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Optimistic October

Peace Tribe! How ya'll be!? We are just 2 months away from the end of the fiscal year. Can you believe it!? I can't even put words to how I am feeling these days. I am so focused on my focus on not letting the pettiness take me away from myself. It kinda feels like I'm dancing, mid-air. October is jammed pack with karmic reactions of either the high or low magnitude. Those just as focused as me, will reap some maaaajor benefits. Others will reap some maaaajor lessons. There's sooo much info to share! So let's jump right in.

October is all about Starseed interactions.

If you follow my personal FB page, you know that I begin my stories with a song of the day, observing the sun rise. We have planets, comets and other astral things that live in the sky and directly effect our consciousness. Let's talk about the sky activity of October, shall we!?

October 8- Draconids Meteor Shower

The Draconids Meteor shower occurs annually, dwelling from the remnants of comet 21P/ Giacobini- Zinner. This is considered a minor meteor shower. Draconids produce one of the most spectacular displays in recent history. The last visible meteor outburst was in 2011 and resulted in thousands of meteors shooting through the sky. The peak of it all is 10.8.19.

October 13- Hunter's Full Moon

October's Full Moon is nicknamed Hunter's Full Moon because of the hunting season in North America. In October, North Americans are encouraged to gather meat and prepare for Winter. For Astronomers, this full moon is a great time to hunt down craters and other surface moon features because it will be in it's fullest form.

October 19- Mercury at Great Eastern Elongation

When Mercury is at Great Eastern Elongation, the Planet can be seen just above the Western horizon. Although it will appear low in the sky just after sunset, Mercury will be at it's highest point in the sky. Making this a great date to see the elusive planet itself.

October 21- Orionids Meteor Shower

According to Astronomers, this is an important one. Orionids will peak October 21 and 22. The meteors of this shower dwell form Halley and are usually pretty bright. Allowing a great viewing of up to 20 meteors per hour. Although the radiant is within the Orion Constellation, it's possible to see the meteors traveling anywhere in the P.M. sky.

October 29- New Moon

We have a New Moon in Scorpio on this day. New Moons don't show up in the P.M. sky. The absence of the moon's light makes for an excellent photo sesh! Capturing pictures of deep sky objects, allowing the imagination & mind to dance as one. There's a New Moon about every 29.26 days.

October 28- Uranus Opposition

This is the best time to scope Uranus with a telescope because it will be at it's closest proximity to Earth for the year!

October's Planetary Jargon:

This month, we are focused on the words opposition, direct and retrograde.

* Opposition refers to planets being across the zodiac from one another (180 degrees apart) . The planet on the other side is known as the polar opposite. Welcoming polarity, which means means, there is a push/pull type dynamic at play.

* Retrograde refers to a planet being so close to Earth, it appears to be moving backwards. It refers to the need for reorientation in consciousness. Meaning, the planets are allowing humanity to revisit tricky subjects allowing the mind to reassess and go from there.

*Direct refers to when the planet decides to move forward at it's usual speed and is the same as the Earth. Direct movement of a planet represents balance and harmony. Direct motion of the planet's is actually pretty rare these days. Pay attention to our monthly newsletters to be in the know.

Okay, now that the basics have been covered, let's talk about the planetary aspects of the month. October begins with Pluto direct on October 3 let's get into it...

October 3- Pluto Direct

Pluto went retrograde on 4.24.19 at 23° in Capricorn and ends 10.3.19 at 20° in Capricorn. Saturn conjunct Pluto is a major influence, as this aspect means we will need to exercise patience and determination as we face extra responsibilities with less time and resources to accomplish the deed. Energetic trends could include loss, hardship & disappointment relating to what we must release and/or change. Constellations Aquila and Lyra are at hand right now.

Mercury enters Scorpio

October 3 is a popular day, as Mercury decides to enter Scorpio today. Scorpio is known to be the most stubborn of the 3 water signs, that thrives off secrets. Mercury is the planet of the mind, which directly affects our speech, thoughts, obsessions and analytical abilities. Directly playing into our personal calculations. Other astrological placements could prove this time frame to be testy for romantic partnerships. Mercury in Scorpio seriously reviews all relationships. Mercury is all about communication and intellectual thought. Water represents emotions, which allows us to see more importance in the way we perceive our personal feelings, leading us to be more conscious of the way we communicate and connect with others. As Mercury in Scorpio is direct, inflexible, forceful planetary aspect. Leaving us more aware of our emotional well-being due to our stronger opinions, sharper mind and easily adaptable all-or-nothing mindset.

