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Jumpin' July

Peace Babes.

How ya’ll be? Happy July! This is a month jam packed with planetary action, beginning at the very beginning of the month. This energy is so strong, the production of this newsletter has been delayed (my bad guys ). July ’19 features both a total and partial lunar eclipses. Add more retrogrades and we end the month with meteor showers. Amplifying the ascension process for all of those who consciously apply their energy into their own soul healing process. The natal chat can seem kinda boring and nerdy, until we connecting the reality of how all of this effects our feelings and psyche, on both a personal and collective basis. That’s a lot to take in. I encourage all readers to take a couple mins to meditate before analyzing the transits of the month. If you puff, gone head and do it den. Without further, ado, let’s dive right in. Shall we…!

June 26 - Mercury Enters Leo

Expect less moodiness and more chipper vibes. Leos, Aries and Sagg’s are expected to thrive the most from this position and placement. Taurus, Scorp’s and Aquarius’s may have the most difficult time keeping up. Mercury- the planet of communication X Leo-a fir sign with a big heart. Allowing us to easily be more fun, loving, upbeat and determined mentally. It might be difficult to remember to be sensitive. As your truth is more likely to just roll off the cuff… Mars in Leo welcomes more PDA (public display of affection), offering a more theatrical prospective, inspiring. Which may encourage more bragging, hella selfie postings while hogging the lime light flexin your likeable charm. Inviting creative juices to flow freely. Leo’s are repped via the sun, which invites an undeniable optimistic energy. Good vibes shine through hard AF when your mood is naturally lifted. Creating us as much flirtier and funnier people. This transit welcomes us to be conscious of being stubborn, self centered, and extra AF. Which can be tricky in Cancer season. My team and I offer URL packages for those looking to vlog about their lifestyle. Which is a great idea to introduce new products and begin making money in your sleep. All interested parties, send me a message right


July 1-August 18- Mars enters Leo

Mars represents the God of war, ruling war, attraction, energy and courage. Leos’s are known for their charisma, outgoing ways and impatient fiery nature. Soap opera drama is likely. Arguments will reflect a fiery, passionate, egocentric energy. Until a winner is crowned. Be cautious of oversharing and rushing into feelings (for self and otherwise). Mars rules sex, ambition and drive. Expect a surge of fun-loving energy in the form of courage, confidence, leadership and LoTs of passion. There’s no better way for ladies to celebrate intense energy transits like twerkin. The heftier the moon is, the more I twerk. Click the link and do the same for yourself. Virtual Twerk:

July 2- New Moon in Cancer

Emotional intelligence is invited to navigate these highly sensitive times. Cancer is the zodiac sign that represents family and nurturing. Add the total solar eclipse energies and frequencies. This ushers in monumental change in the way we bond and seek shelter. Be prepared for strong emotions to surface form this potent eclipse This transit invites our feelings to flow freely. We are collectively being offered a a healing moment to explore our greatest heartbreaks and heal. In spite of it all. Especially regarding our loved ones. This transit asks “What does home mean to you?” Even the planet say it’s time for us to remember who we are. Order your Godis Box and have manifesting tools mailed to you every quarter. Ideal for manifesting your greatest desires to life. This Quarter’s theme celebrated the Summer Solstice by honoring the tradition of Heka. Heka is a form of majic practiced by the Ancient Egyptians that’s rooted in science. Click the link and learn your box today:

July 4-27 Venus enters Cancer

This transit inspires us to stay home rather than go out, weekends included. Venus and Cancer are 2 of the most feminine energies in astrology. Together, these energies lure you in. Venus is ruled as both a blessing and curse. Venus rules sugar. Venus in Cancer invites gluttony. The urge to chill in a comfortable cozy lil cottage is ideal. Venus rules love, relationships, beauty and finances. This planet influences the way human-beings think about love, partnership, how we behave regarding our needs, desires as well as the role money plays in our lives. Venus feels comfortable spreading her affection wherever she is, while visiting Cancer. Motivating us to find more secure relationships, due to the emotionally connection to love. Disinviting all meaningless affairs. Home and family are the main focus. Glottony and sugar go together. There’s no better way to clean up the mess these 2 make like our herbal detox capsule. Order your today:

July 9- Mercury Rx in Leo

This transit invites us to unfold our own myth. Now’s the time to create previously experienced stories and previous conclusions. This is not the transit for lacking inspiration. Instead, this transit has the potential to inspire so much inspiration, we might not be able to control it.

