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5 Ways Meditation Heals

Peace Tribe. How ya’ll be? I am coastin… Today is Bunny Day (aka Easter) and so many people around me are celebrating the fact that they believe Jesus rose on this day, 6 days after his crucifixion. People hang on to the energy of the miracles represented on this day. Western Americans tend to celebrate all that has transpired by eating our favorite foods. Aka, feeding acid to our cells. By way of ham, turkey, chicken and alcohol. LoTs of alcohol. Perhaps this is to tame our intuition. Perhaps if our intuition were more alert, we may spy bullsh!t.

I have my own unique thoughts about American holidays as a whole. However, I do appreciate that several days throughout the year, the American Family is encouraged to spend quality time, exchange love and makin memories. I am in the midst of getting ready for my own family galas as we speak. Before I go kick it with them, I must talk about something hella important to me. The power of meditation.

Meditation allows us to mindfully make peace with all thoughts and move on in a peaceful way. Being in a state of agreeance isn’t even necessary. It’s more about respecting individual truths as just that and moving on. Which really boils down to us accepting conflicting parts of ourselves and still being loving. This is not an easy task. So many of us are taught to love conditionally. When we’re broken, tend to look for someone who can validate us. We tend to feel supported comfortable when we feel validated. But what if our validation is comin from someone who can match all our low frequency energy? When people disagree with us, we can sometimes feel deserted and abandoned. Which are all personal thoughts rooted in fear, shame and/or guilt. Our mind is the best tool we have to face any conflict. Today, I’m gonna share 5 ways meditation has changed my life. My intention is to inspire as many Moms (especially melanin-rich) to be centered and lead the men to remember their path. Together we will guide the children to do the same by leading by example.

1.Meditation Calms Things Instantly

Are you hella headed wombman? From Chicago, Illinois? VeRy voicestress and smart af? Meditation is perfect for you! Man of us are healing from the conditioning thinking of believing that we have no personal value beyond our abilities. I can relate. Don’t let a wombman get offended too! Life always gets realer than real when a woman feels her intelligence being insulted. Too many triggers stes the stag for the inner child to take over. Suddenly the argument will be all about the emotional scars from unresolved childhood issues. Forcing us to find ourselves trapped in thoughts, reliving horrific realities. Forcing the illusion of life getting worse and worse. Our babies bear witness to this and begin thinking dysfunctionality is normal and acceptable. Arguing, crying, yelling and fighting .are all learned behaviors. Meditation allows the internal noise of the meditate-ee to calm down. Times like this, ocean sound meditations work every time for me and mine.

2.Guided Meditations Reprogram the Mind

Guided meditations are meditations that have the relaxing music and a relaxing voice, giving guidance for activates our mind could indulge in, as we inhale and exhale as deeply as we can. I personally had a tough time mastering meditation. Before I officially learned, I was wrecking my brain for the perfect technique. All the Gurus I studied suggested turning the mind off, focusing on the breath and enjoying the journey. I thought turn the mind off was the same as silencing it. My mind has NeVa been silent! I went through several bouts of severe depression. Including post partum after the birth of each of my children. I was prescribed Zoloft which silenced ALL my inner noises ongoing. I felt like I was in the fetal position, scared af, going crazy. I quit the meds cold turkey and focused on balancing family and work until Maybe a year later. I learned some breathing techniques that helped me out immensely (which was step 1). The next step was finding meditative tracks that brought me where I wanted to be. Guided meditations do that for me. There are several formats and themes. Creating a meditation for every thing. Literally!

3.Face Your Own Thoughts

For so much of my life, I was conditioned to feel conditioned. If anything was wrong in my life (and there was always SomEThinG), I felt secure blaming someone else for my choices. In 2014, I went through a VeRy deep depression. I desperately wanted to commit suicide. Both of my babies were spending the Summer with their Dad’s in 2 sperate locations. Typing this reality now, everything seemed normal. Back then, I was just beginning to create what I am living now. Back then, I felt like I let my babies down and I was depressed. I felt so anxious and out of control, I just wanted to run away. Eternally... I did a week long fast from the World. The 1st day, I allowed myself to cry non stop. Day 2, I taught a twerk class early in the day, came home and cried myself to sleep. The next day, I did chores and gave myself permission to enjoy 1 thing for at least 5 minutes. My reward was a smile. Which I hadn’t been able to do since that depression started. Day 4, I did laundry while listening to Abraham Hicks, Lisa Nichols and Wayne Dyer via YouTube videos. As I listened to each of them share their own truth, I began asking myself questions to discover my own. Day 5 I smokde a joint, then went in the bathroom and do mirror meditations for hours. I would stare beyond my pupils and get lost in the World I found. In that World, I began learning my truth. I got a chance to meet my truth, face it and reshape it. Even if my truth hurt my feelings, heart and/or soul. The 7th day, I did Kemetic Yoga with a fellow Tribe member in the park. I felt the energy of Gaia, the animals and Starseeds probably for the 1st time at that magnitude. Yes, overall my journey felt hella weird. I found myself being just as careful with my imaginary self as I would my physical children. 5 years later, I can say it’s the best choice I have ever met.

4.Learn to Breathe

Breathing can be such a difficult task when your deep in four feelings. As a Gemini, I get it. However, I earn my super power by facing all things that could defeat me, tear it down and rebuild. All living things require oxygen. Over 95% of the regular diet is acid. Meaning most of the food we eat and beverages we drink prevent our cells form breathing properly, if at all. Eating electric fruits and veggies are a big deal because electric fruits and veggies carry oxygen and light. That light binds with the oxygen, the body starts functioning properly and new vibes are born. When I finally learned to master meditation, it was through the practice of focusing on my breathe. I simply mentally say positivity in as I inhale, negativity out as I exhale. Additional thoughts almost always come in. I thank those thoughts for coming and request the return after my meditation. I remain focused until my meditation is complete. Then I reenter the World ready for whatever.

5.Meet Your Intuition

Science tells us we have an emotional brain inside our stomach. Most of the body’s cells are also located in the stomach. The stomach is also one of the 1st places we begin to gain weight. Ever wonder why that is? Me neither... Science says physical weight is potential stored energy, which acts as a bearer/cushion from something. If our cells can not breath, our body is being put in a state of fight or flight, forcing the body to produce mucus. That mucus is sent to the most dense part of the body and the work begins. If our cells can’t breath, our chakras can’t thrive. The additional weight our stomachs carry act as a barrier between our emotional brain and the outside World. There are hormones and brain frequencies involved and things get hella scientific from here. Bottom line, this is when we usually use our ability to follow our own guidance. Meditations allows us to heal any emotional traumas we battle with, make up with self and rediscover unconditional love in a way that feels good. Making up with self is a necessary when we intend to unify with our personal intuition. Daily meditation allows that to happen. I would compare this process to making up with a pesty 8 year old. Yea, initially that 8 year old can work your last nerve! When you realize the reason you are so annoyed has nothing to do with that child and you apologize, the child may be a bit weary. Consistency is a dope remedy. Over a short period of time, that 8 year olds can go from being a problem child to a solutions child. Your inner child is no different. The meditative suggestions above are the tools. Use em and prepare to live the life you were created to live.

This blog is a tool for all the parents out there. Each of us have been through emotional traumas that have deeply effected us. Now it’s effecting our children. Which ensures it will effect their children. Meditation is a calm way to mute the noise around you and go within. Every answer to every question is hidden within (Akashic Records). Meditation allows each of us to heal our own emotional immaturity in a peaceful way.

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