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New Mood Vibes Baby

Peace LoveBugs! How ya’ll be? I’m feelin like a Rockstar. I have been doin my IG Live and Periscope meditations and reading of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. I just completed chapter 18. I enjoy sharing the content of my private, sacred explorations. I have been hiding this for too many years to count. Looking back, I can see how I was simply hyper paranoid. However, back in that time, I believed what I felt.

The Earth is ascending and so are the people. That means gargantuan sweeps of energy, in the form of chaotic weather (violent winds, aggressive rain, excessive snow, etc) is sweeping the nation, right now. Last week, we learned Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter lit up our sky. Making themselves available to the naked eye. These planets are forcing each of us to dig inside the deepest part of ourselves and discover what unconditional love truly means to us. Those not willing to face their fear, shame and/or guilt directly will be tormented by way of Mars and Saturn. It’s a good idea to look up the sign these planets are in your natal chart, so you can remember how you created your movie to be.

This week is starting off with a BanG! Super Bowl Sunday happened. I just slept right on through that… I feel like I was boomeranged from Sunday into today. Monday is super moon in Aquarius, making now ThE best time for new beginnings. Other planetary alignment like Jupiter in Sagittarius (YaY! That’s in my chart), making now a wonderful time to manifest miracles to fruition. But don’t be fooled! The abundance is reserved for those that have done and are doing their work. For those avoiding soul healing, Mars squares Pluto (2.1.19) and conjuncts Uranus (2.13.19). The combination of these planets in these positions manifest hella make it or break it kind of realities. Now is a horrible time to take chances and risks. It’s a much better idea to enjoy the coolness of the final Winter weeks in rest and stillness.

I am a Gemini. I’ve mastered having a still mind and a active body. I seriously don’t enjoy being still. So, I have found interesting ways to rest. I am less than a week into being a travel agent. I am writing this blog in real time. My website is linked below. Connect with me. Allow me to assist all your travel needs. Be it dream destinations or vacations get-a-ways, deals galore is simply be a click away. Beyond that, I am the plug for natural women products, credit, credit repair and CBD oil. Also find those links below.

Now is the time to attune ourselves to our central nervous system and investigate what keeps us unsettled, in any complicity. Stressing about my own livelihood has always been an area of life I have feared most. I am the mother of 2 beautiful children. They don’t deserve to pay the cost for my fear, shame and/or guilt. So, I do things like invest in myself so I can offer the World what I believe can jump start our healing process, on a global level.

CBD oil calms the central nervous system. Inviting the process of all thoughts that don’t feel good to simply roll of our spirit like water in the shower. If we find some truth in the painful words, our central nervous system will be calm enough for us to meditate as we find a peaceful way to heal our issue. This act of kindness to self restores our vril. Vril is life force energy. What better way to enjoy an early am meditation than to know all of your debts are satisfied and you can live financially free! Add some hormone free sanitary products, spiritual tools from our shop and BaM! You are ready for vacation. Imagine this being get-away #6, this fiscal year. And remember, we are just in February.

My dreams are big and the simply wouldn’t be complete without all of you. I know that the media wants us all to fear for our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. What if we simply believed everything would be ok? My journey tells me my answers. Join me, and explore your own answers, will ya . In the meantime, let’s take in all we’ve covered thus far. Below, find the links to helpful information.


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