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Cannabis Lunch + Learn

Peace Readers. You have now entered Get High, the virtual hub for the science of uplifting vibrations. Marijuana is the star of this show. We will be sharing blogs every week, expanding the awareness of  weed, sharing personal experiences and sharing sources, so you all can have your version of the same experience. 

New Earth is here & she is showin out! Tuesday, I attended a lunch + learn discussing weed. Read today's daily blog to catch up on the soul of this experience. 

Upon entering the restaurant, we're ushered to a small private dining room that seated between 35-40 people. Picture an intimate setup w/2 long tables seating the leaders in cutting edge content, for the Vegas community. It was soooo dope!

The panel had about 5-6 people that are considered experts of the field. James Green of Shango Las Vegas headed the chat & shared his weed experience. He's a retired correctional professional. He served over 2 decades in the police force as a head of the SWAT Team & another itimidating sounding department. Today, he's something major with one of the larger dispensaries here in Vegas. He answered questions while conveying a show & tell passing everything from grams of weed, vape pens, pre-rolls, cbd oil while giving the science mixed w/his own personal experiences. 

He shared weed grosses about $1 million/day currently. In 3-5 yrs, weed is expected to beat soda/pop in sales. He said so much stuff that was just music to my ears, I pulled out my phone to record the experience. Enjoy the vid. Pls excuse some of the shots. The flash was too high. Still, you get the jest of what was shared.

I think it's beautiful so many people are beginning to pay attention to this plant. My Granny & I stopped talkin for 18 months because she ridiculed me smoking weed. True, learning your successful, smart, beautiful grand daughter is smokin weed & has been since 12 is alot to process. She's a Baby Boomer. Millennials just think differently. These days, Granny uses hemp body care products. She sings praises for the plant now, but she still has these intense judgements against smoking weed. I have yet to receive a formal apology which keeps me distant. But I celebrate her growth thus far, which earns her a kiss on the cheek and a lil small talk before I go back to being isolated.

Marijuana is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. This plant forces me to calm down. Relax and center myself. That shit is hella impossible when your an Aries Ascendant & u feel your being forced to flex your horns. Weed allows you to calm the hell down. For 2 yrs, I'd get high & visualize deliverin cut throat messages, because that's my truth. And resolvin all matters in love and light. Why do you think the Hippies smoked so much!? Because they were the 1st wave volunteers & takin in all of Earth's dense ass energy is a helluva chore. Visions is all I got to manifest a better feeling reality. Thankfully, it's all I need. Pass da joint 📷📷📷📷

Luncheons like this prove to me things are changing in a beautiful way. Fast. My own Mom is researching CBD oil & weed lotion 2 get off her own pain meds. I told her when I ditched my pain meds a few weeks post my double hernia corrections & GERD procedures, it was weed that filled in the gap. Eating was sooo painful. Dr. Sebi guided me to fix that. Dr. Sebi always spoke highly of gettin high.

Listening to other PR professionals ask their questions & receive the answers was hella dope too. I'm literally witnessing the creation if weed etiquette. The level of this dopeness exceeds words. 

420 is tomorrow. My heart started the celebration Tuesday. There will be some interviews coming up w/weeds biggest playas. So get your questions together now. Time to take healin to the next level...

Happy 420 all 📷📷📷 Love n Lite📷📷

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