call me the Luuuuuv Master .

When it comes to the men I made babies with, we have a bond so special & sacred in my heart, I am not willing for outside influences to present another reality. Society says I should look down on myself because I have made babies with more than 1 man. Outsiders presume how loose my sexual practices must be. My character is disected and investigated and anything that comes up aloof is investigated and very often, brought to public awareness. Allowing others who don't get me nor my journey to judge what they think they know. I totally disagree.

Society also says I should hate the men I have babies with because of all we've been through. I disagree. The more I focus on love, the more the whole team wins. Focusing on the love allows me to make it through whatever petty reality my children and I are facing at the time. I see the beauty of their Dad's through them. However, things have not felt good, on an emotional basis between me and these 2 men. Which inspires my heart to silently cry out more often than I care to admit.

These men happen to be members of my team. They are eternal members of my Tribe. Our arrangement is eternal. None of us seem to get along these days. The 3 of us manifested 2 beautiful Virgo babies. Who require emotional balance and stability. Lack of proper balance effects our babies. Balancing this out often inspires ne to feel lost and alone. Which is usually when I go a bit apeshit.

My love for my children reminds me of the love I eternally have for their Fathers. My eternal love for my personal family remonds my of the love in my maternal family. I am perusing the love on my paternal family & the World at the same time. There's so much small print in between us actually manifesting peace. I just meditate so I can breathe my way through it all.

To all the men out there, balancing a broken heart. It gets greater later Pal. Right now, you must ace your pain. And be careful with your words. It's tough to forgive someone who considers themselves a fuq up. Simply do better and keep it movin.

To all the ladies, it's safe to love. Other women are your reflection. Not your competition. Release your attachment to drama. Realize your inber child is actin up. Give that child the love and attention you needed as a child. Watch the majic you create.

Rapper T.I. recently dropped Dime Trap. The song Mr. F*uck Up literally has my heart on fire. Ella Mia & H. E. R. Release Gut Feeling. Look forward both tracks in our Twerk Class, October 20, 2018. If you see me crying, don't panic. I'm just washing my soul. I welcome each of you to do the same.

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Have a dope week

(Here's an energetic preview for the week. Enjoy )

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