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Children and Weed

I began smoking when I was about 12, as mentioned in previous blogs. A couple puffs had gotten me far for a mighty long time. While smoking with some buddies in Mimai a couple years ago, I realized I wasn't inhaling the whole time 📷📷📷.

Still, the smoke alone was effective enough to calm my central nervous system. Allowing me to get into my breath and forget about the fight I was venting about.

The life of a child is much more intricate than we naturally consider. Children observe the behavior of family and friends their whole lives. There's a special focus on the parents because they represents the child's whole world.

If the parents are workaholics, they may raise a child to be their reflection or one that doesn't work hardly at all. If the parents are lazy, they may produce a lazy child who grows up to be the next President of the United States. I can give countless scenarios. Everything boils down to the perception of that particular being.

Recall, perception is comprised of the parents DNA & the food we eat. About 95% of the foods and drinks we consume are acid. Forcing the body to go into fight or flight mode. The body fights with the production of mucus which is sent to the weakest part of the body. The mucus uses it's sticky nature to attempt to pick up garbage and release it thru the nose, eyes, ears, stool, urin and blood. If we are constantly eating acid, our body becomes overwhelmed. The body can't keep up with the demand. The insides become covered in mucus. And dis-ease rears it's ugly head.

Parasites and worms are a major part of our food experince these days. They are known as carriers. They depend on human bodies to carry them through life. Parasites and worms control the mind/brain of it's carrier. Morphing that being into a more aggrssive human with every bite.

Parasites & worms themselves are dark entities. Any non-alkaline food, especially sugar are their fuel. That's how they stay alive and we (as carriers) die. Acid prevents oxygen from entering the cells, blood or organs. Re-creating the carriers insides to some dark inner world. Our emotions reflect this reality.

Our chakras are deep within the inner body we are aware of. The lower three chakras are where fear, shame & guilt live. Acidic foods are considered "dark" foods because they prevent light from entering.

To become the light, we must consume it.

Some Marijuana strands give you the munchies. You begin craving things you don't normally crave. Allowing the vicious circle of what's above to persist.

What if we committed to eating vegan food, by Dr. Sebi's standards full time? Everything listed above would be corrected and reversed instantly. Allowing peace, love and light to prevail. N just like that, we've saved the World 📷.

In addition to relaxing the central nervous system, weed allows the unconditional love to flow in. Which accentuates the "fuq it" vibe, where you no longer care about small things.

Deep breathing meditation, visualization, prayer circles and journaling are effective tools to guide the smoker to the healthiest "fuq it" experince of their lifetime. These tools allows us to tap into, heal, clear and balance our chakras. As long as their is consecrated effort applied. The end goal is to illiminate all fear, all shame & all guilt on the deepest levels.

If children were introduced to this science, I believe we would single handedly heal all mental illnesses. Many Millinials are considered mentally ill. I believe the truth is we are just super sensitive and short tempered. As a society and individually, we can heal this.

Consider adopting alkaline foods and weed (or a weed product)full time into your lifestyle and see the changes you manifest.

If giving your child weed makes you uneasy, consider CBD oil, cannibus lotions & edibles. There are multiple ways to heal. Research is key. I am just a resource. I encourage all of you to research what I say. Everyone's not the same. We must explore the perfect path for us to manifest the peace we deserve, on an individual basis.

Read our previous posts to see what kinda weed stands we suggest puffin on. And enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend. Be responsible by watering everything with unconditional love.

Love n Lite 📷📷📷

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