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Majical Mystical Miraculous March

Peace Babes. We have entered the 3rd month of the fiscal year, March. We are currently living in a very powerful time. All my Starseeds out there know humanity is collectively going through an ascension. Our DNA is being upgraded, from 2 strands to 12 active DNA strands. Last month, we covered the science of the 10 dormant DNA strands. This month, we will discover the science behind the lifestyle and the energy based tools to heal oneself, naturally.

As far as the sky is concerned, Venus enters Aquarius on March 1, 2019 ; inspiring people to choose unconventionality in romantic and social relationships. Mercury goes retrograde on March 5; giving us permission to overcome life’s confusion and seek privacy. The following day, March 6, Uranus re-enters Taurus and will remain there until 2026; making a keen time for stubbornness, which can work when pared with tenacity and dealing with difficult tasks. The same day, we have a New Moon in Pisces; which is all about meditation, stillness, prayer and spirituality. This New Moon Pisces is good time to be alone with our thoughts. Mars enters Taurus on March 10; Offering our soul plenty of staying power. March 20, we have the last of a string of 3 super moons in the sign of Libra; Giving hints for what needs to be completed and wrapped up. March 21, there is a full moon in Libra, Spring Equinox and the sun enters Aries. Chiron is also in Aries and will remain there for 8 years. The wounded healer is askin itself, who am I, really!? Much energy will put forth for our relationships. We end the month with Mars entering Gemini on March 31,; which encourages diverse interests and adaptability to change. This is indeed a high energetic time. For best results, go with the flow and trust that the Universe has your back.

Diving into the emotions of the planetary alignments, the New Moon in Pisces occurs on 3.6.19, the energy of that day is focused on the mind, body and soul messages we receive from our Higher Self. The same day is also a Grand Cosmic Day. A start of a new cycle. We are at the tale end of a 7 year cycle, known as the age of clearing. Recalling your life from May 2018-December 2018 may allow you to see the lessons and/or themes of your life. We are souls occupying a physical, human avatar. Each of us have a purpose. Mars in Taurus keeps us more in touch with our physical, sensuous, sexual, financial based reality as our souls push for more. Mercury is in retrograde from 3-5-3.28.19.

Life may present dark challenges. Remember your own soul’s truth and expressing it and express it honestly, through the guidance of your Higher Self. In order for others to accept our truth it’s best we practice accepting our own first, then extend the same energy to others. Everything outside of us reflects what’s within. The theme for this month is elevation! Challenges may be surrounding remembering our deeper truth, healing, clearing and balancing thought patterns rooted in fear, shame and guilt. Which are the feelings our lower 3 chakras hold.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius all year, highlighting our natural attraction to adventure. Making this a time to gettin in touch with our higher purpose within our extended reality. Sagittarius energy is connected to religion, the meaning of life, holy grail, seeking more, natural law, nature, connecting feeling and listening to nature. March 3, 2019 represents 3 3s and makes for a VeRy energetically strong day. Messages from Cherubim’s, Angels, Pleiadean’s Ascendant Masters and other galactic members of our Divine Angelic team are likely.

As human beings, each of us have a unique gift. That gift is called Vril, and it is the nucleus of life force energy. Whenever our heart hurts, we are volunteering our Vril to an outside entity, which hurts the feelings of our soul self. Causing an internal disconnect. The quick answer to ascension is to release whatever hurts us the most and get over it. Considering questions like “How does reincarnation work via gender selection?” could quiet the negative self talk and open Pandora’s box to answer your most pressing curiosities. Each one of us has an entire team, ready to inform us of anything we want to know. If we can’t accept our own truth, it’s likely we will have a tough time accepting the truth of any invisible, talking entities. Realities some might wanna call crazy. Pisces is about letting things be. Now’s a beautiful time to stop accepting offense.

We are all entering a era of higher harmonics; introducing flow, connection and building positive, transformational uniting all within the higher light frequency, higher than ever before! The next 7 years, from 2019-2026 will be about elevation. We must lighten up and drop this dense, Earthly energy. Continuing to hold on to it is preventing us form flying. Let’s say your beloved lover breaks up with you, leaving you broken hearted. Instead of throw a pity party, ask yourself:

  • Were they really what you wanted or needed?

  • Were you playing out a wound with them that they did not align with?

When we move from story to experience, extreme elevation occurs. Giving love to someone who is not receiving and/or doesn’t want that love breeds resentment, exhaustion or rejection within you. Now is a beautiful time to reinvent all unaligned realities. In this time of harmonics, we will collectively have the opportunity to realize who we are and what we need. We will loose the urge of constantly checking is our current reality aligned with what we are creating. If the answer is no, we can trust that there is a higher path available for us to take.

Reality can feel dead when we allow the wounds from human relationships to keep us bound in unhealthy ways. This is what the energy of going with the motions is all about. An experience of higher harmonics is when you feel alive, present and no longer notice time. You no longer feel the need to check if things are aligned or not because you just know they are. You and those you are in relationship with are flowing together. You flow together and anyone can benefit from your journey. Which beats feeling stuck and like different minds are at workin inside your mind. Happy Majical Mystical Miraculous March Luv Bugs

Energy Based Support:

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We are reading The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ as we enter the 3rd month of the fiscal year. This month's meditation practiced will focus on the solar plexus, where the feeling of guilt is housed. Follow us on Periscope and explore our book reading journey from the beginning. The join in for virtual readings. There are links to discover past broadcasts.

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