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Freakin Fabulous February!

Happy February Luv Bugs! This month, we are all in for a treat. Not just in the skies, but our personal lives as well. From 5 planets visible in our nightly sky to Uranus completing a 7 year cycle in Aries, while Chiron begins it’s 8 year trend in the same sign. All of this sky talk means very specific things for each one of us, based on our natal chart. Which can be found online, for free, with or without the birth time. Of course, the more info you input, the more info you receive.

The thing about life has been it's Groundhog Day essence for a very, very, very long time. These current days we are living have never been experienced before. We are in the midst of our New Earth evolutionary change. Which results in an overall upgrade to all man kind. Older physical internal functions are expanding and upgrading. Effecting the mind, body, spirit, soul aspect of living. Old DNA is currently being upgraded from 2 to 12 stands. The process is called 12 Strand DNA Activation. I'm still learning. What I do know is Rainbow & all 3 waves of Volunteers were born with the 12 strand DNA Activation. I am a 2nd Wave Volunteer myself.

The 12 Strand DNA Activation Process theory is rooted in an upgraded perception. Recall, perception is the food we eat and our parent’s DNA. Upgrading our perception grantees upgrading our thoughts. The upgraded thoughts usher in the light. Which results in light body activation. It sounds hella scienc-y, but it’s ultra true. This process is known as ascension.

Ascension can be intense. Human beings have various elements to our personality. Each area of our personality has characteristics. Those characteristics determine the emotional response to any given reality. Our focus as human beings is to simply make our experiences feel good to us. (Wo)mankind was created to be multi dimensional, perfect beings.

The first key steps in manifesting an enjoyable ascension experience is eating consciously & movement. In all forms. Strict schedules & practices are required. My life experiences share what worked best for me. We all have different versions of the same pain. At the end, we are depleted of our vril & angry because we know we invited the experience to ourselves. Whatever it is hurt, and now there are scars. The pain always harbors jewels. Our mission is to find the jewels, heal the scars and keep exploring.

This is the kind of information I was studying as I was learning private law, business marketing and becoming a virtuous wombman back in 2014. By 2016, I had enough. Dropped the emotional weight of carrying other people's pain and learned to face my own. Learning this science saved me from myself. Writing myself is how I face myself and honor my experiences. I welcome all of you to explore the beauty in imperfection as we all learn to forgive the unforgivable.

Initially, the New Earth information kinda sounded a lil Dr. Seuss fluffy, yet hella loopy. I didn’t allow my judgments to prevent me from discovering greats like Abraham Hicks, Lisa Nichols and Tony Robins. I was able to master my mind, because I learned to master my thoughts. Then authors like Napoleon Hill, Dolores Cannon and Louise Hay revealed themselves to me, through sharing their journey and lessons. Through that guidance, I was able to manifest everything I have today. I'm supposed to share a bunch of secrets. Really, it was remembering I already know that led me to myself. Here's a tip, if u speak fluid starseed, u already know. The story of the sky actually ushering in Beings like me to share what we know, with all (wo)mankind makes this a very exciting time for us all.

Saturn sextile Uranus promises this time to be majical af. Saturn sextile Uranus means each of the planet’s energies inspire and encourage each other instead of hold one another back. Allowing different aspects of our personal lives to flow smoothly. It’s safe to explore intelligence, intuition and creativity. While being as curious as a child, yet sensible and well grounded. Literally making this a time safe for all man kind to explore their purpose on Earth. (Hint: the natal chart is a great tool for discovery).

This is also a time of heavy karma. Karma is simply cause and effect. Some people will choose to transition as opposed to continue living on this Earthly plane. We must learn a new way to respect death. It's the safest time ever to be honest in every way, about everything. All those strong enough to do the work will be rewarded accordingly.

Our previous eclipse of January 20-21, ushered in energies promising surprising endings and new beginnings. We are ending a karmic cycle that began in 2016. If I didn’t document my life via social media the whole time, I properly wouldn't have taken that fact as seriously as I do now. I was on a quest to learn the science of manifesting an orgasmic birth. I had the perfect set up, until I didn't. Just like a top selling, dramatic ass movie. I unapologetically bumped my head. A Lot! which is to be expected for a 1st lifer like me.

