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Drugs Negus. Ahahaha

Peace Fam. This week has felt like one psychedelic ass dream. No part of reality feels real these days. Yet it totally feels like I'm living in my own reality show. Am I alone or are y'all feelin it too!?

I'm able to see beyond the programming I'm surrounded by. My personal awareness is totally seperate from other people's awarness of themselves. I observe people who are majorly distracted by the roles they are playing in life. Which truly sucks for the younger generation who is observing it all.

These days, the majority of us are pacifying our pain with some convient addiction. Children have food, clothes, toys and video games to choose from. Tweeners, teens & adults have retail therapy, social media, alcohol, prescribed and street drugs, alcohol and sex. Plus the same toys as the children.

No matter the age, our focus always seems to become our past or future (which don't even exist). Since we're focused on some unreal shit, we become majorly distracted. Now our energy is low frequency in nature. Regardless of how much we profess about love & light.

Our attachment to the fear, shame and guilt housed in our lower 3 chakras manifests everything we experince. Sometimes our experinces feel good. So we welcome more. When inconvenient, painful realities form, we tend to lie to ourselves about what we're feeling/witnessing. Hype ourselves up to stick it out then run to whatever addiction we can get our hands on to numb the pain. And continue the journey.

This is tough to witness. Damn near impossible to endure. Throughout my 36 yrs of living, I have felt it necessary to be numb as I committed to realities that hurt my heart. I used food, sex, weed, exercise, writing & my children to numb my pain. I noticed how heavy the reality I gave my children was. So I began my journey of healing on the deepest level I could channel. I been journeying ever since.

I see others who numb their pain with alcohol, prescribed & street drugs, sex, retail therapy and  cosmetic surgery. It hurts to watch, still I focus on not caring. I have my own shit to iron out. The tough part is, there are children witnessing everything. That's when I realize I can't really turn away. That's kimda where I am today. So I just meditate because this reality is a lot to bear.

These children are taking in what they observe from other adults. And applying what they think could work. Which is how we get teenaged drunks and drug addicts. This is the reality many don't wanna talk about. Who can you blame for a drunken/drug addicted kid? The parents? Other family members? Friends?

I still don't know the answer to this one. What I do know is, drugs & alcohol are great for numbing reality.  Instead of judge & manifest more of  the same issue, I believe it's far more important to pay attention to the issue at hand. A child is broken. Meditation is the only tool I would recommend. The 1st tool I would personally use if I were in this situation. This reality is bigger that what most of us are comfortable with. Therefore, it's the perfect job for our personal angels. All we have to do is call them and give them permission and/or ask for assistance to help us. They got it from there. All we have to do is balance ourselves. Which is easy as pie when you are present.

I personally believe weed is a healing plant. I highly suggest parents treat their children's depression with cbd oil. Because of the effects weed has on the central nervous system, it's actually used to treat epilepsy, depression, Parkinson's, MS, Cancer & sooo much more. When paired with psychological mental/emotional balancing practices, you can expect a rebirth.

For all the parents out there with depressed children, especially boys. Especially if they are melanin rich. Relax. Meditate. See a bright and beautiful reality for them. Then invite them to your vision by being encouraging.

It is through the Mom's eyes the son receives his vision. The World has been quite the scary place. However, you have survived. So will your son. Especially if your heart sees it. 

Anytime you wanna yell, go focus on your breath and learn why you are so enraged. Speak your truth in a non-threatening way to your child. Persoanlly consider taking cbd oil personally. Or research weed. The marijuana plant calms the central nervous system. Which will result in more peaceful conversations.

Many people fear the weed smokin, hippie natured Aunt. As 1 myself, lemme assure you, there is nothing to fear. Gain perspective for the things you don't comprehend just yet. This weed smoker is peaceful & focused on using uncondtional love & illuminating light as a remedy. Just talk to em and see what y'all come up with.

There's no strand this week. Instead, here's a link to jumpstart your cannibus medicine research. Enjoy:

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