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Just 2 Get By

My day to day living experinces brought up a lot of pain all this week. In spite of all the healthy shit I was doin. Still, I faced everything directly, with my heart focused on unconditional love. 

Even still, I was misunderstood which inspired me to go into my sunken place. I'm healing from a lifetime of experinces like this. So, I spoke my truth then created majical days. My fave was yesterday w/my Mercury ran sissy. It felt good to establish common ground.  Welcoming her to my vegetarian lifestyle was fun. She welcomed me to her executive, psycho analytic mindset & informed me of the basics for mental health.

My sissy was meatless all day yesterday. She slept better. Her energy is more pleasant & less rushed than it's been since she got here. We communicated in peace. Even when discussing the tough subjects.

I feel like she's slowly but surly healin herself back to life. My sister is goin thru her version of my same pain. All 4 of us r, really. Buy honestly, I believe the whole world is in on this.

This time last year, my sister united with other family members whk feared my mental health was in danger, resulting in my 4 day stay in the mental hospital. It felt good to move towards healing. We're taking a different path than we usually take. It gives me an excuse to believe that everything actually is all right. 

Last week, I was puffin on some sunset kush. Read last week's blog to see what that strand was all about. I can attest to it working like a charm. However, it was so light & my energy was so heavy, I ran out. Initally, I freaked out. Welcoming a couple different panic attacks. Once I calmed down, I realized I was just running from the ghost thag is me. 

I was weed-less about 4 days. Which worked well because in my most emotionally intense times, I was 100% sober. Which sucked for whomever I was communicating with. 

Facing my truth is me facing the big bad wolf that lives inside of me. My wolf is exhausted from attacking others. So I'm healing myself to releave myself of producing energy of this calliber any further. Ever.

To assist me this week, we have Champagne Cush

. Read this article to see the healing benefits of this healing sativa. Maybe it's the perfect medicine for you to heal the pain of your generational healing experince too.

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