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New Year, New Me?

Peace Babes.

How ya’ll be? I took a month hiatus in December. Which was much needed. Although I nagged myself about posting more the entire time, I learned some pretty dope things about myself. I spent time with family. I partied quite a bit. These parties fit my social need to interact with others in a pleasant way. I didn’t feel socially overwhelmed. I dressed cute every time. Met new people. The cherry on top is many of these events were always over early. I hang out a lot in the stepping community. That energy is so warm and safe feeling. Oddly enough, as violent as Chicago can be, that’s the safest environment I have ever lived in. So my current reality feels like home…

Yesterday, I was watching “The Trap Witch’s video about the New Year (watch here She asked some key questions that I just had to write about. These key questions are right in alignment with the type of psychology I am studying right now. I began with learning the relationship type. Then I learned about addictive behavior and thoughts. I also learned about the subself, personality behavior and developmental infancy behavior. I also learned the process of restoring the love in hurtful situations. Taking in all this information would have felt overwhelming if I were writing while learning. I saw myself, my friends, family and enemies in everything I am learning. The most exciting part is, I’m learning all of this For FrEE! YouTube is a lifesaver.

This holiday season, I was triggered countless times. I know that all triggering realities is just my adult self giving my inner child permission to protect herself from whatever perceived fear she has. As an adult, I have a vast imagination. My previous life experiences were traumatic af. My natal chart is the proof of my suspicions. Prime example, I can see someone walking down the street and have a totally different perception filled with fear, while my children are laughing and running toward this being. I’m over feeling scared, fearful and doubtful about anything/anyone/any where. Since the reality we are experiencing is suggested to live purely through our heads, in the form of thought, the least I can do is keep my body clean so my brains can function as optimally as possible. That way my thoughts can feel good to me.

The Trap Witch asked “What are your rawest desires for your destiny. In the purest and barest form. What is gonna define your growth?” My rawest desires for my destiny is to travel the World with my family, sharing with the World the realizations we come across. This destiny includes us very successfully doing commerce and sharing the journey with the World. Inspiring others to remember who they are and behave accordingly.

In the purest form, I imagine me and both of my baby daddies getting along famously. Like we did when we 1st met. I imagine a beautiful social exchange where no one is concerned that since we are getting along so well, we are sexing each other on the low. I see all of us being secure within ourselves, so we are secure with one another.

If I see that for myself, I see that reality for all the women in my family. I overstand that the woman is the guide to life. All reality is birthed through our womb. Although we are all connected, our roots have different origins. The vision of the various women in my family living out of pure unconditional love, with no fear, no shame and no guilt of any kind, for anything nor anyone, bleeds over into all of our social groups. Now all of our friends behave as we do. Which instantly effects our village of children all over the omniverse.

I see Jon and I having enough space and privacy to make our own choices. I feel like our 12 yr journey has been to heavily influenced by the outside. Including the law. We can’t even physically see one another right now bc the state of Florida sat him in the corner for 5 damn years. Across the country from his children and the mothers of these babies. It’s tough functioning in this kind of reality and pretending to be happy.

In my World, Latoya and I travel the World teaching women how to get along when they have babies by the same man. I see us using the psychological training we have both received to benefit our communities . Especially our babies. I see us doing it from the comfort of wherever we are. I see our babies being influenced and delivering their own speeches about unity regardless of the situation. That vision right there defines my growth.

Another sign of growth is me talking about the products we offer on this very sight. Quantum physics is the study of science that explains the unseen. This science is based purely off thought. Like every other aspect of our lives. Our assorted veggie herbal capsules and spiritual bath/yoni steam products are the perfect tools for you to attune to yourself, press reset and begin anew. In a better feeling way. Click the link and order yours today!

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The World is witnessing my private case study on the effects life has on my human experience. Any and all donations are appreciated. Infinite gratitude in advance.

The World is witnessing my private case study on the effects life has on my human experience. Any and all donations are appreciated. Infinite gratitude in advance

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