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Libra New Moon Balance is Key

Peeeace Babes! I'm writing this blog the Eve of New Moon in Libra & all the vibes are rich, balance is key! Basically, these Cosmic Convos are the secret sauce for any & all of our creations. Be them mental, physical, spiritual or emotional. I've decided to share the Astro Announcements as a blog to offer a more creative look at sharing the meaning behind each one. September 25, 2022, the sky is litty af from Astro Announcements. We kick the day off with 3 sub-conscious transits. Which basically means, the sky wants the mailman of our mind to get the message & deliver it to the conscious mind when the time arrives.

We finish the day with 4 conscious transits. Our day kicks off with a cosmic yoga sandwich of smoking & stretching. Then the Moon (our feels) talks to herself for 2 very powerful messages themed in transformation. An argument pops off then, it's time to smoke & calm this energy down. You know Libra lives for balance!

I know I just said a lot. I want to challenge our mind & imagination to work together. Throughout this blog, we explore the Sumerian pantheon to help these cosmic convos have a more relatable sense of character. Below, I will name the planets, their Sumerian name, the zodiac & the Sumerian expression of that zodiac. Let's get into each conversation & the meaning below to help this information make better sense.

Our first cosmic convo is when the Moon (Nanna) & Venus (Ishtar/Innana), the godis of physical love & beauty do some cosmic yoga in the vibe of Virgo (Absin) inspiring harmonious, tender vibes & beauty. This is Mama energy all day, so take the time & decorate your home. Call your feminine Queens & godises & go hang out, have fun, soak in the culture & celebrate the art that is you! Enjoy the gifts of this time by simply breathing & cease the moment to be yourself. Our Work Hard Play Hard Divination is a great investment to help you maximize your energy during this current time. We explore a map that breaks down your soul, explaining your purpose, destined career path, triggers & everything else. Our source is the natal chart & it's basically the handbook you co-created with your soul before entering your body, created to guide you through this lifetime. This month, we are exploring the soul to revel the destined career path. Learn more here!

Our 2nd Cosmic Convo is about 2 hours later & it's a smoke sesh, representing relaxed, agreeable energy between our Feels (Moon/Sin) in Virgo's (Absin's) voice & Pluto (Nergal- god of the underworld & law) , the planet of death rebirth & transformation, in Capricorn (Suhurmash's) voice, which awakens our emotions & likely very 1 sided. The thing is, the feels are awakening after lifetimes of silence, numbness & being ignored. Before we get to the good part, we must bond with our internal Grinch & become best friends with them. Beyond all the aggravation, there is a big message. Purging is necessary & that can get messy! Connect with my favorite Herbal Doula & enjoy the work of nursing your soul back to life.

Our 3rd Cosmic Convo is the final message to the messenger of the mind & it consists of our Feels/the Moon (Sin) doing cosmic yoga with Mercury (Naba/Nebo), the god of literacy, rational arts, scribes & wisdom, in the same Virgo (Absin) energy. This encourages a message to the mind that this is go time for any inportant projects you want to master. Including that business idea, balancing any mental condition or master your own love language. Our sense of judgement is keen right now, due to our active mental activity. Use your healthy focus to communicate your emotions. How can you become the change you want to see? Keep in mind, your loved ones & tribe care more than you know & they can not help you do your work. Remember, balanced feelings welcome business success! The sky is doing it's part, but what are you doing!? Do you feel like you need help? Tap into the power of Astros & Ancestors & get more guidance from your invisible team.

About 4 hours later, during our 4th Cosmic Convo, Nanna switches voices from detailed oriented, hard working Virgo (Absin) to balanced & partnership based Libra (Zibaabbaa) bringing forth the cheer, open mindedness & harmony for all to enjoy! Love & partnership are our focus. There's this intense & peaceful sense of inner balance within our feeling that helps our relationships run harmoniously. Masculine & feminine energy naturally compliment one another, creating this assertive, yet gentle method of communication with ourselves, & especially others. Nothing compliments balance more than staying healthy! Join us for the final 2 classes of Twerk Out Work Out!!! Learn more here.

