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3 facts All Natal Chart Researchers Should Know

Peace Babes.

How ya'll be? Me? I'm gucci. Just finally comin to grips with the fact that I have gifts meant to share with the World. This will be 1 of a 12 part blog series. Featured during the Know Thyself event on July 12 at African Traditions. I am VeRy excited. And VeRy nervous.

Nervous is a vibe for July '19. Everything I'm talkin about is relatef to the planets and stars and explained in detail in our July FrEE monthly newsletter. Sign up & check it out (

. July's sky has 6 planets in retrograde, both a solar and lunar eclipse and shooting stars. This is the astral drama Leo's live for!

All this sky activity inspires aggression. Remembering over 95% of the major food group is acid, it makes logical sense. The natal chart helps make logical sense of behaviour & thinking processes others would call psychotic and mentally challenged in some way. The natal chart is simple to search for & available online for free. Choose a site (I dig Cafe Astrology), enter the required info (usually name, date of birth, city of birth, time of birth and location of birth) and the internet populates and entire report on your behalf. The language of the stars is a lil different than English. However, it translates well enough. The stars inspire us to feel. And in these days of numbenss, feelin is a super power. There's an art to this science. Let's begin our journey discussin 3 facts errr natal chart researcher should know.

  1. Every Human-Being Has A Natal Chart

The natal chart is an intergalactic snapshot of who you are the moment to are born. The chart is generated via the ether that is the internet. The information generated breaks down the psychology for the role you are playing this lifetime. The report includes information like your life mission, insecurities, remedies, career, love, married life, health, sexaul trauma, ect. This report also informs you of your previous lifetimes. It is said there are secret natal chart departments in hospitals. Which would mean someone, somewhere has vitale information regarding over 95% of the population are, just moments post birth. I find this reality to interesting to be mad at. Instead, I ask myself, what if we found a way to learn what others already know? How would that effect our daily lives?

  1. Learn Thyself

There are 3 key areas to learn off top. They are:

  • The moon- which is the emotional self. Representing Divine Feminine energy. At least 50% is always hidden. Makin peace with this reality could guide society to establish peace with feminine energy overall. Think Mom's, Granny's, ex's, side lovers, the bad girls of the female collective. Women are usually closely associated to ubhealed triggers. Meditation is a dope tool to attract peace. Reguadless of the origins of trigger/s you could be dealin with.

  • The Rising-Aka the higher Self. I would relate this placement 2 the voice of your soul. I find it easier to connect with my Higher Self via my inner child. If my inner child is cuttin up, my Higher Self is likely tucked away. My Rising is in Libra & she requires the entire royal treatment & corrected behaviour to feel safe. Alkaline food & beverages help. Energy medicine & personal energy work is required.

  • The Sun- The way the outside World see's you. So it's kind of your reputation. Which highlights certain areas of you personality while kind of ignoring others.

Knowing these parts of any peraonality make it easier to relate.

  1. Start Small.

Comprehending the stars isn't that easy. However, it became easier for me, the more I gave myself permission to learn. The more I exposed myself to more resources, the more the natal chart information made sense. I was in a state of disbelief when I read my own chart. I figured everyone had a report just as perfect as mine. I was right. However, none of us had the same details. Initally, I felt overwhelmed. I started off familiarizing myself with Jon & my children's charts. YouTube, Pinterest & Insta were great resources. Learning about my family helped inspire me to spend more 1 on 1 time with them. I felt like we were finally meeting one another. Like frfr.

As you and your Tribe journey to discover yourselves, consider takin a lil time to be present. Appreciate everyone around you. Including yourselves. Following my exact path is likely too aggressive for many. An easier start is dedicating 30-60mins/day to learning. We offer a 45min virtual Know Thyself natal chart virtual informative. Click the link for more info:

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