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Monsanto Slanggin Weed

Soooo, (deep breathe). Learning this shit here blew tf outta me. Hold up. Lemme breathe deep & speak clearly. Here we go...

Monsanto is the grower irresponsible for all this  seedleas food we have these days. This company is evil af, in my eyes. They corner the grower, force them to buy these seedless plants that harvest one time. Forcing the growers to purchase from Monsanto annually.

The information on the seed itself is pretty hush hush. On a scientific level, when the human body consumes seedless food, it is processed as acid. Which prevents the cells from breathing properly. If the cells can't breathe, they can't function well. Forcing the blood & organs to follow suit, simply because the chakras are being clogged up. Which is the point. This is an effort of psychic assassination. All psychic abilities, which we all have, are stopped in their tracks when the chakras as clogged. No matter how connected to love n lite you are.

Y'all done got me started. You all know what kind of snooper I am. GMO foods is what my daughter is highly allergic to. Which has resulted in her having chronic stages of asthma, allergies & eczema since she was 6 wks old. My response has had me suffering Endometriosis since 12. We'll talk about GMO food Monsanto & chakra health more thoroughly in upcoming blogs. Stay tuned.

The legalization of weed has been a big deal for a long while in the United States. I am a Melanin Rich wombman. I've had countless friends and family members incarcerated for sellin drugs. Including weed. Most drug dealers recognize their taking a chance anyway and begin to sell cocaine to maximize the profit. Thinking fuq it, if ya gotta get in trouble anyway, I may as well...

The 1st Get High blog talked about the Weed + Learn my Mom and I attended where corporate America is beginning to guide their elite and PR reps with the drug-dealing protocol. Read it and catch up.

Since March of 2018, Monsanto has announced it's interest in sellin the public GMO weed. I am greatly offended.

I have been smoking weed since I was 12. I didn't learn to inhale until last year. Still, the power of weed calmed my central nervous system which allowed for me to be much more calm than I was typically. I'm a -rH being. Back in my youth, I was heavily addicted to McDonald's, Burger King, Popeyes & all the other typical drive thru joints. My family cooked pretty clean. However, it was still a pretty heavy diet based on acid and not alkalinity. Which clogged up my chakras and guided me to manifest my worse nightmares to life.

I have been on my healing path for over 4 years. Eating off Dr. Sebi's list and herbs have literally got me reborn these days. Weed is how I have been able to remain connected to my higher self.

The foods Dr. Sebi suggests are alkaline. Meaning they allow the cells to breathe. Weed stimulates areas in the brain that are usually dormant. This personally effects my right brain, where creativity stems. The left brain is where thoughts form. As a Gemini, I tend to live off the left brain. Which kept me feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious af.

I'm in the beginning stages of this research. However, I am outraged and annoyed. I recently put my children on CBD oil to guide them with their anxiety issues. Both children are Virgos and very sensitive by nature.

I'm aware of Monsanto and the destruction this company has single handedly encouraged and orchestrated in this World. I haven't found a seeded watermelon in either Vegas or Miami in about 3 years. This may mean nothing to most. It's the end of the World to me.

Here are to interesting articles that kinda dive a lil deeper into what we're facing right here.

World News Daily Report quoted "Critics fear genetically modified cannabis will mix with other strains and could destroy the diversity of DNA, a reality dismissed by most studies claim experts." Which may not mean nothing to some. However, those in tune with the reality that we are surviving a lack matrix know this is an effort to publically assasinate psychic energy. Which is totally ignited at it's highest potential when you chief on authentic weed."

This is alot of info to take in. I've survived a 6 day weed detox. So now I'm cheifing in Blue Dream to handle my nerves and guide me to manifest the life I desire... Inspite of it all. Here's the tea on this heavenly strand.

May I suggest whomever cares about this report roll themselves a nice thick joint, rolled with Raw hemp paper & blue dream, meditate any and all realities that hurt to survive away & transmute all the pain that's really hurt, shame & guilt the lower 3 chakras are holding.

Let's hand this craziness to our personal angels. And ask them to gift us back the energy when it's been transmuted and trandformed so we can use it for our highest and greatest good. Remember, we manifest what we think of most. Return all fear shame & guilt to sender. Not people. We have some manifesting, rooted in unconditional love, illuminating light and limitless forgiveness 2 disburse.

But 1st, I need a smoke break... Sheesh. Gemini season. Let's work our majic Tribe. Love n Lite 📷📷📷📷

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