October 4- Mars Enters Libra

Mars, the planet of war, has joined forces with Libra, the balancer. Making for a reality of self assertion, in the most socially refined, courteous, coordinated, co-operative manner. This is a period of time, themed in the chill-axed, airy vibe of Libra. Maintaining a laid back ideology, making it likely to avoid hard work, conflict themed situations and competitive activities. We will naturally feel maad energy toward friends, marriage and our social lives. This is a welcoming time for socializing and social activity. The desire to be noticed and accepted by others will also be pronounced.

October 8- Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus, the planet of romance and flirtation flirts with sexxxy Scorpio, possibly resulting in the collective rising to temptation in our relationship matters. North America is experiencing brisk air, mixed with the whispers of the stars and could result in a whoooole new level of spice. Adorned with the malefic presence of dark mystery, Scorpio's could benefit from taking stealthy moves. Pisces and Cancers are encouraged to do the same. Acknowledging our Venus sign and comparing it to the monthly message could help anyone develop a strong action plan for exploring love. Which is a dope theme for "scary" October. Wouldn't you say?!

October 13- Full Moon in Aries

A hunting feeling of uncertainty could result in the collective solving issues faster than normal. It's key to be mindful of the consequences of rushing. When we slow down, we can decide what our next steps should be, at our own comfortable pace. This full moon will influence our head, teeth, tongue, gall bladder, blood, striated muscles, penis, arteries and organs, making them more sensitive than normal. Providing extra TLC is beneficial. Surgeries are NoT recommended during this full moon. Aries Moon 20 degrees in Aries could represent a crisis. The full moon trine Jupiter at 0 degrees could represent an opportunity. Andromeda is the fixed star involved during this full moon.

10.23- Sun Enter Scorpio

Sun transits the last 1 day and are considered important. As the Sun is known as the powerhouse of the solar system. The Sun illuminates issues and/or conditions surrounding the individuals natal chart. The Sun spends almost a month in each sign prior to transiting to the next sign, taking around a year to completely travel through all signs in the zodiac circle. Sun transits impact different houses in different ways. Scorpio occupies the 8th house. The 8th house represents life hurdles. For example, the likelihood of attracting legal issues is amplified during this time. Relationships with significant other and family may face issues, leading certain people feeling mentally and emotionally unstable and even depleted.

10.27- New Moon in Scorpio

This particular New Moon is 4° in Scorpio and creates the need to explore personal feelings as deeply as possible. As a human-being collective, we will crave meaningful emotional exchanges now, more than ever. Despite expecting this emotional journey to be easy. Those willing to do the work to change matters in their lives shall reap the benefits. Shallow relationships will no longer serve a purpose. As we collectively realize those relationships are not purifying enough to support the progression of our soul. Surgical operations are NOT recommended during this New Moon. New Moon in Scorpio will affect our genitals, anus, rectum, genital glandes, urethra, prostate, ovaries, genes prostate and pubic bones.

10.31 Mercury Retrograde (Rx) in Scorpio

Mercury entered Scorpio on 10.3.19, which we discussed asctge 1st aspect in our October 2019 newsletter. When this transition goes retrograde (1 of our jargon words of the month), people are usually inspired to freak out. Computer and other digital gadgets tend to take on a mind of their own, communication issues are likely to surface and travel plans require a lil extra attention. This is a key time to avoid signing documents (especially contracts) and take the time to offer a lil extra TLC . Encouraging the collective to approach this time with a different approach than normal. It's best practice to remember this is a time that is best experienced in a slowed down, reflective manner. Heavily focused on self communication.

Key question to consult your Higher Self:

* Where am I resisting my truth?

* Where am I NOT sharing my needs?

This could be an auspicious time in our fast paced World where we purposefully pause, and review what's slipped through the cracks. We will likely, sincerely create better feeling personal boundaries. Allowing the collective to take better care of ourselves and release all things unnecessary. Take the time to get crystal clear on exactly what we feel we need and what's required to further align with our personal truth.

Now that we have discussed October's transits, let's dive into October's Archangel, Barbiel.

Barbiel is the Arch Angel of honesty and is known as the vindicator. He exists as an ally to Human-Beings, when we feel like we need to fight. Due to the trials we have created for ourselves, in our personal movie called life. Barbiel is our sword against the darkness. Darkness refers to the part of ourselves we have yet to make peace with. Barbiel inspires our soul to awaken that inner power to strike back, when necessary. This Archangel's vibe is all about love, insight and strength.

Those are all the Starseed messages for October. Make the most of this month by getting lost in the unconditional love. If there is none, use this newsletter to create it. Sign up for our virtual services (Godis Course, Ascension Club & Conscious Eating Forum), get the products (waist beads, spiritual bath, E- Books and more), remember your soul via our Natal Chart Services, read the blogs abd explore. There's a whole World just waiting to adorn you. The question is, are you ready!?

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