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$20 Rock Nation Concert Ticket Sale

Peace Fam. Did you know RockNation hosts an annual $20 concert ticket sale annually!? Ikr! This is exactly why I fux with the Carters ! Apparently, there’s a such thing as concert week, which ends 5.7.19. I apologize for the late notice. Still, we have about 36 hours to enjoy $20 concert tickets. That’s a reality worth celebrating. This fee includes all fees, to thousands of shows around America. Including Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas. My Mom has been my private guide to learn cool things like this, so it’s only right I become everyone else’s, right? Today, we will discuss 5 Healing benefits from attending concerts.

1.Personal Connection

What’s a worse reality than feeling estranged from your closest family members? That’s a nightmare in my eyes. Imagine not knowing your own brother’s favorite color, your Mom’s favorite food or your sister’s favorite book. Living in this electronic age forces you to disengage with the physical World and dive deep in personalized social media accounts, focused on self. Our loved ones can sometime feel left behind. There’s no better way to make up with family than to attend a concert, featuring an artists you both dig. There’s power in dancing, singing/rapping, crying and enjoying life with others. Nothing breaks the ice better than shwerkin wit ya Mama and sister as you enjoy Jay-Z performing “99 Problems”. Feel free to visualize this reality until it comes to life

2.Music is healing

Music allows us to speak our truth in a way that feels good to us. Add a dope beat and the observation of the people, and you just may see a nice portion of the people of the World, have their version of your same truth. Which is the root of empathy. Empathy allows for hearts to grow and explode with unconditional love. It’s important that we explore the lyrics of the songs we feel most connected to. Atmosphere has a song called “Sound is Vibration”, which audibly sounds wonderful. But when I looked up the lyrics, I had a change of heart… I’m growing from judging and criticizing things I don’t agree with. Music allows us to make peace with a part of life we may not have otherwise known about. And explore our ability of agreeing to disagree, in peace. “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender” -Pete Seeger.

3.Enjoying Thyself is Healing

2017 was a SuPeR intense year for me. I flew home after a traumatic 13 month stay in Miami with my babies November 1. The same day the Vegas Strong shootout at the country concert happened. That shootout totally describes the state of my heart at that time. Stephen Paddock is the gunman and he shot and wounded 422 people. He killed 58 people before killing himself. That was a time where Las Vegas came together and supported everyone involved. #VegasStrong became a trending hashtag, never to be forgotten again. Nearly a month later, Jay-Z held a concert at the T-Mobile arena. I attended that show with my Mother and sister, which was tough for me. I was sent to a mental hospital June 2017 and I blamed my parents and that sister, as well as other family members for never speaking up. hat is ough, stale energy to feel stuck to. Healing became my primary focus. I would taking 4-6hr long spiritual baths. Which began just a few days after my children and I returned to my family. Which allowed me to do the energetic work required to authentically enjoy the show. The night of the show, there were quite a few issues. However, Jay-Z showed up and showed out. He spoke about the tragedy, overcoming hardships and remaining connected to love. While performing the very songs I've always coined as songs on my personal soundtrack of life . That was probably ThE most healing activity the 3 of us have ever done, in my life… If you and your family are having issues getting along and everyone collectively wants to heal, consider seeing a concert featuring an artists everyone appreciates, and allow the healing power of healing to transform your life.

4.Include the Children

2018 was the 1st year my Mom ever told me about this sale. She purchased a bunch of concert ticket to see different artists, in a variety of cities. One of her purchases were the “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” Chris Brown concert. Chris Brown is my son’s favorite singer. (min too). My son spent the 1st 6.5 months of the year living with his Dad, in Miami. I was living in Las Vegas. Being separate from my 9 year old son was very overwhelming for me. However, I learned various coping mechanisms, which allows my children and I to get along better. I have the ability of goin 0-100 real quick and scaring tf outta any and everyone observing. My children used to tell me how scary my behavior was. For a while, I denied it and ignored their requests. Meanwhile, I found myself in more and more aggressive fights and arguments with others. My son’s time away gave me the tools I needed to reform myself. My lessons were rooted in remembering how to love myself. My son's journey was learning how to forgive and not judge. Attending Chris Brown’s concert was our reward for work well done. It was beautiful to watch a young man who looked so much like my own son, talk to the World about the messages he had in his heart. Chris Brown had a star studded line-up full of talented artists like 6lack and H.E.R. I even learned a bit about some of my son’s favorite artists. Like Rich the Kid. Since the show, my son and I have become closer and I am grateful. For any Mom out their healing their mother/son relationship, consider finding an artists you 2 have in common. Allow the music, the ambiance and the healing vibrations to transform your relationship, for the better.

5.Dreams In Motion

Let’s be honest. Many of us love the celebs we love because we see ourselves in them. Whether your someone like Anderson Paak, born rich, loss of riches, just to gain it all back (as a prize of following his heart and speaking his truth). A husla like Beyonce, who uses home videos to share the larger than life messages she has with the World. Maybe your musical twin is Yezzy-ish, unapologetically sharing the knowledge you know, failing to fear the consequence. All of these artists use the gift of believing in themselves, following their hearts and speaking their truth. That's encouraging to observe. Especially since these people look like me and my family. It is magical to contribute to the life they've manifested for themselves. All of the light, intricate dance routines, loud sound system, props and surprises keep me in high spirits. Concert energy is usually very light, fun and exciting to be around. Concerts give you a million reasons to celebrate life, which is my therapy. Would you agree? Comment below n let a Godis know.

Music is life. Life is music. My family has always used music as a means to communicate the messages they had a tough time verbalizing in waking life. Music says the tough stuff for us, while encouraging our hips to rock and sway. Swaying is a movement feminine energy actually requires in order to upgrade the frequency. We are living in a VeRy important time, where healing is the prime focus. Visit the RocNation site below. Browse the shows and purchase all the tickets your heart can stand. Use your $20 tickets as a personal invite for your children, parents, friends and even enemies to enjoy the show with you. Allow the gift of music to transform your World, like it does mine. Enjoy the links below. Happy healing Babes. Love n Lite

RocNation Website:

Sound is Vibration by Atmosphere (lyrics and vid):

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Jay-Z inspirational vid:

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