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I’m Not a Staaaaar

Peace Babes. How ya’ll doin? I’m totally in my zone. Why? Because I remember I am a staaaar ! (S/O. Rozay). However, I respect the reality that many of you may not. We were all rockin to Rick Ross’s “I’m not a star’ in 2010. My life back then was hella majical. Something from a movie, in all honesty. I was living in Miami. Visiting my family from time to time. But really learning the ropes of surviving everything I attracted to myself.

On the outside, I was living the dream life. Mother of a son and daughter, living in Miami, figuring out what life was all about. I was 27 back then. Jon and his wife birthed their twins that March. I was smiling so hard, yet so fake, so often, I felt like I was gonna crack and break like porcelain. Looking at me, you’d never know.

How does one survive such intense emotional trauma? Simply rely on science. 2010 is a major year in the 2 stand DNA Evolution for all man kind. The idea is that we are all born with 12 molecules of DNA. 10 of which have been deactivated and dormant since the beginning of his-story. Each strand permits that particular individual the ability to perform greater human accomplishments. Human beings typically use about 3% of the current DNA strand. The idea is to use 100% of the DNA strand plus 10 additional strands. Recreating human being into the uber perfect beings we were created to be. The time has come for us to activate these strands. But wait, how? And will it hurt!?

Short answer, via our thoughts. Which will determine how painful the experience is. This is a time where our thoughts pave the road to our wildest fantasies of reality. What we think most, we create. Take me for example. On the outside, I convey myself as being this ultra balanced, cool-kid Brainiac. Inside, I am often times a love sick puppy. If you read my words and look inbetween the lines, you’d know the story of my blues.

My pain is directly linked to my life mission. Twin Flames typically manifest more emotionally dense realities than most. Twin Flames are intergalactic lovers, who have loved one another for many lifetimes. The union results in 2 physical bodies with the same soul structure unifying and refefining what man kind knows about love.

I am a twin flame. The love themed storyline of me & my kind is written in the stars. The Twin Flame Mission is to show the World how to love mankind without condition, no matter what. Both of my BD’s have taught me countless lessons on the value of love. Many of those lessons have been disguised as triggers. Rooted in my unhealed emotional trauma from my early childhood. Inviting my inner child to come out and defend my outside self. Resulting in me saying some crazy ass shit, that inspires most people to want to fight me. This kinda worked out when I was a lot younger. Since childhood, I been able to out talk most violent exchanges. Since adulthood, I realized my inner child behaving on behalf of my adult self is a setup for catastrophe. Everything I write is an effort to not only make peace with all I have manifested to fruition. But also learn to see the error in my own ways. So I can be the change I wanna see.

Our 12 Strand Activation Process (12SAP) begins when we become conscious of the food we eat, drink we drink and what it does to our body. Once we eat light bearing food, our hearts become lighter. Making it easy to sit in stillness and meditate. To successfully do this in today's World, detoxing is a requirement. Anything from the turpentine detox, lemonade fast and water fasts are excellent options for bringing the body to a neutral state. If you eat meat often, your body may require you do more work.

The objective is to relieve the cells of the garbage they have been holding internally. The body is a miraculous thing. It can heal itself if only we stay out the way.

The idea is simple. Consider the reality that there are only 2 food groups: alkaline, which carries oxygen and acid which prevents oxygen from flowing. Anything that can breathe is alive. Anything that can not breath is dead. Add on the fact that there are live organisms in our food, which we know as parasites and various worms. These entities are scientifically known as Parameciums. Which is an alien race that wants to destroy the human race. They hide themselves in all forms of meat, canned food, and other forms of acid. Click the link on the bottom to learn more.

The cell is known to be the most basic part of the human body. Imagine the cell as a cooked piece of quinoa. Oxygen has to be able to get through. Otherwise the body goes into a state of fight or flight. Forcing the body to create mucus as a means to protect itself. The mucus travels to the most dense part of the body and persists to attack that spot. The dense spots are directly related to the health and vitality of the chakras. The body is an incredible healing machine. When we clear our cells, we heal our blood and organs. Our chakras then become equip to reflect the visions of our vortex to our waking reality. Our vortex is the nucleus of all the majic behind the chakras. This majic is powered by the central sun. Which welcomes a whole other conversation…

The issue is we continue to eat acidic based food, causing the body to constantly fight. The garbage and gunk collects atop the cells, the blood gets dirty, the organs fail and ultimately, we die. Our connection to the outer World breeds the realization our root, sacral and solar plexus chakras manifest. These chakras is the physical space inside our body fear, shame and guilt live. Failing to care for our soul, results in a malfunctioning human avatar. Failing to clean our soul results in long term suicide. Usually, by way of drugs, food and alcohol. (Wo)man is really suffering from incessant fear, shame and guilt. Remember, the physical body must die a total of 9 times before the soul leaves. 8 of 9 deaths are emotional. Proving the scientifically proven reality, that our thoughts can kill us.

Beneath our cells are our chakras. The human body carries 7. Science suggests each human body has anywhere from 5 to 100+ more outside our bodies. We’ll soon explore that. In the meantime, let’s take in all we’ve covered thus far. Detoxing allows us to take out the garbage. Below, find the links to helpful information.


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