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3 Ways To Reject Lower Frequencies

Peace Tribe. How y’all be? I’m just catching my breath. I feel much more balanced this month than I did last month, for sure. However, balance is still an issue for me. Honoring that all things are energy as well as the importance of me purposefully, deliberately and intentionally programming myself. And I’ve become pretty damn good, if I say so myself. So today, were gonna cover 3 tips that save me from myself. Here we go…

1.Talk To Thyself

Many people (especially me) hear a voice in their head before they hear audit-able voices. That inner voice is the voice of the divine self, the soul. That self knows the answer to every question you will ever have. If I feel something that doesn’t necessarily feel good, I speak to the consciousness of my own body and say to myself

“Self, this energy I feel right now is not mine. Get out! Although I am around the people I am around right now who are not on my frequency level I am not judging. I am simply, honestly observing myself. Morpho Genetic field, do not pick up on any of these energies that are coming towards me. Higher Self, I need you to step in and embody my light so that the energies coming in stop at my Morpho Genetic, auric and energetic fields, surrounding me.”- Natoya Hall (YouTube). Communicating this way with the energies directly prevents any energy from grabbing you, clinging and attacking.

2.Know Thy Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. The human body holds 7, from the root, near the sexual organs, to crown is the head. The foods we eat determine how clean or dirty our wheels are. The clean factor plays into the emotional aspect of the human experience we have created for ourselves. When we eat sun grown by the sun, the same color wheel as each of our chakras, we bring oxygen to our cells. When we eat acidic food, we prevent oxygen from flowing. Which invites ill-nesses and eventually death to set in. If society made peace with the belief that every living thing requires oxygen, society would be transformed from the inside. The more plants we eat, the less our anger grows. However, meditation is still required, no matter how alkaline the diet is. The act of deep breathing oxygenates our blood, organs and cells. Which promotes good vibes, pleasant energy and peace.

3.Know Thy Cells

The majority of our cells reside in the gut. The emotional brain is near the gut. The flip side to this coin hosts the sacrum, the entry point of our kundalini energy. All of this imaginary action is happening full time in the physical human avatar we call a body. The body heals itself. All we need to do is eat the foods our cells can process, use and waste of naturally with no problems. Meditation and eating for the chakras are major tools. Herbs are just as important. Case and point, I am a O- blood type. Chlorophyll water feels like battery juice to my battery. After just 2 small glasses my 1st time experiencing the water, and I had the energy to teach an hour long Twerk N Transform Kundalini Yoga class, in the sun. It was incredible! I was at a Godis retreat when this happened. I noticed other women with just as much energy as me. Regardless of age and weight. Dr. Sebi is an incredible resource to learn more about alkaline food-herbs-liquids, as well as mucus and melanin rich beings. Look out for the Dr. Sebi Advocate Guidance E-Book, coming soon.

All things are energy. When we fail to intentionally direct energy where we want it to go, we must go in the path of the energy by default. Each one of us has the ability to honor our role as directors of our personal movies called life. Energy medicine features a variety of healing modalities, fit to honor each one of us and all of our separate needs.

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