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If You Don't Give a Damn

This Champagne Cush got my life Right, do you hear me!? Ok, lemme calm down and share what I mean.

All this week, I have been emotionally triggered. Starting with Sunday Mother's Day. A Mother mourned the death of her 17 yr old son who committed suicide. For the next few days, I channeled clearing that energy, while sending healing vibes by texting links to websites and music. 

A few days later, my Mom invites me to watch the J. Cole interview with Angie Martinez. I'm expecting to get some true illumination. I don't know how to articulate my response to that interview. Whatever my thoughts are, will have to be shared in another blog.

Then someone close to me is involved in a hella sticky relationship w/an Air Force vet. The Air Force is one of the most intellectual army branches America has. 

I believe all men with a war past would have a violent life experience with a spiritual woman. I believe this is why many vets father children who eventually become estranged to the wife/girlfriend. Most vets attract a free thinker because that's the part of themselves they can not get a handle on. Which manifests a pretty miserable reality for that army vet (sometimes, it's women 2)...

I say wipe the board clean. Roll up a phat joint with hemp papers. Crush your Champagne Cush and enjoy your day. Anyone who doesn't see reality this way must simply disappear because our frequencies don't match. I will no longer sacrifice myself because I choose to believe the world is cold and harsh. I believe the world is beautiful & we each have the power to heal anything we wanna heal. I wanna heal love. If not for the world, for myself.

This Champagne Cush strand helps me easily remember, all we need is love. Happy Healin Tribe 📷

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