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Jungle June (The Perfect Storm)

Peace Babes. We have made it to the 1/2 way point of the fiscal year. YaaaaY! How are we feeling? If you said like a drunk, high and sedated, blind and crippled super hero whose kryptonite is unconditional love, I can relate. We are finishing up the Spring and headed into the Summer.

The Sun changes direction 4 times a year, transforming the seasons. The end of June marks Summer Solstice. Plus sooo many planetary transitions, it’ll force your energy bodies to straighten up and do right, or continue the adventure of life on another planet with tests even more intense than the tests from Mama Gaia (Mother Earth).

This particular Summer Solstice is special because Neptune goes retrograde within a couple hours. 99% of the human-being population will be facing karmic challenges. Not succeeding isn’t an option. If we give up in this lifetime, different version of the same challenges await us. These tests may be much more intense than they are now. Many scientists suggest life will get no easier than it currently is. Let’s talk about what they sky as to say about all this. Shall we…

We begin the month with a New Moon in Gemini (12 degrees) on June 3. The degrees of this new moon paired with opposition of both Neptune and Jupiter make this a very optimistic New Moon. This particular new moon is ideal for releasing limiting beliefs (such as not being good enough) and focusing on treading the middle. Remaining careful not to recreate your World, thereby loosing touch with reality. This is a key time of self talk. Remember, you are the most important Being in your World. How you communicate with yourself is the same way others will communicate with you.

June 4, Mercury enters Cancer Mercury is the planet of communication and Cancer is the emotional crab. Oh joy…! Making this a key time for our emotions to influence our mind. Thinking one way about life and behaving another. Mercury in Cancer influences the mind by unconscious desires. If you are tuned into your intuition, this could be a key time for psychic ability due to the mental processes occurring on an unconscious basis. Making peace with our intuition causes more sensitivity. The more sensitive we are, the more we feel. Whatever we think and feel most, we manifest.

June 6, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus This can be a tricky placement, resulting in people feeling restless, yearning to grow and improve but not necessarily focus. This is a key time to make changes that serve our highest and greatest good. This placement may be quite aggressive with rebellious lessons. We may feel the need to improve on things we are already good at. This energy will challenge us to take foolish chances and take responsibility for things that truly matter.

June 8, Venus Enters Gemini, Prepare to experience the curious side of love. Gemini’s are light in nature. According to Gemini, solving a vicious crime is far more bearable than solving matters of the heart. The curious nature of a Gem’s keeps that ‘finger in every pot’ vibe. While also welcoming variety, in the name of love. Hey! The Princess had to kiss a frog before finding her Prince. Finding unique points of attraction in things like conversation, instead of attractive outfits is the new norm. There’s an undeniable beauty in falling in love with the soul. Unconditional love is void of ownership, welcoming flexibility to romance. A love void of freedom isn’t love to a Gemini. Venus in Gemini welcomes us all to the most beautiful time of soul blooming, diversity, themed in a love bud, as opposed to a full bouquet. Anything worth having is worth working for. Gemini is the funest sign the planet could have chosen to help humanity heal of fear of love.

June 10, Jupiter at Opposition. Meaning this giant planet will be so close to Earth, we can touch it! Well, not really. However, it will be so bright, we will be able to see it throughout the night sky. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. So June 10th would be a good night to create petitions to your Tribe of Angelic Love and Light Ethereal Beings. It is important to feel the words we share with them prior to making our wishes. Because whatever energy we use to create the wish is the same energy that will be returned to us. Mercury in Cancer influences the mind by unconscious desires. If you are tuned into your intuition, this could be a key time for psychic ability due to the mental processes occurring on an unconscious basis. Making peace with our intuition causes more sensitivity.

June 14, Jupiter Square Neptune brings about a test of our faith. Feelings of embarrassment support the idea of loss. Which is all based on energy rooted in fear, shame and/or guilt. This transition inspires the souls who have over given to become more aware of their choices, those who have idolized the romantic unions over all else will realize whatever they failed to see initially. This is a glass ceiling kind of moment, which may inspire intense emotional triggers. This is all by design. The test is, how cool will you remain when your World is shattering? This is a dope time to accept all realities at face value. This is a horrible transit to gamble, explore mind/cell harmfully altering drugs or get rich schemes. Feelings of paranoia and suspicion are normal for this transit. Square means the 2 planets are in conflict with one another. Jupiter is in Sagg and focused on the expansiveness of spirituality, possibly thru religion. Neptune in Pisces focuses on the feeling behind it all. This is promised to be a very key time for emotional maturity. When we apply wisdom, new realizations can be experienced.

