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5 Ways To Heal The Children

Peace Babes.

How y’all be? With all these planetary transits and daily energies, I feel like a drunk wombman walkin on air. Beyond that, I feel great… All the buzz is what people are secretly dealing with, concerning their children. With the 3 retrograde planets in transit through the Summer. I think it’s about time we start talkin about how these retrogrades physically effect the human-being.

Before we dive deep into that science. Let us discuss how mystical our children are. As a people, we deal with supreme alienation. We are alienated from nature, people and our work. Our children are the physical manifestation of a supreme miracle. Honored in the form of a human being. In our childhood, we observe adult behavior that we don’t agree with. Causing us to become alienated from ourselves. Often times, parents are too busy worrying about other things to notice. Adults tend to focus on what is dangerous and what’s safe, what’s right and what’s wrong, what is true and what is false. The good news is we can rewire ourselves and re-create ourselves to be who we intended to exist as. I mean, even rats have empathy. Science shows rats are more stressed watching other rats get shot than being shot themselves. Therefore, we are going to discuss 5 compassionate methods to use on our lost youth.

1.Eliminate starch from the diet

If you are anything like me, you were raised in a family who made plated according to the food pyramid. This pyramid suggests 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice and pasta. According to Dr. Sebi, when he was eating starch, he was both homicidal and suicidal. Starch has cyanide, which inspires aggressive feelings like I don’t like you, I hate you, I want you dead. They feed starch to Russian dogs, it altered the brain waves and interfered with the resonance. Cyanide directly effects our hormone levels. When we have melanin-deficient DNA mixed with melanin-rich, a chemical combustion in the form of emotional blowups, violent outbursts and violent behavior happens. Hormones effect the mind and thoughts. To heal this issue at the root, using Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet and suggested alkaline herbs would be ideal. An alkaline herb ideal in healin this issue is dandelion root.

2.Talk Science To Children

One of the dopest purposes of science is the fact behind the knowledge. Which is a comforting reality, when it comes to this thing called life. Sometimes when the right hormones meet the wrong nerve, the craziest of situations can happen. Gun play runs very deep in my bloodline. It’s very natural for women in my family to fear the well being of their child. Creating countless scary scenarios mentally. I have a son who plays Fort Knight, often af. I talk to my son about his natal chart, why he’s here on Earth, the root of his emotional issues (triggers), remedies and who he will grow to be. This knowledge makes it easy to discipline my children with meditation. They are already mindful. Possessing this level of knowledge allows them to make tough decisions easier, without the stress. When they are thinking about their behavior with no stress, I remind them that we are a team and I share how their choices inspired me to feel emotionally and the remedy I suggest. Which welcomes a team vibe insteada the typical dictatorship parent/child type exchange.

3.Get that Gut in Check

Many of our behavioral issues are rooted in the fact that we are so full of shit. Literally. If we remember the 2 food groups, alkaline and acid, all of this will make sense. Alkalinity allows for our cells, blood and organs to perform optimally, because alkaline carries oxygen. Acid creates the opposite effect. Our small intestine is where our body absorbs most of the nutrients from what we eat and drink. The colon absorbs water from waste, creating stool in the large intestine. The nerves create the urge to defecate. Eating the suggest alkaline food, beverages and herbs Dr. Sebi suggests are ideal remedies. Many autoimmune issues are rooted in the body’s inability to take out the trash and actually heal. One fact Dr. Sebi proved to me via his online lectures alone, is the body is capable of healing itself. Unconditional love is the mystery ingredient. Nothing says “I love u celf” like living life the alkaline way.

4.Use these Online Resources

When my daughter was caught drinking in school, I was beginning to freak tf out! She’s usually so well mannered and usually makes great decisions. Except in that very moment. Which had me questioning every single parenting decision I have ever made with her. I was so disappointed in her choices that I wanted to cause her physical harm. Instead, I challenged myself to not only hear her out, but call her father up, so we could do this as a team. Which was a ToTally different approach than I normally take. Abraham Hick’s was my personal resource for keeping myself balanced and focused. Gabor Mate was my resource when it came to me comprehending the science of healing the DNA of my family, via my children. This approach is not for the faint of heart. However, if you have a violent child in the family, who is clearly battling with their own fear, shame and/or guilt. These resources may work for you. They changed my life…

5.Speak Up!

Soooo many of us are going through different versions of the same reality. Yes, listening to a reality someone we love is dealing with may inspire us to judge their situation (EX: what s/he SHOULD do is… If that was me…). Which inspires people to protect themselves. Seems like at least 99% of the general public don’t really enjoy being judged. What works for me is empathy. Literally using my mind to consider how the other party might feel. Whether I agree with them or not. This allows for me to consider a reality beyond the one I am familiar/comfortable with. Listening has always been a challenge for me (I have a lighting speed mind so…). So, I practice listening to others via webinars, LIVE broadcasts and social media. All of this has allowed me to be a much better listener in person. And even respond to people with unconditional love, even if they are cut throat with me. Some may mistake my behavior for being a door mat. I disagree. I simply love myself enough to lovingly express my truth and stay away from those that don’t match my frequency. Sometimes, my toughest audience are the children in my family. I use my voice by blogging/journaling and meditating. Which allows for me to express my feelings as I feel them, make peace and manifest a better feeling reality.

If you, or anyone you know is having a tough time with the youth in their family. I know somedays can be harder than others. Many people probably walked away. You may feel alone. I wanna remind you that situations like this are only tests, challenging us to be our greater self. Ladies, we are the manifestos of this thing called life. All illusions of fear, shame and guilt live in our lower 3 chakras. Come twerk that energy off with me, at these final 2 twerk classes. Recreate anything that has brought us pain. Follow us on Social Media to learn more. In the meantime, get you some virtual twerk sessions on deck to help you pop and roll the way your Kundalini needs you to.

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See ya next blog. Love n Lite Tribe

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