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Serene N Sizzlin September

Peace Babes. How ya'll be? We are now embarking the 9th month of the fiscal year in a much more quiet season of the year. And not a moment too soon. Surviving these solar storms has been a mission in it of itself. Seems like the collective has upgraded from zombie mode to a much more relaxed time. Highlighting one of my favorite astrological signs, Virgo. As a mother of 2 Virgo starseed children, I deeply appreciate this season. As fluffy as I would love to remain, the premise of this newsletter is awareness. Therefore, we will be discussing the psychological challenges along with the miracles.

September 2019, planets are beginning to come out of their shadows and into their normal routes. Resulting in us all collectively journeying forward. There is a double edge sword at hand though. The people that have not been successful at being present with their soul and their required work. Resulting in redirection of behavioral patterns will indeed attract a reality where one remains stuck. Resulting in self punishing. This heavy journey of life begins via our personal thoughts and is rooted in the memories we relive. This month, we will explore the September's aspects, September's Arch Angel and catch up on Hello My Name Is Angela's latest adventures so that we may honestly discuss all that is, and remedies to dealing with those very things. Let's get right to it, diving into August 30's New Moon in Virgo. Shall we...?

Let's begin this newsletter with some planetary jargon, going over the definition of orb, trine and stellinium. A stellium is a cluster of 3 or more planets in a single sign or house. Observing stellium influences our decisions and can indicate what we are genuinely passionate about. 8.30.19, Mercury joins, Mars, Venus, the Sun, Juno and the moon gifting us a Virgo stellinium. An orb between Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars takes place on 9.3.19. The orb trines set to 8 degrees. There are also 3 gland trines, 3 kites, 3 trapeziums and 4 t-squares present. Saturn, Pluto and Venus are the stars of September's trines. Read our weekly blogs to learn how all of this effects you. Explore HERE

August 30, 2019

New Moon in Virgo

September begins with the ever so strong energy of 8.30.19's New Moon in Virgo. We should all expect a significant impact. Literally specific to our personal natal chart. September kicks off with the sun and moon conjunct one another. Resulting in the human collective putting the most focus on the most personal areas of life overall. As a collective, we are being challenged to tap into our Virgo qualities and use their analysis, service, practicality and discrimination in a way that serves our highest and greatest good. Resulting in us collectively being the change we wanna see in the World. I wish I could remain all fluffy... however, that would go against the nature of this newsletter, which is based on awareness. Those not doing the work their soul requires to find peace will deal with the consequences of such a choice. Now is a beautiful time to press re-set. Our spiritual bath mixture introduces the right technique and the appropriate ingredients. Allowing you to create the appropriate esoteric vibe to help you achieve your goals. Order you baths here:

September 10, 2019

Jupiter Quincux True Node

The Nodes change sign every 18 months or so. The North Node is currently in Cancer (which happens to be my North Node). Nodes are always in retrograde. An easier to grasp way to think about the planets is the Lunar Nodes are associated with past lives and karma. The backward movement symbolizes going back in time. The Nodes are where the moons orbit cause an ecliptic. The ecliptic is the visible path the Sun makes around the Earth. The Nodes represent the unification of divine design (the Sun) and physical, tangible things (the Moon). The Lunar Nodes create the eclipses. Earth typically has 2 eclipse seasons per year. Which is typically the time certain people in society decide to loose their minds. Which also makes this time for events on a large scale to happen. Nothing offers better self direction to women than waist beads. Is your North Node in Cancer, like me? Order the jewelry your soul, body and spirit crave. Waist bead sets starts at just $20. Order here:

Virgo Opposite Neptune-

This transit encourages us to be more susceptible to confusion and deception. Which can lead us on a single road path to insecurity and discouragement. This is a key time to avoid ego conflicts and steal away in a safe feeling place. A place where developing creative, spiritual and charitable focus would serve the collective's highest and greatest good. If dealing with harsh realities is unavoidable, it's a great idea for us to collectively take some precautions to avoid loss and disappointment. Feelings based on fear, shame and/or guilt, rooted in competition and/or assertive people are likely. Our weakened defenses could welcome sneaky people who attempt to sell us things we don't need or things that simply don't exist. Conscious eating is a direct path out of illusions. Join our virtual forum where we dive into the science of food, meals ideas, chakra and fitness info and more. Plus, you get to hang out with different people, similar to you, all over the World. Click here and enroll today!

