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December Newsletter

Peace Babes. It’s been a lil minute. I’ve been finding myself under multiple rocks at once. Take in the fact that this newsletter is being released in mid-December. Just before the final New Moon of the decade. This moon happens to be in Gemini, my Sun sign. Now do you see the cosmic realities I’ve been facing, in a physical way!? There’s a lot to these final transits. To stay in the know, be sure to follow us on social media.

December is all about massive endings and majical beginnings. Gaia has gifted us with plenty of meteor showers, comet activity and more. This is a very exciting month to explore the sky. So, without further adue, let’s get right into it.

December Natal Chart Key Words:

Stellium refers to a cluster of planets in the same sign, making that astrological sign more prevalent in day to day life during that particular transit. These planets become something like a super planet, behaving as one force. Example, this month Capricorn will interact with 6 planets and the South Node. December is a beautiful time to check your natal chart to discover your inner Capricorn placements.

Sesquiquadrature refers to a minor astrological aspect that separates 2 planets by 135 degrees. The calculation is between 2-3 orbs. Squares present tug of war type energy. Mercury sesquadrature North Node gifting humanity with North Node vibes of conscious motivations relevant to present and future, while Mercury strongly emphasizes intelligence and communication vibes. Sesquadrature energy is similar to a square/semi-square.

Quincunx (used interchangeably with inconjunct) refers to an aspect formed between planets that are roughly 150 degrees apart. The planets and points involved do not comprehend one another. Therefore, they don’t flow easily together. However, astrologists refer to this particular aspect as a yod, or Finger of God. December’s quincunx aspect involves Sagittarius and Uranus, which carries a vibe that could change your belief system, wealth, general happiness, education and travel.

December’s Arch Angel is Hanael

December’s Archangel is Haniel. Hanael translates to “Joy of God” or “Grace of God” in Hebrew. Haniel represents beauty, grace and spiritual power. She acts as a messenger between Human-Beings and the higher realities Divine wisdom and celestial beings bring in. Haniel is an incredible spiritual resource for those who want to manifest a higher vibration, expanding consciousness, exploring divine truths and higher levels of spiritual wisdom. The messages of the divine ethereal realm can be a bit difficult to de-code. Hanael helps the human collective comprehend these high level spiritual concepts and frequencies. Find the appropriate words/ language and frequencies that human-beings can integrate, comprehend and share with others.

Archangel Haniel often appears as a female to those who experience her energy. She’s associated with Venus and the Moon. This Arch Angel supports women during their menstruation and oversees intuition, psychic feelings and psychic gifts. The Kabbalah documents her as being represented via branches on The Tree of Life. There were 10 branches and those branches actually represented the 10 Sephirot Archangels. Hanael is the Arch Angel of joy and she overseer’s the creative force of eternity, helping Earthinglings reconnect and comprehend nature of God, outside of space and time. Biblically, this Arch Angel’s name is (barely) mentioned in Numerology 34:23 and I Chronicles 7:39. The book of Enoch mentions Archangel Hanael as one of the angels who picked up Enoch in a fiery chariot, which helped him to ascend into the realms of Heaven.

Archangel Haniel is associated with the turquoise ray of light, granting emotional tranquility. This light focuses on balancing the higher spiritual realms with the physical realm. She helps the human Being collective use the power of the turquoise light to reconnect with their personal joy, strength, reassurance, dependable spiritual wisdom; allowing them to connect to their gentle, loving and hella nurturing sense of self. Hanael is an electric Archangel, healing those that connect with her through her light, connecting with the innate wildness of divine feminine energy. Picture something like Kali-Ma as an Archangel…! To work with Archangel Hanial, one must be sincere, open, respectful, willing to heal, grow, transform and expand. If you are personally in a heavy space emotionally, invoke the presence of Archangel Haniel by repeating the following:

“Archangel Haniel, thank you for connecting with me now and wrapping me in your brilliant light and joy. Help me to release heavy emotions, and distorted energies so I can access the full extent of my spiritual gifts and shine my light to be of service at a higher level in my life and align with true joy and fulfillment. Thank you <3! Mote it be. And so it is. Ashe! (Credit:

Ooook, now it’s time to talk about the juicy part of theis report. The aspects! December is ending the decade with a cosmic BanG! Enjoy and don’t be afraid to implement the tips and tricks shared in this forecast.

December 2: Jupiter Enters Capricorn

This transit makes now a key time to develop self-discipline and increase the personal endurance necessary to reach personal goals. Jupiter enters Capricorn for the 1st time in 12 yrs! Think back to 12.20.07-1.6.09. What was your life like then? Jupiter’s energy is typically benevolent but usually amplifies its original state. Running from the truth and hiding from the World is likely. There’s power in remembering no matter what, we can’t hide from ourselves. Jupiter is asking each of us to move beyond what we perceive to be our personal truth, good, bad and/or indifferent, so that we can learn from what we’ve manifested thus far. Jupiter is allll about that bought sense life. Meaning Jupiter wants us to commit to a path, build and give structure to the collective; resulting in building shelter and sustenance for humanity, not just for self. Jupiter connects the individual soul to the collective World, connecting each of us to our personal gift. Our gift is also our personal legacy (singing Bey’s ‘BIGGER’). Capricorn, the peak of human consciousness paired with Jupiter, representing spirituality creates a transit that carries energies focused on domination, hard work and serious lessons. Reminding us, we can’t eat money nor can we buy love.

