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Eating My Way to My Own Light

Peace babes. Hw ya'll feel? I feel like I'm in the edited scene from Hangover...My past 6 days have been spent celebrating the lives of some of my most beloved family members. Including both of my children. I'm not with either of their Daddies and I'm working on healing those relationships so our children can function better in life. Also, so I can finally address this brick on my heart. Without inspiring weight on anyone else's.

In all honesty, I despise conflict of any nature. My sun, moon and rising are 100% male energy. When  times feel too hard to function, I get occupied and work my way through those situations by attaching to "healthy distractions". Still, distractions r distractions.

The people involved usually feel like I'm ignoring them or I isolated them in some way. In my mind, I am balancing the feelings I developed from my loved ones giving up on themselves. I am learning not to be a know it all. It takes a lot for me not to share my perspective. I speak very matter of fact, which often times inspires my insight to feel like dictation. Which is not my intent. I used to feel debilitating guilty over the response others have to me. The women in my family run to food when emotions run high. So that's what I did.

In Middle School, I used to eat McDonald's damn near everyday after school & sometimes on the weekend. High School, I upgraded to 1/2 dozen biscuits from Popeye's every few days. My metabolism was high and I had a dope body. I had issues talking about emotions I didn't fully comprehend but overtook me. My skin was constantly  broken out, I wore glasses. I was a nerd so my confidence was hella low. I didn't know how to communicate my small issues to the women of my family. So, I attached myself to my academic studies and kept myself emotionally distracted by hanging out with my friends constantly.

Back then, I had no idea about alkaline, acid and my body. My emotional relationships inspired me to give into cravings of extremely dense, acidic foods. Which eventually led to 2 separate hernias. Hernias are just holes in the stomach.

I'm finding that hernias amongst the 35-45 age range is the new norm. Which is sad. I currently have mesh in 2 parts of my belly, because I opted for the surgery to correct this matter. After the procedure, (which was sooo painful), I found hella natural remedies to hernia issues. We always attract what we're looking for, but only when we're ready. Right📷📷...?

My intense surgery season (which included an IUD lodged in my uterus, double hernia correction w/mesh and GERD procedure) led me to conscious eating. My body had such a tough time adjusting to the foreign element that is mesh, I was afraid to eat for a few weeks. Which helped me find something else to do, beyond eat, when I got upset.

Next, I began eliminating bread and cheese out of my diet. These 2 items are highly addictive and extremely acidic. I had just about every type of cheese you could name at the time. I would make the children grill cheese or quesadillas as a quick meal. I was scared for what life would look like without familiar food. But I was happy to feel better. I went on to replace my bread with seaweed chips and my cheese with avocado. 

I also increased my daily water intake. I started off with 8 glasses of 8oz of water daily, upgraded to 1/2 my body weight and graduated to a gallon a day. Dr. Sebi taught me the human body os electric. Especially among the melanin rich. I been drinking Spring Water ever since.

My current reality is reintroducing healthy replacements for some of my most beloved acidic favorites. Today alone, I had some cookies & xxhot Flame n Hots. I balanced it out with a meal of home made, alkaline goodness. It felt like I was eating love. All because my son requested it. 

Many of you may also be beginning your own health journey. Remain strong & respect the reality that food is a drug. Exercise is 1 of the most effective, yet often ignored resources. Look over out virtual workouts and enjoy the experince of you & I exchanging energy. Along the journey to a better you. Thank you in advance 📷📷📷


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