September 14, 2019

Mercury Enters Libra

The urge to listen to all those involved, in order to achieve an objective judgement, can produce serious problems rooted in indecision. Which will delay the response time. This transit introduces a dope time to pay attention to the concrete facts. Don't allow the emotional component to get the best of you. As there is a predisposition to be manipulated by the opinion of 3rd parties. Especially if the intention is to avoid conflict. There's no better way for women to deal with stress than to twerk it out! Our virtual classes are the perfect mini get-away that will help to use your energy for your highest and greats good.

Full Moon in Pisces: Serve or Server

"Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others" Booker T Washington; this is the lesson the moon is delivering to us all during this Full Moon. This particular Full Moon is directly linked to the Autumn/Spring Equinoxes, which happens on 9.22.19. During this time, everything is illuminated in order to gather the harvest. The Full Moon ushers in divine light, making life easier to see and make peace with. This Moon offers the culmination of events over the past 6 months. We may see the results of our efforts. Pisces is a water sign, leaving the moon very much at home. As a human collective, we will especially feel a sense of nourishing and tenderness. Emotions may be BiG AF! Water signs tend to carry greater emotional atonement than any other element. This transit is perfect for getting to know yourself, on a soul level. Our E-Book, Know Thyself is the perfect tool for releasing the need to heal other people's challenges and attune to healing and recreating personal challenges instead.Order HERE:

Venus Enters Libra

Libra, known as ThE most balanced zodiac, pairs with Venus, planet of cooperative energy, adds a premium of fairness, happiness and serenity. Libra gifts an airy vibe to Venus's already sweet and calm nature. All this in Virgo season encourages us all to strive for greater peace in our personal lives and the lives of others. This transit highlights the love in the air, once Venus and Libra unify. As Venus is the planet that rules love and Libra is 1 of the astrological signs ruled by Venus (Taurus being the other). This transit highlights the love in the air, once they unite. Libra is associated with 1 on 1 relationships, such as romantic partnerships, business partnerships, as well as family and friend relationships. We are all being blessed with a sweet time of peace that highlights our relationships and social life. Our relationships can now be light as a feather and lovely as we will allow, as opposed to too hot and heavy to handle. Libra is the peacemaker. Inspiring us not to rock the boat. Which could result in us maintaining harmony in our relationships. We could find ourselves more polite, more charming and more likely to simply sweep lower natured realities under the rug. Those that typically find themselves arguing regularly will benefit most from this transit. Recognizing rude, brash behavior as a Huge turn off! After all, love is a 2 way street. Do you have a challenging relationship that you want to heal? Get a synastry chart done on the both of you and allow science to reveal the path of peace.

September 18, 2019

Saturn Direct

Saturn's retrograde in Capricorn is over. Allowing great flexibility in setting professional goals, offering a greater comprehension of what it means to assume positions of authority. Those aware of Saturn's cycles will feel more confident in working with long term goals. Which will encourage us to take advantage of both traditional and innovative resources. As opposed to clinging to a single opinion. Bottom line, this is a Rock Star's planetary aspect. Question is, are you a Rock Star? Saturn is the planet of habits and devilish behavior. Science suggests all human beings are both God (high natured) and the Devil (low natrued). When we heal the acid in our blood, organs and cells, our inner God can shine through. Our Herbal detox capsules (made with veggie capsules) are stuffed with alkaline herbs. Perfect for assisting your cells balance their natural health. Order HERE:

September 21, 2019

Jupiter square Neptune

This transit brings a test of faith, as a result of embarrassment and/or disappointment. Perhaps the root lies in being too trusting or over indulging in romantic interests. Now is the time to cut your losses, as the reality of a particular situation shatters any illusions. Being overly optimistic could prove to be problematic. Vibes of personal trust and inspiring generosity could support delusion and deception. Resulting in risking personal resources. Revealing a hidden reality where those very resources are not as secure as we may have once believed. This is a key time to avoid gambling, drugs, gurus, cults, and get-rich-quick schemes. Feelings of paranoia and suspicion are normal during this aspect. Making now a key time to meditate. This cosmic cocktail will stir up confusion, snapping us out of denial with uncomfortable but necessary reality check. Confusion often times guides us to go into hermit mode and not socialize with others. What if I told you, there is a virtual club where people could openly explore their journey to their soul. We chat about things related to the planets, cosmos, fixed stars and asteroids, ascension, conscious meals, chakras and more. Join HERE

September 23, 2019

Sun Enters Libra

This transit occurs on Fall Equinox. Which represents a time when day and night are equal. This is a key time to connect with others, take in the beauty of life and soothe thy's soul. Libra season is the perfect time to practice fairness, grace and meeting others half way. Focus on what unites us all is amplified. As a result of the cooperating and peaceful nature that is Libra. More bridges can be built over what used to separate us. Sun in Libra highlights harmony, art, beauty and unity. Stylish Libra is often searching for stylish trends and beautiful things in general. Bring beauty, peace and harmony to all things. A balanced Libra see's both sides, So making strong choices could be challenging. Aspects celebrating love are often beautiful travel dates. What get-a-way may I assist you with? Click here to explore

September 28, 2019

Saturn opposite North Node

Saturn is at home in planets ruling sign, Capricorn. Their rat-race commonalities include structure, determination, responsibility and hard work. Saturn is the zodiac builder and Capricorn like to build even higher structures or fences. SN: When Pluto, Saturn and S.N. in Capricorn unite, we know that financial, political, education and basically every current system is up for transformation. People are focused on overcoming barriers. Acts of consistency, responsibility awareness and tireless life path journeying. This is a key time for high personal ambitions and high ambitions. Overcoming personal limits. Be cautious of giving people pessimism, sometimes, even hopelessness regarding overcoming life challenges. People with this transit in their chart believe their responsibilities prevent them from rocking their soul mission. Resulting in them falling back into old patterns. As a result of frequently overloading self. Saturn opposite North Node creates the perfect time to learn her-story. Which reflects his-story. Simply adding additional perspective that likely was not mentioned before. Sign up today!

New Moon in Libra

This day may bring about a strong need for balance and harmony. There's a pronounced desire to keep things "peaceful", rather than diving too deep and exploring all things unknown. The focus is to share both good and bad feelings. Don't be afraid to be who you really are. Regardless of outside expectations of you. According to many professional astrologers, surgical operations are not suggested during this time. Organ affected during this transit are the kidneys, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skin (organ of touch), pancreas, insulin and glucagon. New Moons are all about new beginning. What a wonderful time to begin plant medicine. CBD oil is an excellent healer. As it's properties attune to the CNS, directly connecting to the source of any pain the body may feel. Order your CBD oil from HERE

Arch Angel Uriel

Ending the month on a high note

September is full of very active, interesting vibes. To say the least. It's important that we become familiar with our spiritual team and call upon them whenever we feel like we would like some help surviving this thing called life. Arch Angel Uriel, who also goes by the names Usiel, Uzziel, Oriel, Auriel, Suriel and Uryan, shines light on God's truth and into the darkness confusion brings. Call on him when you want help making important, tough decisions, mastering something new, problem solving, healing conflict/issues/problems. Uniting with Uriel results in the release destructive emotions (like anger, anxiety and jealousy which are covers for fear, shame and/or guilt). This level of personal soul connection results in messages of a discerned nature, sharing wisdom. Like recognizing dangerous situations. Artists often depict Uriel as a man carrying a scroll, book or both, which represents wisdom. He is keen in unveiling dangerous situations, details and clues. He also has an open hand holding a flame or sun, representing God's truth. Uriel is connected to both the solar plexus and root chakra. Directly connected to the colors red and yellow. It is said that we are born knowing everything we need to know. We go through a few rounds of chakra development before we give voice to our soul and begin a better feeling reality, led by the soul. Enjoy audios of channeled messages that have served me immensely, since their creation. Enjoy them HERE

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