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July 16- Full Moon in Capricorn

This transit is themed in working under pressure. Remembering not to take things personally in both personal and business matters is ideal, always honoring the big picture. The urge to be useful in society may feel strong as ever. This transit welcomes feelings of shyness accompanied resentfulness. From feeling like others ignore you. Inspiring vibes of underestimating what we want for and from ourselves. The organs effected by the full moon in Capricorn are knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, patella bones, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair and the spleen-the organ of balance. Feelings of unworthiness are a natural side effect of a Kundalini Awakening. Learn more by the energetic journey, how it effects the body and chakras and what you can do to improve your own journey by joining our virtual Ascension Group forum:

July 16- Partial Lunar Eclipse

This happens when the Moon passes through the Earth’s partial shadow and only a portion passes through the darkest shadow. The moon will darken as it moves through the Earth’s shadow. This eclipse will be visible in much of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South East of North America, South America, Antarctica, Pacific and Indian Ocean. The 1st lunar eclipse was 1.21.19. The backbone, joints, knees, skin and hair will be majorly effected from this transit of the moon. All moon transits welcome feminine exploration. Join our Godis virtual forum, where we exchange esoteric information, healing traditions and healing modalities. Click the link and learn her-story today:

July 19- Mercury Rx enters Cancer

This transit inspires human beings to handle personal our sensitivities. Inviting us to affectively express our feelings. It’s already tough for Mercury to be unified with Cancer. Mercury inspires us to go against the norm, wander the sides of the streets and allies simply to explore. Cancer might force us to have to look for classic issues in communication, commerce and movement. This isn’t the time to make ne size fits all judgements/conclusions. Cancer is affiliated with leadership, so issues with honoring the chain of command or impose personal subjective feelings on a group is likely. Inviting us to privately mastering personal internal balance. Even the planet say it’s time for us to remember who we are. Nothing gives more complete info on our soul than a natal chart reading. Order your today:

July 23 Sun enters Leo

It’s time to shine like the sun and demonstrate your skills. Taking the natural path will be helpful. Meaning, hang all that fake shit up. At least for the duration of this transit, for best results. Christian Dior said “By being natural and sincere, I often can create resolutions without having sought them.” If your personal chart has no major planets in Leo, you may feel you don’t have as much personal insight over where you go in 2019 til much later in the year. Even the planet say it’s time for us to remember who we are. Nothing gives more complete info on our soul than a natal chart reading. But the language f the stars is something else. What if you had access to learn 1 on 1, virtually? Well, now ya do! Yaaaay! Order your session today:

July 28- Venus enters Leo

This transit makes this the perfect time to amplify the feline vibes, channeling Sekhmet. Think big hear, hearts, gold, crowns, and crests and adorned by leopard print. This transit invites bold fashion. Western astrology knows Venus as the Godis of beauty, Lord of Libra and Aries. Venus is the signifier of relationships, marriages and babies. As well as Worldly pleasures, luxuries and wealth, on a personal level. There are certain planetary conjunctions which work in favor of Venus. It’s influence will be hella strong when positioned in Pisces those effects diminish when in Virgo. Saturn. Mercury and Ratu are friendly planets when paired with the sun are pretty friendly planets when paired with the sun, moon and Rahu. Remember, Venus rules sugar. Aren’t you curious over the science that causes these cravings in the 1st place? Join our conscious eating forum and learn the Alkaline lifestyle process form official Dr. Sebi Advocates. Click the link and join the forum today :

July 28- Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

This meteor shower will be visible from mid-July-mid-August, annually. The peak is from July 29-29, 2019. This particular meteor shower can produce up to 20 meteors per hour at it’s peak It’s produced by debris left by the comets Marsden and Kracht. Best views in hella dark locations, past midnight. The meteor will radiate from Aquarius constellation, but can appear anywhere in the sky. There’s not better time to manifest than when the stars are shooting cross the sky. Order your Summer Solstice special batch of Spiritual bath. Which features hyssop, roses, lavender, High John the Conqueror and essential oils. Ideal for men, women and children to use.

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July 30- Mercury Direct in Cancer

Our memories are improved, collectively during this transit of Mercury. Emotions have the most important role in decision making. Roger Ebert once said “Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” Nothing adds a more healing vibe to communicating than travel. Explore my site and pick a destination. Then call me up when you are ready to book your dream vacay, for a fraction of the typical price. All because I love you. I look forward to serving you all.

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So, that’s a whooole lotta FYI’s to keep in mind for this 7th month of the fiscal year. The bright side is, if we focus on the planets, it’ll be virtually impossible to focus on the drama. This month, I will be linking up with African Traditions to talk about the Natal Chart. All month, everyone will enjoy blogs that explain this science a lil more simply. Enjoy the products in our store, allowing all to manifest health on a cellular level. When our cells are healthy, so is the rest of us. A healthy Being tends to be MuCH more successful at manifesting, compared.

I believe in you Babes, just as I believe in myself. Create responsibly Luv Bugs.

Love n Lite

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