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The Metamorphosis of Janet Jackson

Peace Guys. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (in a very high pitched voice). You all probably wanna know what that’s all about, huh? Janet Jackson is doing a Residency at Park MGM this Summer. Beginning in May. The moth of my birth. We will be sharing energy. We are sharing the same location Summer ‘19I seriously feel like the Omniverse is smiling at me oh so hard. Allow me to share my Janet Jackson represents to me. Since I’m talking about dreams coming true, I may as well talk to you all about this professional travel agent opportunity that has blessed me. Before I do, lemme stop being rude. How are you all? Didn’t mean to be rude <3

So, Janet’s tour is called Metamorphosis. Which is the perfect title. Ms. Jackson (if ya nasty) is showing us Millennials how to age gracefully. Perhaps this is the continuation of the State of the World tour which ended in 2017, due to her pregnancy. She rocked her pregnancy like a G! 50 and fabulous. While also dealing with a broken relationship. Am I describing one of the World’s best supa stars, or myself… Janet is the perfect example to show us that what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Today, we will chat about how the go-getta energy that is Janet Jackson leading us to our destiny, if we allow. Below are 5 simple steps to recreating reality, by becoming a travel specialist. Enjoy.

1.Be The Change You Wanna See In The World

Like Janet, I am a Mum from the Mid-West, chillin on the West Coast, figuring out how to make this thing called life work. The pressure of fulfilling all my roles and keeping life balanced can be unbearable at time. Wondering where money will come from can literally eat through you. 2014 I had 2 hernia’s corrected, so believe me, I know. Evolution Travel Specialists have access to not only all things travel (from flight, hotel, car rental, train, etc.). We also offer excursions/activities (such as helicopter and dinner in Vegas or skydiving in Seattle). I also offer concert tickets and more. Each agent has 2 ways to make money.

1)Reservations. Our commission is 80% of what our company (Evolution Travel) profits. We are paid every month, usually around the 15th. 10% goes to your leader and 10% to the company.

2)MLM (multi level marketing). What is that? Using word of mouth to educate others and share the opportunity to join your team. Our team building strategy is something like a buddy system. There’s a link below that explains it all. Simply click and enjoy.

2.Music Makes It Betta

One of my favorite activities ever in life, is attending live concerts. Evolution travel agents have the ability to sign up for affiliate programs like Golden Tickets. Golden Tickets is an affiliate program that focuses on providing various concert and sports games tickets. Janet Jackson is THE hottest show on The Strip. Opening night, her show tickets from $115, which is such a steal! She has older footage of her younger self, laughing at her 40-50 yr old self for continuing to do additional tour dates. Of course she was also talking bout how in love she is with everything she did/does. Proving that she manifested her life to be what it is. When younger women are in the same room with a woman of this caliber, very strong spiritual connections happen, that only New aged Science can explain. It typically takes Golden Tickets about a week to generate an affiliate link for you to share with others. Whomever uses your link will get your prices, meanwhile, you collect a profit. Now comes the days when you make money in your sleep. Congrats! Enjoy <3

3.Be ThA Plug!

Relationships are a delicate, sacred thing. In business, relationships are everything. As travel specialists, look forward to touring the most luxurious spots Vegas has to offer. Share the experience with your followers LIVE via IG (Instagram), Periscope, FB (Facebook) and more. All prospective clients enjoy virtually exploring new properties with you, through their phones. How convenient is it for an old High School classmate to catch a Live of you exploring a property they plan to visit soon? Be their eyes, voice and hands. Find the answers and guide your guest to their dream vaca, that started in their head. AKA, your social media account . Send them the link as well as links to your site when you are done broadcasting. Collect business cards from the faculty of the property and send general introduction messages just to remind them of who you are. Store them as contacts in your email list. When a client has a request, communicate your clients wish with your new business team. Find the answers and deliver it exactly how out would want to receive the info. Reap the benefits. How beautiful <3.

4.Live In Purpose, On Purpose

My natal chart speaks heavily about me traveling the World. I am only 3 years into learning the language of Starseeds. There’s sooo much more to cover. Still, I have learned quite a bit. Concerts have always offered healing power to all my relationships. Various male singers and rappers served as the subconscious voice to my boyfriends, once upon a time. Janet Jackson’s music has the power to illuminate all of her supporters. Imagine going to this concert. She busts out with “That’s the Way Love Goes” and suddenly you and your Luvie are singing, dancing, kissing and laughing. I used to attend concerts with people who I had sour energy with. The energy the artists share during the concert added a healing element to my troubled relationship. By the time it was all over and we were headed home, things felt safe between us. Not all buddy buddy, but safe. Which is better, if you ask me. In a perfect World, people know how healing music can be and decide to use that, instead of spread toxic energy no one can win from.

5.See Things As Healed

When booking concert packages, the most important part of the reservation is the hotel accommodations. I’m about to speak some travel jargon, still, follow me. Booking flexible rooms via Vax allows us Agents to work on booking the suits with no commitment. We can reserve whatever number of suits we believe we can book. I’m new to all this, so I started off with between 5 and 10 units per show date. My packages are founded on relaxation. Therefore the packages offer 2-3 day stays at either the MGM Grand or New York New York properties. Janet Jackson’s opening weekend is happening during the EDC Fest. EDC plays electronic techno music. This fest is founded on acceptance, unconditional love and freedom. Tickets are solely available on their website, exclusively. This Fest typically results in 4 days of no sleep, only Vegas styled partying. Giving us a reason to celebrate being alive. A few times a year, some people die from partying too hard. Don’t let that be you. Book a hotel. Take the time to rest. Then party like a RockStar

Each of us have the ability to be as great as we wanna be. Give yourself permission to explore the pleasures of life. Start by investing in yourself and your dreams by signing up to be a travel specialist. It’s only $30 to start, $69.95/month thereafter. Get your professional website, back office and virtual tools right away. Upon signing up, you receive all the tools required to be great. Then celebrate by attending this Janet Jackson Experience during premiere weekend, beginning May 17. Check into your suite the day before festivities begin, book some excursions (like Twerk/Kundalini Yoga classes, Cannabis Tours, Restaurant Tours and more) and enjoy your stay. Make your trip special by booking a party bus (complete with electric lights, flat screen TV and stripper pole), which seats up to 16. Find the links to the services discussed in this blog, as well as the link to our spiritual bath/yoni steam below. I look forward to working with all of you.

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