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Spiritual Freedom and Rx Planets

Peace Tribe. How are you all feelin out there? I feel utterly annoyed. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto & fuq'n Chiron are in retrograde! Which means the planets are so close to Earth, they appear to be going backwards. I happen to be born with 6 planets in Rx. It's not the planetray energy, but the humans energy workin my last nerve!

I believe if more people knew the purpose and special powers of the planets and how it effects human-beings, we'd be better off. So today, I wanna talk about how these Rx planets are leading each of us to freedom. Given we do our personal work. When planets are in retrograde mode, they are beaming their powers directly to us. The people. Let's chat about what that looks like. Shall we…?

  1. Alchemy Makes Aggression Peaceful

Alchemy is the act of using fire to either burn to ashes if it's not real, or purify if indeed it is. Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline and dispensor of justice. Pluto represents transformation and challenges us to deeply assess our unconscious mind and transform whatever doesn't serve. All of this is based on our individual perception, free will and personal relationship with self. Our perception is comprised of the food we eat and our parents DNA.

Often, if we have a decent paying job, family and friends we get along with, transportation to get to and fro and food, we can allow ourselves to get too comfortable and never actually do anything about any deep root issues/problems causing the deep rooted unhappiness many of us have felt since early childhood. These planets get it. Yet, they don't care. Saturn is in Rx until Sep 13. Pluto Rx ends Oct 3. Today is just July 12. The planet insists each of us take the next 2-3 months to see what needs to be changed/healed/fired/recreated via our free will. If not, free will could result in us forceably learning lessons we may have never wanted to face. These aggressive type planets choose to be our friends and help us. Whether we accept or decline the offer, we must live through the consequences.

  1. Abundance and Love

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom and freedom, abundance and good luck is retrograding until Aug 11. Neptune, which can be described as a more mighty Venus, ruling love, beauty and passion is retrograde until Nov. 27. Which offers us a little under a month to become comfortable feeling like the magicians if the deck. Creating the romantic, abundant reality of our dreams. Marianna Williamson said something like "The narcissist inside is looking for perfection. Which is a way of making sure love never has a chance to blossom. Love crashes like being adorned one moment and ignored the next can feel like a cocaine high with a super intense crash at the end. These 2 planets focus on rewarding us for a job well done! Now ThaT's motivation!

  1. Learn Your Wounded Warrior

So , Chiron is the planet that's all about using the energy of lessons we had to overcome to become who we authentically are. The goal is to be the best damn healer in the land. All healers only heal themselves. The work they share tends to inspire others to follow their version of the same path. Chiron is in Aries until 2027. Which means all of us are becoming aware of the "I Am" story of our personal wounded warrior has. Add the fact that each of us have a natal chart and our Chiron placement may be in another sign. Inviting yet another path to make peace with, could guide us peacefully through the most deeply hurt part of ourselves. All retrograde are the planets pleading with the people to just let unconditional love take the lead. Which sounds great in theory. Real life can be a lil mo tricky.

So, now that we've had this brief discussion, do you feel better about retrogrades? All retrograde seasons are ideal times to believe. Women are incredible, natural magicians. Just check your natal chart. So many of us are Godis, yet we have forgotten. Allow our Godis box to remind you of your sacred powers. Click here to learn more:

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