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Uniting With Yemaya Via Meditation Pt 1

Peace Babes. How ya’ll be? Me? I’m maintaining. The human part of my brain very desperately wants to play the victim in my personal movie called life. This movie involves people I thought were closest to me deciding to take another turn in life. Resulting in me suddenly feeling lost, alone and pissed TF off!

Can you relate? I usually meditate to make peace with this kinda energy. During those times, me and my main hittas are typically united. They help me remind myself of what’s important. In turn, I inspire them to do the same. And BaM! We’re off to co-create the dopest reality eva! Welp, we are all in the beginning phases of The Age of Aquarius. A time based on unconditional love. Getting connected to the unconditional love part requires self mastery. The mast of mastering self mastery requires us to change our personal movie script into one that actually feels good to live through. Yemaya is a very important Orisha for establishing great changes, safety for you and yours and conception. Insteada going over the typical 3 talking points, I’d rather dive deep in the science of meditating with Orisha Yemaya.

The act of meditating includes the ability to turn off your brain, channeling your mind to a key vibration I enjoy mentally telling myself positivity in as I inhale through my nose, negativity out as I exhale through my mouth, gifting me the ability to direct energy within my physical body. When messages come up (because they always do), I thank them for the reminder and welcome them back post meditation. A little while after I meditate, the thought/s come back and this time, it doesn’t feel so urgent. Allowing me to explore the process of flowing through life. I’ve been practicing meditation about 5 years now. I only have a lifetime to go . When my heart hurts most, I enjoy guided meditations. Guided meditations are when a speaker guides those meditating to think of key words/ideas and that helps their inability to turn off their mental chatter and turn on their inner Creator. So, we will dive deep in a Yemaya meditation and physically recreate our World. Ready? Let’s explore...

  1. Beginning

This meditation includes a ritual. The products required include:

  • 4 blue candles

  • 3 white candles

  • 7 copper pennies

  • Blue/white alter cloth

  • 7 cowry shells/seashells

  • Silver moon/mermaid pendent (or other silver jewelry)

  • Blue/white crystals

  • White Flowers

  • Clear glass bowl of ocean water (or spring water with sea salt)

  • Mermaid statue or drawing

  • Essential oil for self blessing

  • Incense (or lotus oil)

  • Lighter

  • Charcoal for loose incense

  • Casting tool (if needed)

  • Journal and pen

Preparation: Place blue or white crystals and silver pendent into the glass bowl filled with water. Place bowl in moonlight while you prepare your alter. Set 4 blue candles in 1 direction. Place 3 white candles in the center along with the mermaid statue/drawing. Arrange the 7 seashells/ cowry shells in a circle around your center candles and mermaid statue/drawing. Leave space for your glass bowl to fit inside the circle of shells. Set the 7 copper pennies in a pile, on the alter. Place the white flowers however you’d like to arrange them. Take your bowl of crystals from the moonlight and set it on your alter near your center candles inside the circle of shells. If your bowl is large enough and allows, place 3 candles inside the bowl.

  1. The Process

Take your 7 pennies, cup them in your hands and bless them. Ask Yemaya for her healing attributes or any qualities you need at this time (such as compassion, kindness, affection, mothering, luck, blessing, fertility, nurturing, protection). Place your pennies in a safe place or carry them with you when you need any of the qualities you asked for. At a later date, take the pennies to the ocean and bury them in the sand as an offering to Yemaya. Giving back to her what you once received.

  1. Self Blessing

Using essential oil, or moon gazing water if the images were positive) and repeat the following prayer:

“Bless me, Mother Yemaya. That I may receive healing and nurturing. Bless, balance and heal my _____________ chakra. So that I may be whole.” Touch each of your 7 chakras within your physical body plus your hands and feet. Beginning at the root chakra and working your way up to the crown, then hands and feet. Chanting/drumming are welcomed. A holy chant to repeat is “Holy Queen Sea, nurturing. She heals me.” Ground yourself (5-10 min Yemaya meditations are suggested). Give blessings, gratitude and thanks. Then open up your circle.

Now how about that!? We just learned a majical ritual to welcome nurturing and healing energy to not only ourselves, but our Tribe as well. I literally feel soooo honored to type this blog up, you all have no idea! Yemaya is my head Orisha. As she rules over my North Node, which is a placement in my natal chart that guides me to become my highest self on a daily. A Babalou told me this information in the Summer of 2017, in Miami. I was so busy being distracted by life, that I couldn’t keep up. Nearly 2 years later (to the date), I get it, I get it. I swear that I get it! Wanna know who your head Orisha is? Observe our variety of natal chart readings and allow us to share what we know. We look forward to hearing from all of you.

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