My journey has been full of twists and turns, like many of you. Instead of harp on my pain, I choose to learn the science of healing life and share my findings with others. I accomplished my goals with my vision of nothing. In my own way, I'm connecting with the struggling Mom's out there. making a way from no way. I won't complain, however, I do notice the things worth changing. I still live at home. I'm figuring life out while surviving my version of emotionally traumatizing pain. My journey tells how I healed that. I have mastered the art of making my experiences feel good to me. I didn’t realize how much of an art that was until life taught me. It’s only right I share with all of you.

Humanity is literally moving into a time that feels like the quiet space I run to in my mind. The space where all drama disappears into thin air. Where everyone is feeling great, treating one another as kindly as they want to be treated. Our babies are thriving and serving their life purpose, amazing all man kind. Sharing the lessons their pain has taught them. The parents are being ideal guides. Able to face one another because we have mastered facing ourselves. Generation X, we are the leading generation, pulling from all generations, both above & below us. It is now time to do what we came to Earth to do. The elders volunteer their perspective, with no burden nor pressure if their words are not accepted. They continue to share their "bought sense" & begin to acknowledge and value their own worth. It sounds so fluffy, but those are some of my most beloved visions of peace.

We are in the mid way point of the Winter Season. The weather is much cooler than the Spring and Summer. Many of us want to be home, snuggling and being warmed. Unfortunately, some of our most comforting thoughts/memories can carry the most emotionally charged experiences along with them. Inviting horrific trips down memory lane. Now is the time for us to realize the power of our thoughts. Reliving a painful memory only constantly births new pain. Read my journey & learn from my lessons and avoid the headache all together.

Now is the time to get lost in music and explore the dark side of forgiveness. Her name is Lilith. Google her. Ladies, your Lilith placement describes your dark self. Men, Lilith refers to the type of women you attract. When I learned to forgive all of my horrific realities, my physical reality changed. Everything shared via is simply me passin along the secrets we all know, yet often forget.

A popular question these days is "How do we save our children?" I don't know about humanity, but I lead by example and share with the children along the way. All month long, we will chat astrology, astronomy, psychology and life. Revising the philosophies of Alex Jung and Hippocrates. Ready or not, Pandora's Box has been opened.

February is the perfect time to invest in yourselves. In honor of the majic of this month, we will continue our sale on all forums until February 8, 2019. Enjoy our custom made virtual home, created to bond and build with our World Wide community. As we learn to enjoy the upgrade of our mind, body, spirit and soul. Enjoy this deal on our 3 forums: Ascension Club, Conscious Eating & Godis Course before the sale ends.

Enjoy our variety of spiritual baths, yoni steams, and waist beads. All these tools allow the wombman yo center her womb so the energetic healing process can persist.

Pre-order your Godis box today. Expect a majical box of goodies every Godis should have. Goodies include oudh, esoteric cologne, spiritual waters, stones & candles to name a few. Pre-order info available now.

Get your tickets for my retirement gala, Operation Get Right. March 1, 2 & 3. I began twerkin to heal my anger and loose weight. My hard work resulted in me beginning the process of clearing, balancing, healing my chakras. I've lost the weight & I'm no where near as angry as I was. I"m ready to travel everywhere and share the science of my discoveries. That's worth celebrating. Care to join me ?

The time has come for me to evolve. Don't worry. Everyone's invited on this journey. We are just getting started. Connect with your inner Godis by spoiling yourself with unconditional love. Invest in these products & services today.

Did you know the Earth has chakras and vortices? It’s true. Simply breathing in the air of these sacred environments is sure to awaken the Higher Self. Look forward to trips exploring ourselves, through the World around us. You've never experienced energy medicine like this before. Are you ready!?

Remember to follow me on Social Media, simply by clicking the links connected directly to our website. We are living in a mighty, magical time. It'd be a good idea to get a notebook and document everything you experience. Life is about to get hella great, from now on. But only if you choose.

Happy Freakin Fabulous February Luvbugs. Create responsibly. Love n Lite

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