June 17, Full moon in Sagittarius, introduces optimism. See, the transits in the sky are comparable to soap operas. Jupiter in Neptune coulfe play out as a fight. While this full moon inspires optimism, encourages goals and welcomes revealing the meaning of life through life experiences themselves. This is a Kundalini energy full moon. The energy of the New Moon (6.3.19), Jupiter square Neptune is heavily affecting this full moon. This could be a key time for emotional outbursts, as a result of emotional triggering, on the highest level. The illusions from Neptune in Pisces makes it easy for us to fall for our own illusions. This placement encourages the human connection to the intuion, as well as tune out truths we obviously don’t wanna hear. The urge to find ‘the truth’ is greater than ever. Thanks to the Gemini and Sagg placements, certain soul's won’t stop until we find what they're lookin for. Making the end of June the PERfect time to twerk! The liver, sacrum, thigh and tail bones, hip and lumbar muscles and the lumbar vertebra require our full attention this full moon. What better way to spend time honoring and loving on yo body than soaking in a tub full of our Spiritual bath/yoni steam after an hour of twerking!? Fellas, when your woman is relaxed, your home has peace. Feel free to visualize this reality as you meditate, while relaxing in our spiritual bath mixture. My team and I enjoy assisting humanity relax and regroup. Find the links to our products below. Thank you for supporting.

June 18, Saturn sextile Neptune,

June 21 Neptune Retrograde(6.21.19-11.27.19 in Pisces) & Sun enters Cancer. Retrograde means the planet is so close to the Earth, it appears to be going backwards. Neptune is a feminine planet that actually rules Pisces. So this transition can feel like home. Neptune honors what’s ideal, our spiritual lives and what’s noble. If you are craving unity and compassion, this is your planet. This is a very slow moving planet, spending about 14 years in each sign. Neptune’s effects are subtle and reveal themselves over time. Her energy inspires people to heal deep rooted pain, while bein artsy and weird. Neptune has the effect of awakening us from our ego, which allows the Yoniverse to pour in unconditional love. Only thing, to receive Gaia’s love, we must love ourselves deeper. This transit can inspire boundaries to kind of disappear. Which can make us targets for deception and delusion. Neptune is all about being ideal. Neptune wants to serve freely, no reward necessary. Each of us are on a quest for salvation. Our ego has protected us from being emotionally scared from life’s little things. The Neptune placement in the natal chart can describe an area of life where we want some justice from the disappointments of being a human-being. Order our Divine Creators Blueprint Natal Chart Reading and remember everything you forgot about the real you.

June 24 Jupiter quincunx N. Node. This transit is all about finding our way home. This transit will be around until September 2019. The influence is based on creating a sustainable home in all areas imaginable. I often speak of my starseed roots, which was very abnormal for me initially. I am the only one of my kind, in virtually all my circles. I feared misinforming people, improperly speaking the star language or something worse. Once I connected w/realizing, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, I started remembering some dope stuff! My starseed origins inform me of the characteristics of my sub-personalities. Which allows me to logically comprehend my emotional responses in a calm manner, in any given emotional reality. Many of us are comprised of multiple galaxies and came to Earth to do major work, rooted in unity and unconditional love. We get caught up in the matrix and our storylines alter. This is a learned behavior that not only creates 99% of the human populations lives, but also the life experiences. For the next 154 days, the Universe is welcoming each of us to take elements that don’t usually blend together and blend em anyway. So we can create our very own majic. The aspects of this transition is uber important because a Yod (Finger of Faith/Destiny/God/Goddess) will occur. Accelerating and intensifying karmic journeys and spiritual experiences. This yod will electrify the energy from July's eclipse. Eclipse's bring tower endings and gargantuan new beginnings. If we ignore our messages, this placement will make life overwhelmingly difficult for no reason. This could be the mighty transition ushering all your dreams to life. Dreams include nightmares. So now's a dope time to be mindful of what we speak. Anything worth having is worth working for. The Yoniverse will avoid rewarding those that refuse to do their the work. Karma (which is only cause and effect) will do the rest.