To make the most of this transit, think about how you can share your own wealth and/or good fortune (materially and/or emotionally) with those around you. Sharing is caring. When we share, the Universe gifts us with embodying wisdom, compassion, temperance and kindness. This transit makes now a key time to develop self-discipline and increase personal endurance, necessary to reach personal goals. We have shared our social media info below. Stay in touch and tell us about how you dominate your personal path!

December 9: Mercury Enters Sagittarius

This transit says optimism and self-confidence makes it easier to succeed. Tolerance and open-mindedness are the most important values. Mercury, the planet of communication paired with Sagittarius, the only sign with a weapon, warns us to saddle up for an interesting couple of weeks! This transit isn’t a natural fit. Mercury is quite inquisitive and enjoys searching for facts. Sagittarius is more about broad approaches. Not much investigation, but hella fiery/passionate and impulsive natured exchanges. Expect blunt, straight to the point convos. This transit is perfect for remembering the power of words. When we remember words are curses and sometimes stab other people like arrows, we become more mindful of the words we speak. When we set intentions to shoot straight to the heart of any matter during this transit, we are likely to get what we are looking for, without any remorse. This vibe is more of a wild card & Mercury is not comfortable at all! The focus is more on the bigger picture, so loosing track of the smaller, more important details is likely. December 28, Mercury slides into Capricorn; our communication style becomes more dominating.

To make the best of this transit, it’s a beautiful idea to remain grounded. There’s no better grounding tool than our Ascension Club, which is the virtual hub of those awakening like many of you, all over the World. Learn more here:

December 12: Full Moon in Gemini

Drum roll please…!!! This Gemini Full Moon is the final full moon of the year/decade and it’s just before the final eclipse of the year/decade. Full Moons are all about bidding farewell to the realities of the past that are outdated or simply don’t serve our highest and greatest good. This Gemini Full Moon is the transit you want to unify with to rid yourself of any and all stresses, burdens and/or anxieties. Our shoulders, arms, hands, lungs and bronchial tubes will be influenced most. This is one of ThE most powerful healing times, vibrational; making now a great time to heal all illusions of deep rooted pain. Ritual moon work is heavily encouraged. Feminine secrets like majic & intuition are some of the trendiest interests many people share these days. In our virtual Godis Course, we explore the scientific approach to learn the tricks of the trade. Learn more here:

December 15: Jupiter Trine Uranus

Mmk, so we kicked off this newsletter chatting about Jupiter in Capricorn. But when Jupiter Trines Uranus, it becomes a fortunate, rare aspect, happening every 5-9 yrs during the 13.5 Jupiter and Uranus cycle. We should expect to unveil ourselves as creative geniuses! Constantly experimenting, seeking new and exciting adventures and exploring. Travel, exploring other cultures, is heavily encouraged during this transit. During this time, we collectively want to push limits. We have no interest in rules, regulations and limitations. We may find ourselves using hella controversial yet entertaining expressions as our norm. We are collectively channeling a very ingenious, progressive vibe in our average exchanges with others. The vibe behind the curtain is rich in liberation, values, progressive beliefs and boiling over with good intentions. If you have been feeling like your life is standing still lately, you will literally feel the excitement these 2 planets usher in.

To make the most of this transit, we should remember, this one time in our live the cosmos invite us to take risks and work on being less restrictive. What we think and feel most, we attract to our living experience. Exciting opportunities are ready to open up in front of us all; resulting in us feeling more adventurous than normal. This is a dope time to learn things through experience. It’ll go quick and remember, there’s no need to intentionally break rules and rebel. Unexpected opportunities will offer us a new path and satisfy our need for healthy, positive changes. The fixed star associated with this Gemini Full Moon is Polis , at 3 degrees, 28 minutes. Polis has a keen perception and profound spiritual comprehension; allowing this fixed star to share vibes of success, high ambition, truthfulness and militancy with the human collective. The Full Moon is just 3 days prior to this transit. To make the most of our energetic creations, let’s focus on taking spiritual baths and following this Yemaya Full Moon Ritual. Click here to learn more: Part 1: & Part 2:

December 19: Mars in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn

This transit creates energy of a keen time to boost personal determination and endurance to succeed. Manual work is highlighted here. Some work, like construction and mechanics, can be external and intense. Other work like, spiritual work & spiritual teachings, would be internal and likely physically easier. Now’s a key time to set intensions to make solid progress with long term projects while releasing the desire for instant gratification. When we move with purpose, we can easily attract loyal, strong and reliable people. It’s likely better to explore romance on the long term scale.

