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Synastry Charts N Happy Homes

Peace Luvbugs. How y'all be? I'm excited AF! I planned to draft 12 blogs to help me begin to discuss natal chart stuff and simple ways to get started. This here, be blog 12. I finished by my target due date. I wanna celebrate! #YaaaaY

Celebrating is in my nature. If you look up the introcate details of my life, you may be too busy judging me to join and/or comprehend the celebration. My personal solo-dolo life is hella lit. I began manifesting the life I live now in 2016. Just about everyone I was close to couldn't see my visions. Fast forward to today, many of those goals are now accomplished. I'm still figuring things out, while continuing to be the director of my personal movie called life. Which feela dope AF.

Those that know me well tend to have a tough time comprehending my visions. They tend to care nothing about personal missions, natal charts and cosmic planetary info. Healthy changes, new game plans & heart felt messages about unconditional love seem weird to many. It's tough having children born to parents who can't seem to find common ground.

I manifested 2 very different men to create children with. Both relationships were long term & I walked away from both. We have a tough time getting along sometimes and it breaks my heart. Each of us are movin on separately in life, the illusion of separation can seem so real. I appreciate knowing an area of science that encourages us to find the unity. I can explore private charts featuring 2 people, or expand and explore the scientific synastry in all of our chart. Let's explore 3 facts any synastry chart researcher should know off top.

  1. Celebrate the Commonalities

When couples break up, it becomes so easy to see 1 as the villian and 1 as the victor. Usually, the 2 are energetically conditioned against one another. If there is a child/children stuck in the middle, things can get nasty. What if an ex and their new GF confuse your state of enlightenment and attraction to twerkin to come from Scientology? Cussin them out could do more harm than good.

I can relate. My personal awakening is supported by Saturn and Neptune. 2 planets big on transformation, paying attention and self healing. My Rx effect each synastry chart in very important ways. These retrogrades are science's way of explaining my sensitive nature. Many women who are typically called names due to their sensitivities have Rx planets in their chart. Learnin this reality helped me definitively know I am not crazy, nor is anything wrong with me. Now, I enjoy my dating experiences much more secure with myself. In order for any of us to have peace in our new-er relationships, we must establish peace in the old one/s.

The synastry report reading reminds us of anything meaningful realities in our relationship. Altho the romance is dead and gone, our love is eternal. Our children represent this fact. I'm excited to celebrate this reality. With or without their co-operation.

2. Respect the Reflections

I pull charts for both of my ex's.Certain parts of each chart leaves me feelin a bit unsettled. So, I give myself permission to research what I don't comprehend, meditate on finding peace with realities that trigger me, and/or recreate certain experiences all together. I manifested both of these relationships when I didn't think highly of myself. I've always read energy very fluidly. I usually frantically tell people what I feel (especially these men), only for them to conclude that I am crazy. Eventually,I stopped talkin to them and began communicatin with my angelic team instead.

While talkin to my angelic team, I pleaded for children that would allow me to love them, the same super intense, bossy Mother-hen way the men would no longer allow me to love them. I learned how to love in my early childhood. Those lessons are also deeply tied to deep rooted emotional triggers.

I honestly hated myself on a super deep level. Feelin this way inspired deep rooted guilt. All I wanted to do was be everything Ely or Jon ever wanted. Eventually, I removed my own blinders from my own eyes and got honest. I would much rather monitor my own emotional maturity. Instead of tellin them the problems between us.

Both charts actually mention major facts that became the theme of our many quarrels over the years. I play the father role in both unions which is tough. All 3 of us were raised with an absent Father. I handled my own absent father issues with often sharing my compete truth. No matter what it was, so we could heal from there. Both of these men chose to take a more peaceful path with their father. Resulting in them having issues communicating their full truth in emotionally triggering realities.

Both men have taken on the role of my teacher since the beginning of each journey. I'd describe their teaching style as something like dressy pimps, teachin classes in dirty alleys. Using life as the chalk board. The mystery of their teachings lies more on what they don't openly share (or even share at all), mental laziness and games. I'm my own kinda teacher w/my own tricky ways. Our chart remind me of various ways I can maintain the respect in our union amd constantly create peace. No matter what. Which benefits not just our children. But ourselves as well.

  1. Chiron

Oddly enough, the 3 of us share Chiron in Taurus. Which tells me we attracted one another because of our personal pain. When I felt stuck in a World full of hate, me and these men were on some next planet, super deep, soul work. When we were on the same page, we were untouchable. The majority of both unions, the World gifted me rainbows, unicorns and butterflies. Somehow, whenever I found a connection to love, my connection to each man would begin to waiver. These were 2 separate, long term relationships. Comprehending the nature of Chiron in Taurus helped me begin to comprehend all 3 of our butt-hurt nature better.

It's best for Chiron in Taurus people to avoid focusong on material things and focus on the difficult, internal work during this Rx. We should research stoicism and consider what it means to get what we need and reject the inclination to be distracted. This should provide us enough busy work to distract ourselves from being swallowed in the trauma of drama .

Love can be a tricky subject to master. That' why dope, scientific based remedies excite me so. Allow science to serve you. Order a synastry chart for your most challenging relationships. This is our newest chart and it's on sale from $250 to $125 until September 1, 2019. Click here to order:

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