Ok, now we're getting to the final 3 Cosmic Convos of the day, this current Astral Announcement changes the voice of everything, about 4 hours later. The Moon (Sin) becomes a portion of herself, welcoming the shadow self personalities of Lilith (Lilitu) & Hecate (Ereshkagil) making this a very powerful time for magic (especially air magic)! Sin is documented as the Sun (Shamash) & Venus(Innana/Ishtar's) father, as the Sun & Venus are twins. The vision of Sin is this old man with a flowing, grey beard. He was an unfathomable, wise god with 2 horns atop his head, representing the crescent Moon. Our awareness is easily darkened right now & we are quite masterful at hiding our transformation within ourselves, so the World can't see. There's this sense of balance that reeeeally wants to help us balance our feelings, thoughts & behaviors. Relationships are in harmony right now, as male & female energy see eachother as equals. We want to unify & sharpen one another, just for the sake of celebrating life! There's this assertive, yet gentle vibe that welcomes us to get to know & build with other people. This Astral Announcement makes me wanna bring up this new venture called Toucan Win, which is a penny auction that you can purchase anything from $100 gas car, luxury vehicle & dream home at the same spot. Here's a video to learn more!

Cosmic Convo number 5 is another solos from the Moon (Sin) representing our feelings in Libra (Zibaabbaa's) energy, bringing good cheer, open mindedness & harmony. Love & partnership are the focus. We bout dat Boo'd Up, QT with my cutie, spending hours caking with Bae life. You single? Do you feel all these Bae vibes around you!? What do we think tho? Now's the perfect time to take a chill pill & get off your block! Join the travel e-mail list & stay up to date about our Virgin Voyager upcoming cruises, get exclusive Starseed themed travel invites & early bird invites to our events.

As we near the close of our day, our feelings (Moon/Sin) in Libra (Zibaabba)get into an argument with Jupiter (Marduk), god of justice, compassion, regeneration & magic in Aries (Kumal's) energy. Warning us, right now conflict with authority &/or the law is probable. Love life problems due to not being completely honest about emotions may welcome disadvantages that may haunt you right now. Separation from mommy &/or wifey is likely for some. Arguments may welcome fights due to feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, irritability, bitterness & flying off the handle should be expected. Because of this, the liver & bile are going through it & need some TLC! Currently, they hate it here & wish you would do better. We have 2 remedies for this transit: 1-Jonah Bey for all legal matters (join our e-mail list). 2- Quilt App invite. As we end Suicide Awareness Month, let's remember, the presence of these feelings is what often inspires others to take their own life. Now is the time to unify, educate & support, so I have opened this virtual safe space, that's a chat room, where we talk about mental health. Download the app & join my room! We chat every Friday at 7:11pm PST for 30 mins. This is a safe space & vulnerability is welcomed & rewarded! The prizes include free Soul Science products, free vacations, free Natal Chart Readings & more!

The final Cosmic Convo of the day consists of Venus (Inanna/Ishtar), godis of physical beauty & love, in Absin's voice, smoking a bag with Pluto (Nergal), god of the underground & law, in Surhurmash's energy. Gifting us a concluding message of luck in love-land, easy connections with friends & Tribe members. Life has never appeared more attractive! Our strife for love & ideal inspirations, encouraging a cheerful mind & supporting healthy thoughts. Professional life success & love victories alike have your name on it! This is a gift from the Universe saying, great work following the path you created! Keep up the good work! My Sis Nasa Bawa has the dopest Higher Self Coaching package available. Check it out here!

Just like the sky had a lot to say, so did we! Check out each link provided in this blog & do yourself the favor of honoring your soul, through your body, mind & soul. My gift to everyone this week is an invitation to Diamond VIP, a financial Literacy Group. Check us out on Instagram & learn the lil daily messages these astrological transits are sending to our minds & bodies.


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