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3 Facts You Should Know About Your Soul

Peace Tribe. How y'all be? All this star talk brings up key terms like spirit, soul and love. But do we even definitively know what any of these words actually mean?

My North Node (my destiny) is in Cancer. Therefore, it is my destiny to be a loving, nurturing, mother type. Who freely expresses her emotions in a balanced way. This shit sounded cute when I initally read it. Then life began to happen. My South Node (past life) is in Capricorn, reflectin a possible past in slavery and/or bondage. I escape my feelings by diving deep into work. I find it easy to lead and guide amd difficult AF to feel. My current journey forces me to feel everything honestly, and not run. Which is not easy & honestly scares TF outta me. I wanted to revert to old ways of hiding until the storm cleared. 2017, I was no longer allowed to hide. Nor did I even want to, honestly. I unified with my Orisha's and began to explore the basic nature of my existence. Today, we'll discuss 3 basic esoteric facts about the spirit.

  1. The Spirit & Soul Are NoT the Same

Serge Benhayon says the human spirit is a fragment of the soul. The Being will result in a separation from the soul and create a totally new life. The human spirit (which Greek's call the psyche) arrogantly searchin outside itself. Lookin to fill in it's own deep emptiness and pain as a result of separating from soul. It should be well noted by all that it is the spirit that chooses religion, spiritual paths , gurus, challenge true esoteric wisdom & define (categorize) everything. The spirit chooses to meditate itself out of reality. By using meditation to encourage more numbness. The numbness is the result of continuously ignoring deep inner scars and avoid the lack of self love it has for itself, as a consequence.

  1. There Is No Seperation With Spirit

The Hinduism culture regaurds Atmas (the self), as the Supreme Self, Supreme Spirit. There is no you nor me. Yet we are all 1. Dr. Joe teaches us that we are no one, no thing and no where (in spaceeee). The spirit is illuminated by the light of the soul. Which shine brighter & brighter, the healthier our chakras are. The light of the soul is inspired by fire. Fire represents God Force Energy (aka prana, vril, chi). The spirit also fears the effect of the light revealing all deep rooted fear, shame and guilt. Which are feelings stored in the lower 3 chakras. The spirit and brain are directly connected. While the soul and mind mirror one another, the mind is the computer of the physical human avatar. When it's led by the soul, we are fearlessly exploring our own journey. The spirit responds to programming which directs the brain to disconnect and ignore the mind/soul and results in unaware people.

  1. Spirits Don't Reincarnate

The brain is an organ. Each lifetime, the body get's a new one. We do not get a new soul/mind. It is said that the mind /soul can never express itself fully and entirely in 1 lifetime. The partial reveal is based on the level of karma that lifetime holds. The spirit is said to never be within a Human-Being, but above him. Over shadowing him as the real self. Similar to the role of the sun sign)m, except the spirit accepts lower frequency realities to keep itself covered.

A mysical marriage is when one marries the soul with the spirit. Giving life to the oversoul. This is a conscious act, facilitated via the soul and results in merging and permanently uniting the soul and the spirit. Allowing all to achieve Yoga (union) in the deepest state. Coultness mystics and esotericists in both Eastern and Western philosophies focus to manifest this type of reality.

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