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About K2, Spice, Monsanto Weed

So, did you know there is a such thing as artificial weed on the market these days? I know right! I didn't either, until now. This shit cray! The first time I truly heard about synthetic weed, I was being accused of using it by my King's family. They had no other way to explain my seemingly erratic behavior and/or responses to them and the situations that involved them. I was so offended that anyone, let alone family, would accuse me of being on some shit as shifty as fake weed. It's now a year later. I learned in March that Monsanto was making weed. Which inspired me to begin my research of the fake weed on the market before it's taken over by the greatest GMO companies in all the world. Starting with Monsanto. Each one teach one is the motto. If you are a weed smoker, this is a very important article informing the weed smoking community (especially the women) of what's on the market.  Artificial weed is literally a mixture of chemicals. This mixture of stuff is created to give the "high" feeling, void of the cannabinoids, which is a natural occurrence. Cannabinoids are processed through our body's endocannabinoid system. Resulting in the body's inability to process the synthetic chemicals. This can result in unpredictable behavior and serious medical conditions.  Synthetic weed comes in many different forms. Some weed look hella suspicious. It can be added to tobacco or herbs to resemble marijuana. This shit can even be sprayed on, allowing whomever to still experience the freaky side effects of having an intense chemicals circulating through the body, Cannabis concentrates are being tainted with synthetic chemicals.There's even synthetic "cannabinoid" vape juices on the market as well. Other weed blends right in. How do we know the difference?  Step 1: Get Personal Know and trust your dealer. I personally enjoy dealing with entrepreneurs over the dispensary. My current supply man is a grower. I enjoy picking and trying new strands, observing the experience and getting something new the following week. My current grower is as detailed as a budtender. Which inspires me to feel safe. If you don't have a personal grower, do a small interview for those you wanna try out. Pay attention to the responses you recieve. Whatever you hear, follow you first mind.

Step 2: Know Your Resources   Let's say you have a medical weed card, contact you dispensary and/or download leafly and weedmaps to see about the delivery options you have available to you. Dispensaries tend to have top notch, quality info on any of the strands they sell. Dispensary strands are supposed to be the crim-dela-crim. Making the dispensary the perfect resource to ask all the weed themed question you can think of. Take to YouTube and Google before calling to ensure you learn as much as you can about whatever you are asking. Smoking weed is truly my medicine, however, I can accept that others may find it "trendy". The objective is to remain confident in who you are, what you do and why you do it, without becoming distracted by the outside World. Step 3: Research Get to know your enemy. I smoked some moon rocks in Miami a hand full of times. It was mixed with the joint. I had no idea that was artificial weed until I began researching this particular story. Proving ya just can't be too careful. Special note: If you heard of some nunu, research whatever you are being introduced to. As a people, we should be aware of the scientific reaction our body has to any and everything. Now, I know, I just gave you a lot of info. Welcome to the real world Boo. To get me thru the week, I was puffin on some 3 Kings. This was a pretty relaxing strain. I have been able to focus on concentrating easier while puffin on 3 Kings. The energies of the times have had my heart in my throat non-stop. Resulting in me smoking more than usual. This strain is so smooth that I find myself rollin up about twice a day. I'm all about those natural RAW papers. I did notice that this strain dries out easily like Blue Dream. Or perhaps it's me... Anywho, here's some info on 3 Kings in case you wanna experience it for yourself.

Lastly, I attended a lunch and learn back in April discussion the market of cannabis in the Las Vegas community. I ran into some dope ass people. Among them is Deuvall Dorsey. A young man who has been studying cannabis since 2011. His story is deeper than rap. Learn for yourselves. If you are feeling his story, support his efforts, starting with this: Remember, people like myself and Deuvall have to make our own way form no way. Donations literally change our lives. Allowing for us to continue it report the info we think the people of the world should know. Our donation tab can be found on the homepage (HeloMyNameIsAngela). Thank you in advance, for all each of you do. Research what I'm bringing up and let me know your thoughts. Love n Lite Sugas <3

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