To make the most of this transit, give yourself permission to learn and/or teach practical subjects strengthening endurance. To successfully navigate this transit, maintaining a strong work ethic, paying attention to detail allowing you to address both complex and difficult tasks. Manifesting personal goals when we feel a bit imbalanced can seem damn near impossible. Our spiritual bath mixture is your answer! Order yours here:

December 20: Venus Enters Aquarius

Venus, the red plant of passion, love and beauty is getting a make-over! Venus is preggers with sea goat Capricorn’s baby, making their love child hella serious! This transit is all about building relationships based on the reality that everyone is genuinely created equally. As a collective, we will feel more independent. Venus in Capricorn was no joke! However, those willing to follow the guidance she shared will find themselves more original and glamorous. The final week of the year is mega festive. Take the time during this transit, to be social (on purpose). A strong love for emotional freedom could inspire some challenges in our personal lives. Those in possessive relationships may be involved in some sort of friction and/or resistance; inspiring many to move in a non-conventional way regarding romance and social activities. Anytime we feel out of alignment, we are simply having a disagreement between human selves and Inner God/Creator. What helps me is remembering that if God is the ocean, than we are glasses of ocean water. We have a much easier time remembering how to communicate with our soul when our cells are healed, cleared and balanced. Our electric capsules are packed with a variety of electric herbs, including hyssop (a biblically sited herb known to heal physical and esoteric bodies alike). All orders include a complimentary consultation with an official Dr. Sebi Advocate. Order yours here:

December 22: Sun Enters Capricorn

This transit highlights a time of working toward long term goals in a mega satisfying way, making us better organized and more serious. Capricorn is the magical star of destiny, highlighting major changes for long term stability. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn (who’s right at home) are all bunked up in the Capricorn sign. The planet is encouraging all of us to collectively ask for what we want and set the intention of attracting that very thing to us. The icing on the cake is, Capricorn is also holding down the New moon and solar eclipse energies! Say less (we’ll say more in this month’s blogs )

To make the most of this transit, explore your natal chart and see what houses occupy Capricorn astrological sign. Capricorn energy offers us extra motivation to successfully accomplish our goals, inspiring us to successfully get more things done. The natal chart is the intergalactic snapshot of who you are, based on the moment of your birth and it’s online for free. Simply enter the requested info and explore away! Learn more here:

December 26: Capricorn New Moon

Contradicting Sun and Moon energies help us initiate professional projects. It’s a great time to work on our public image. Capricorn is notorious for dealing with karmic repercussions of financial and romantic exchanges. Some exchanges can be summed up to a total loss, others simply chose a new direction. This transit is likely to inspire a strong need for being useful to society, making it ideal to seek justification in the outside World. We may underestimate what we want from the World and ourselves. Shyness accompanied by resentment that we feel ignored by others may also surface.

To make the most of this transit, don’t seek outside approval, which will help us heal our doubt at the root. Doubt is harmful to the human (Being) spirit. Trusting our inner values allows us to heal these types of false realities. Our knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, skin, hair, spleen, bones and tendons will be influenced. Remember, the South Node is also in Capricorn, bringing up old emotional, unresolved wounds and hitting to our ego, which could present challenges.

December Challenge:

Is your South Node in Capricorn? If so, welcome to the club! Have you taken the time to get to know your shadow self yet? Whether your answer was yes or no, a healthy question to ask yourself is, how can you make peace with your personal darkness? If this question interests you, you DefinitelY want to sign up for our Starseed Kaos Virtual 4 week course. Learn more on our Facebook group here:

December 29, 2019: Mercury Enters Capricorn

The final major transit of 2019 is Mercury, the planet of communication, entering Capricorn, the hardworking, no non-sense astrological sign. Through this transit, we learn to organize our brain for better productivity. All this allows us to collectively communicate more effectively with authority figures. Our communication style is more grounded and serious in Capricorn. A particular area of our lives now gets special attention. Anyone born on a cusp (especially Capricorn) is in for quite the ride! The Universe needs all cusper’s to pay special attention to the way they care for their body. We must collectively remember to be proactive and not reactive.

Ok Babes, that’s the basic info the Universe requires of me to share with my Tribe. When we remember to enjoy life on purpose and set powerful intensions for our present, everything else (which is really an illusion) simply disappears. The greatest transition of Saturn conjunct Pluto (which hasn’t happened since 1982) will be about 1 degree apart from going exact, and takes place in January. We will discuss this further in December’s blogs.

January 2020 is promising brand new realities. The planets will continue to guide us as we each navigate our own steps. So many beautiful souls have decided to explore beyond Earth (meaning so many people are dying), which can inspire sadness and pain. There’s a science to heal all pain and this month, we will explore further. Stay in touch with my team and I on social media and keep us updated on your personal journey. After all, human (Beings) exist to connect deeper and love fuller, right? Right!

Happy New Decade Starseeds, I love, appreciate and value each of u to life!

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