June 25, Uranus quintile True Node, this placement is energetically equivalent of 5 zodiac signs . 4 are tied at the corner and the 5th is in its center. Quintiles point to talent, the attraction to create order, perfect, make or build things and explore the dimensions of creativity by observing important details like patterns and structures. The nodes offer an interesting peek into someone’s destiny. We are currently experiencing Gaia (Mother Earth) in North Node Cancer. Which deals with giving and receiving emotional support. This is my North Node placement. N. Node in Cancer people must embrace not only their own feelings, but the feelings of others as well. The challenge lies in us making peace with not only our own vulnerability, but that of other people as well. Then we have Uranus. Which is a big, unpredictable planet that shakes things up and frees anything stuck. It’s dramatic and washes clean anything that doesn’t belong. Sudden endings to situations that are no longer rooted to your karmic past is the vibe of this transit.

June 26, Mercury enters Leo, inspires a greater need to speak form the heart. Leo, a fire sign, known for its straight forward, pure, enthusiastic self expression, has some truth to express. Inviting colorful language to burning subjects that have lived in our minds, yet we were too intimidated to communicate. Mercury in Leo will inspire humanity to say what needs to be said. It’s a good idea to be present and choose our words carefully. Leo is the confident Lion who’s all about laughter and jokes. Which is Gaia’s way of blessing humanity with that self assured swag many have waited lifetimes to experience. Expect creative break throughs as each of us channel Leo’s passion, enthusiasm and love for the arts. Leos paired with Mercury leads us to make decisions serving the greater good of all involved. But be careful Luvies. Leo’s aren’t lions for no reason. This transit would be a cake walk w/daily meditations.

***New Add: Guardian Angel’s Guidance***

My name is Angela. Which is Greek for heavenly angel. I have always been sensitive & outspoken. I went from being the family favorite to the family villain, based purely off the truth I shared. Growing up, I was quite emotional and suuuper sensitive. I craved suicide simply bc I was tired of being on Earth. It was my Aunt's guidance that helped me see past my pain and focus on the love. My Aunt is my physical Gardian, who’s always energetically guided me to learn about my etheric angels. Now is a beautiful time to chat with all of you about the science of Angels, as we journey through this thing called life.

June places us half way through the fiscal year. That was quick, huh? Now’s the perfect time to get acquainted with our Archangels. June welcomes the energy of Hariel, who governs arts and sciences; Hakamiah, who governs Kings and the military; Lauviah, angel of knowledge; Caliel, angel of truth; Leuviah, who governs memory and intelligence; and Pahaliah, governing theology and morals. These archangels served and protected some of humanities most beloved people. Like Marilyn Monroe, Lena Horne and George Michael. Learn more in this month’s blogs.

Ok Babes. That wraps up the most powerful transits of June. Some suggestions to surf through this month unscathed is remember, this will be an emotionally over whelming time. Really, it is already. The energies will only get stronger. As humans, we must master our feelings. The planets in the sky are doin their best to asist. The rest is up to us.

I say, our journey depends on what’s in our hearts. If you are intending on attracting unconditional love, illuminating light and doing the work serving the highest and greatest good for all Human-Beings, continue your research and journey where your heart guides you. If we consider the reality that there is no good, bad, right nor wrong, the illusions of fear, shame and/or guilt will dismiss themselves.

My team and I are happy to be a part of Gaia's soul evolution. This evolution is effecting all human-Beings, at this time, on the planet, in key ways. Each of us are being led to face ourselves and love whatever it is we see. In celebration, my team & I are offering 2 final twerk classes, June 21 and 22 at 6pm in Las Vegas, NV (S/O Studio 305). We are celebrating life, my retirement and the release of generational curses. This is a ladies only exclusive class based on healing the lower 3 chakras. Allowing us to transmute fear, shame and guilt. Guiding all participants to generate the energy required to change personal karmic ties/attachments, and generate generational wealth. This is a judgement free, healing zone. All participants must sign waiver to participate. Click here for your tickets.

Some may require soul healing prior to twerking. Our spiritual baths offer the elements required to become your best self and is ideal for all men, women and children. Our bath is a tool. The conscious act, rooted in manifestation is required to manifest all dreams to fruition. Remember, nightmares are dreams too. Use our Detox Cellular Capsules, which we pack inside veggie capsules with alkaline herbs. These herbs heal, clear and restore the cells, allowing the body to complete the crystalline process. Also known as the Kundalini Awakening. Our DNA is awakening and expanding from 2 to 12 strands. Which is extremely intense. Join our Ascension Group online forum to learn more.

Cellular Detox Capsules:

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