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Nurturing November

Peace Luvies. How ya'll be? I feel just beautiful. I'm kinda fallin apart a bit. But ey, I never felt more connected. November will be a lot like this for many of us. We are in the very beginning stages of rewriting history as we know it. Perhaps herstory will get some play when we're done ;).

November's core focused is the space within. The flow of life. Uranus went into back on August 6, 2018 and will remain until January 6, 2019. Uranus affects our nervous system. Making the CNS (central nervous system) the perfect focus. Not only for now, but in the long run as well. Perfection is not a requirement, but authenticity is. Now is the perfect time to channel the conscious mind on purpose, connect with thyself and make good on those personal improvements ya been wanting to implement for quite a while now.

This month, our focus is the process of integrating the physical self with the higher self. We shall focus heavily on spiritual spiritual tools. Which include baths, journaling, natal chart discovery, herbs, conscious eating and much more. Everything we experience on the outside starts from within. This month, meditating divine light guided in through your internal geometric shapes will serve you well. The triangle is a strong spiritual shape worthy of focusing on. Graduating to meditations focused on merkaba integration is also a good look. This 11 month of the year reminds me of master number 11, which is all about mastery. The Taurus full moon on October 24 ushered in massive energies focused on forgiveness and wiping the debris from heart aching realities. And unconditional love. The heavens revealed 11:11 between the sun, moon, north and south node during our Taurus full moon experience. Even the sky says it's time for unconditional love.

In an effort of being the change we wanna see this November, we invite everyone to join our individual celebrations. Virtually, we offer fitness services, various spiritual tools, channeled messages,forums and more. Making a virtual safe space to discover not only how galactic/solar energies affect our physical avatar, but also how our intergalactic selves are uniting and redefining who they previously were. Our Ascension Group dives right into various exterrestrial races, the hidden areas of science we really should know more about and the secrets our natal charts hold to keep it all together.

When fear is accepted as a norm, it leads to destruction. 2018 is a time in history where mega changes are being made. We must figure out if we want to focus on the fears from fatalism or the love for our greatest realities come to life. Science says, when the focus becomes simply living your best life, everyone around you joins in by default. And voila, we are healed!

But can it really be that simple tho? Can it?

Science says, thanks to uncondtional love, it is. 11:11 is a mega portal for all twin flames. The sun, moon, north and south node were all at 1 degree during our previous full moon in Taurus. Giving us human beings the green light to continue our human experience. To celebrate, November 11 we will be twerkin and releasing. As we twerk, we will channel the energy of our spirit animal. Which is the shamanic practice of overcoming shadow periods of life. We are living in a time where 4D energy is prevalent and mighty strong. To overcome the fear of any illusion of any fear/shame and/or guilt, we must unite with our inner light, face our fear and transform it.. Healthy practices like eating alkaline foods, taking herbs, exercising and journaling are beautiful ways to bring oxygen to the living experiences. Anything meant to be taken away is expected to leave in November. Anything we fight to keep, but were intended to release will hurt more than intended. It's a beautiful idea to make the process as smooth as possible by mastering self soothing and inner balance. The fear based thought process will do it's best to respond to fatalism. It's time to celebrate the reality that we have made it to New Earth. All this month, we will be discovering the limitless ways of healing the physical avatar.

This level of thinking requires a highly oxygenated brain. Our Conscious Eating Forum is all about the science of bringing oxygen internal and enjoying the healing benefits life offers, because you can breathe. This is a time of heavy love. Learning to integrate alkalinity into your daily life scientifically ensures the path to an unbreakable pathway to the authentic self. Allowing all to get used to our personal compass. We use the science of Dr. Sebi to bring forth our internal majic.

If you are a woman taking part in recognizing the changes all around you as well as upgrade your eating experience, your innate spiritual abilities must bloom. That might feel a bit uncomfortable. Join a virtual home of other women discovering their hidden Godis-ness as well. Investing in this virtual forum offers the science of herstory that rarely gets out. Learn your personal science and forgive your transgressors simultaneously. It's a whole "the witness gets to witness the witness-or" type experience.

Twerk N Tone has linked up with Studio 305 to offer the booty shakin, health fitness celebration of the decade! Twerkin has been such a beautiful guide for me. I appreciate my experience, however, it is time to journey forward. To celebrate my proclamation of self, we shall twerk. 6 Saturday/Sunday dates. Single hour long session. Visit for details. Get a discount on your ticket by ordering online. Thank you for your support.

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