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Eclipse Aftermath

Peace Tribe.

How ya’ll be? I feel like I’m moon walkin on a earthquakes, daily. I just faced the public fear of dealin with sexual trauma in the form of a STD scare. I’m awaiting the results. I do know I am HIV negative. Which is awesome. My cells are too oxygenated to host such a vicious infection inside my body. Although I indulge in acidic possible cancerous causing foods. I also take turpentine, castor oil, brown sugar, alfalfa water, diatomatious earth and sorell to restore my cells regularly.

I have a very over sensitive central nervous system. Which results in me being nervous af in my physical form. My imagination is vast & I often pick up on the unseen. Imagine going out with an awakening Abraham Hick’s. There ya have me. I find it much easier to describe stuff in the sky than explain my emotional state. SO that’s what we’ll do. Perhaps then, you will be able to see the weaker parts of yourself as well.

January 5, 2019, I spent the afternoon in an STD clinic. With plenty of other openly sexual people. It kinda felt like the dirty people line, at 1st. There was a chance that I may not have been seen. So I decided to raise up my stinkin thinkin. I began to be thankful to myself for being responsible all the way through. From deciding to get tested, tellin my sexual partners and sharing my experience on social media, I feel like a valuable example for the youth to consider when they make their own choices.

I also feel more committed than ever to celibacy. My husband and I will both get tested before we get married. We will have private ceremony and a public reception. Then lots of dirty, nasty, tantric natured things will happen. We will likely create our twins that night. Although that thought excites me, I feel the need to face some major insecurities I have regarding males before I make that life long commitment. Remember, I have commitment phobias, I don’t respond well to pressure and I am a sapiosexual. If ya wanna communicate effective with me, speak fluid geek. I’ll respond back right away

I would love to say something prophetic, but more words escape me. I am grateful to enter this time of male observation, in my life. This week, we will discuss interracial dating, color of law section 241 and 242, eat to live reminder, family activity suggestion. Do you have a question? Send it in via Contact Us. The most popular comments will receive a response back in the form of the blog.

They say there’s a plant to heal everything. I don’t know if that is true or not. I do know, hyssop, lavender, rosemary and rose petals were healin plants that worked for me. This is a spiritual bath mixture, created by the essence of my ancestors. Using spiritual stones to send the vibration of ultimate, unconditional love and illuminating light through spiritual rocks. This art is known as quantum physics. Which includes clairvoyant,claircognizant, clairaudient and clairessence abilities. Unblock your cells and your etheric body by soaking in this spiritual bath, which also doubles as a yoni steam. Click here to order.

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