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Blueberry Kush

What a week this week has been. I feel like so much has taken place. Yet, I feel absent from my body. It's sooo weird to explain. Imma talk about it anyway.

This week was all about awakenings for me. I was addressed with the same aggressive energy I've invited to torment me, in the form of other women. I usually turn the other cheek because I find it pointless to argue, fuss and fight. Especially with people that don't mean anything to you. I mean that in a very non-offensive, brutally honest way. I argued with my King about other women, especially his wife. I argue w/my Mom about life which invites my siblings in in 1 way or another. We mirror eachother's energy. I'm breaking the illusion of being eachother's misery for anyone by balancing myself. The balancing link was me.

Many people have depicted me as some weak, wounded, love sick girl. In many ways, this statement is true. However, my mission has always been to maintain the peace. Love is the only key. When we honor that reality, miracles happen. One of our collective objectives shall now be maintaining the various ways of balancing in love with light, which references insight. By any means necessary.

Last week was all about my King's wife leaving my son in the airport. The weeks prior, it was drama w/my sister & Mom. I'm on some happy hermit shit. I want no parts of any drama. Meditation has been my medicine. Not just to keep people that hurt my feelings alive and well, but to keep me calm and even tempered. 

This week, I personally experienced the miracles of the upper realms, simply by ignoring the human chatter and focusing on the spiritual messages from beyond. 

A huge issue for me has been my empathy. I am a Heyoka empath, so dive so deep into others in ways that's inexplicable. I sense intense fear, shame & guilt that being is usually ignoring & has been for many lifetimes through simple conversation. I block out all messages bc I don't wanna kno the details unless & until they invite me to explore. 

Sensing anyone punish themselves breaks my heart so bad, I become debilitated with pain. Until a few yrs ago, that played out via Endometriosis. All I could do  was follow the path of pain cuz I had my own shit I was unwilling to face. I read everyone, all the time. Since always. That's why I currently spend so much time alone. 

All the pain the outside world inspired only highlighted my personal pain. I worked tirelessly to hide all this by focusing on my intellect. People have disappointed me to deeply, I just lost hope.  Last years tests taught me how to forgive people, empathize with their reality but detach from all fear, shame and guilt while loving myself to life. 

Manifesting with unconditional love is an art that took a while to grasp. I usually don't deal with memories like this. When they've come up in the past, I'd just reinvent them to feel happy and dismiss it, as I moved on to the next whatever. 

These days, I'm a feeling beast. This eclipse energy got me embracing my inner Lioness.  I find that once I allow the energy to roll off my body like water in the shower, I find the buried treasure and find my way.

This week, I was assisted by blueberry. It has a pleasant smell and flavor. I stay wrapping my joints in RAW papers, which felt even more natural. This has been a intense week for me. The fuq it vibe this strand brings is totally on point. I ain't had 2 snack a bihh n make it look sexy cuz I'm so deep in my zen 2 gaf... Here's the link to learn more: Feel free to donate. I can't afford to pay my website manager. I'm floating on a wish and a prayer that she will post these blogs anyway. We must believe in the reality we wish to see. Not fear the one we always fantasized over. Our creations will feel good when we invite them to. Click donate & give 2 ur hearts content. My team and I appreciate the love. I have much more 2 share. Thank u all 4 ur support. Love n Lite

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