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Sooo, It's been a lil minute since I write. I took off last week because I was simply too energetically overwhelmed. We left off chatting about my weed detox experience and blue dream "welcome back" strand. experience. Blue dream stuck around an extra week, I was very connected to love and happiness, mentally. Even though I was dealing with some emotionally dense realities w/in my own heart and soul. Which was effecting my manifestation experience. Blue dream had me hungry af. I found myself eating outside of what I would normally eat. Craving meat and kind of just annihilating any food that came in my path. I was eating hella chocolate chip ahoy cookies, blond Oreo's, I had some fries on a few occasions. Chiptole's. Pizza. No more burgers, thankfully. But I been killin the hell out of some seafood.  

Even with all of this going on, I still manifested a beautiful once in a lifetime life experience I will share with all of you in Monday's blog. This is a testament to my meditations paying off. Blue dream did guide me to focus longer. I was about to begin my daily, 2 hour meditation journey. Although my success is scattered, it still exists. Inspiring me to keep thinking my work is workin. I'mma just keep th party goin!

This week, I was puffin on LA Kush which is a much more moist strand of weed than blue dream. Blue dream dried up to crypt keeper status after just a couple days of having it, causing the supply to shrink. I still got through 2 weeks, but it was a struggle. I ended up goin back for more just before the 2 wks was over. LA Kush is a darker color. More earthy scent. Much stronger. People say it smell loud af. It zens you out to the point where you are able to make peace of anything you see. I find this stand to be much more effective with my meditations. I find myself smoking one joint a day, instead of my usual 2-2.5.  This week was themed in illuminations, with me being the main spokes(wo)man. I found myself not only working for Nevada's State Senator, but also celebrating her journey, in spite of the loss, which was a beautiful feeling. I found myself speaking to much older, professional women who were clueless that Monsanto was making weed, which headlined news back in March 2018. It is reported to change the DNA upon smoking it. Instead of fear what this could mean for average beings like us, I'mma just keep communicating with the connects I made form April's lunch = learn, themed in weed.  I'm not sure what I'm seeing these days, but I'll bet the professionals at these weed dispensaries can shed some light on this dark topic. In the meantime, enjoy this YouTube vid cerebrating the weed lunch and learn experience my Mom and I shared Enjoy these facts on LA Kush: Comment below and let a Godis know what strand you are puffin on ad what you are accomplishing. I live for yall beautiful truths. Love n Lite Babes ;-* 

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