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Dimensions of December

Happy December Babes! If your reading this, congratulations! You made it passed the finished line. Across the ribbon. About to fearlessly dash into this new year, while surviving this thing called life. Yaasss chile! Yaaaassssss!

As we near the close of another fiscal year, now’s a beautiful time to reflect, dive into healing and bring about peace to our own inner darkness. In the natal chart, our darkness is found in our Lilith placement. Lilith gives us a reason to love everything we’ve ever punished ourselves over. Feel free to Google your Lilith placement, discover and share your results.

This is still a time where Lightworkers are tested and pushed. Family and close friends may be the characters picked to play out your greatest annoyances. The focus is to remain in the love. Regardless of the circumstances. If you follow me on social media, you know I am learning as I go along. I tend to spray those I feel violate me with my truth. Which makes logical sense. However, it’s also contributing to the lack matrix energy. When this happens, I am allowing my inner child to defend my adult self. Aggressive energy can still be transferred, even if intense exchanges are done in love and light. All this hurts. Which let’s me know I am contributing to a lower frequency reality. Centering myself, remembering to breath and meditating are my tools to release myself from my own hold.

This month is a huge time for family unity. Which usually breeds family drama. Which means countless tests are being initiated. As this fiscal year comes to a close, there will be an energy snatch for those willing and able to hold their light the longest. The focus should be on the root of that love. If the roots are covered in fear, shame and/or guilt energy, this breads toxic love and the flame will die. If the roots are covered in unconditional love no matter what, this breeds unconditional love and the flame will burn eternally.

This month we will take a closer look into private investigations. Explaining the science of why certain environments are what they are. This information may make people uncomfortable. This is where meditation comes in handy. Meditation is the mindful practice of turning your brain off and focusing on your breath. TIME Magazine recently released a special edition dedicated to the power of habits. Conscious eating and meditation are two of the major resources constantly mentioned. Look forward to further insight for how my family and I balance our lives buy balancing our energy, all this month.

Our blog title “Hey Young World” will continue to offer messages of awareness to the younger community. This month’s blogs will feature original works from the children in my family. These children are covering all the private subjects I have informed them of and their personal perspective in lieu of knowing this information. Tune in. Join the conversation. Tell all your friends.

Christmas and New Year’s are major pagan holidays for lover’s and family alike. The World also seems like it’s coming to an end. I’m single, with 2 children. It’s marketed to me that I live in a dangerous environment and I’m gonna die lonely. Owning maad cats. I’m not really feeling the love. Instead of feed into that illusion, I believe it’s time to discover Kalachakra JonAng. Jonang is 1 of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s also Jon’s whole 1st name and the first syllable of my 1st name. I used to believe he was my Twin Flame. Now, I’m not sure what I believe. I talk too much about signs to ignore this one. Practicing this form of yoga teaches me how to include the people I love most who have inspired the most pain in my heart. Jon is my guide. My Higher Self is guiding this journey. I’m just happy to be here.

December is yet another mega spiritual portal month. Our December New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius is expected to happen December 6-7, 2018. This is known to be quite the lucky moon. This moon is bringing a boost targeting all long term project/s (2-7 yrs) that you have been working on. Propelling you to move forward in a much more optimistic fashion than the norm.

Liver, hips, thighs and sacrum are the organs the moon will influence for the 6-8 of December, 2018. Love will take many different forms this month. Be sure to keep your body moving. We offer virtual workouts on the website at an affordable rate. Allowing you to encourage yourself to achieve a goal. No matter where you are. No equipment necessary.

Also, be sure to eat the proper fuel. Blogs discussing ma and my family’s conscious food journey will present our challenges, our hacks and our habits. If you have a question, click Contact Us and as away. I will respond and possibly write a blog about the subject. Are you ready to elevate you and your family in all ways? Check out our online forums. Choose from Conscious Eating guidance, Ascension Support and Godis Chorus. Each one teach one.

As a society, we are stepping into a totally new brand of reality. It is optional for pain to hurt. It’s also optional to remember that pain is just unbalanced passion. It’s promised that the end of this month will be celebrated World Wide via fireworks bursting off everywhere. Allow the fireworks to sound off inside your soul before you countdown into a New Dimension… I mean New Year.

Happy Healin Babes

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