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Healing Thyself (Basic Edition)

Peace Babes.

How y’all be? Me? I feel kinda heavenly. In a Hellish kinda way. That’s a weird description, huh. Well, allow me to explain.

My current reality can only be explained via the scientific term, Schumann resonance. Yes, I totally feel like the sky has fallen. My World has kinda ended and I’m just waiting to be whisked away. Saturday was a Major day of explosions for me. Follow my journey by following me on Instagram (_HelloMyNameIsAngela). I was a lil disappointed in myself, because I believed I shared all my lil explosive messages over the past few months. I had been getting along with other people better. And then BAM! The shitstorm began.

I usually beat myself up whenever I speak my raw truth. There are usually little to no people that fully comprehend whatever I’m talking about. Which inspires many people to call me crazy. Which is quite triggering for me. My sanity has been questioned since early childhood. I just want to fit in. So I begin to work tirelessly to be what others believe I should be. However, I don’t agree with the things most people say. Agreeing to conform overwhelms me. That’s when the lil voice of disbelief goes in on their personal story of what I don’t deserve. Which contradicts the reality in my heart. And BaM! Either I hurt someone or I hurt myself. I usually opt to hurt myself. I have been like this my whole life. Endometriosis was my recurring punishment.

Since healing my Endometriosis issues, I have found a way to make peace with myself. These days, I am getting good at being present. Saturday was simply a test. I began posting like mad early in the Rising. I had plans to meet with my sisterins, which was perfect! I had plenty of aggregation to dance off. I brought my children with me because I wanted them to see what hard work and good ol playing looked like. On the way, I decided to take us for Chinese food. We had veggie fried rice and spring rolls. I usually give myself a helluva guilt trip over eating things like rice. 1st off, the body breaks starch down to sugar. On top of the fact that rice these days is made out of sugar. I am on day 13 of a 14 day cellular fast. I kind of felt like I was givin in to my addictions. Sugar is at the top of that list.

Instead of lecture myself over making better choices, I chose to be in the moment with my children and enjoy our meal. I packed ginger, key lime and grade B maple syrup alkaline tea for myself and my daughter. Which helps our cells burn though the trash. Afterwards, we walked to the gym and I danced a few hours with my sisterins. I’m assisting them with creating and formatting their own professional dance-er-cise companies. The moment I stepped into the dance studio we practice in, I felt better. 2 routines in, and I felt like myself. During this time, I gave myself permission to visualize salad and fruit. However, I never spoke of it and I didn’t force myself to continue to think.

Everything I do when I am with these ladies is so majical and beautiful. We encourage one another. Randomly say I love you. Share business ideas and hug each other randomly (which is a big deal for me. I despise being touched). Second by second in this loving environment, I realized I could no longer hold negative feelings for myself in any way. Because I saw myself in a loving light, I saw everyone else in that light as well. Especially the people I was posting about. This week, the focus has been on female family relationships. I believe all the things I share to be my truth. Which helped me ensure I put myself on ground 0. It’s not about who does and does not accpt my truth. It’s all about how I feel about it all. Afterwards, my crew and our children ran some errands and then my children and I came home. Along the way, I attracted my salads and fruit bowls. I listened to this dope ass playlist I made for myself. Then went to bed.

I rose with hella messages. Those messages are this weeks blogs.

I am sooo proud of myself for releasing myself as my own prisoner of my own World. There are so many of us who imprison ourselves because we feel guilty for having the feelings and thoughts we have. Remember, our fear, shame and guilt are housed in our lower 3 chakras. Women twerking can lead to us opening up the root chakra and making peace with our truth. Men, balancing, clearing your throat chakra can guide you to speak your truth. Honest communication and yoga can lead to balancing your root chakra. It seems we are all on the same road. We are just taking different paths. We must be mindful of replacing our fear with more fear once we begin moving that feeling outside of us. I specialize in not only removing that energy, but transmuting. The special ingredient is our personal angels.

Do you think you are reliving your dark night of the soul? After all the work you have done? Press play on the video below:

The order your virtual workout by clicking the link here:

Healing should feel good and it should be fun. Don’t ya think?

Here’s the angel number of the day:

Enjoy Babes <3

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