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Not High Enough

Peace Babes 📷📷 These days, the energy is so high, I can't tell the difference between personal chatter & what I speak aloud.  I must say, I am doin a great job with merging my spiritual and physical worlds as one. This week alone, the website has been successful w/explaining the planetary placements and how this effects our life. I'm actually modeling my life to demonstrate this idea. In case you haven't already, just put yourself in the scenarios I present and manifest via meditation & visualization time. In honor of this Lunar Eclipse, I introduced 2 new sectors to the website.  My Twin Flame Journey: My perspective on unconditional love exuded between my King & I. Regardless of the unfortunate realities we attracted toward us.  Alien Girl World: My perspective on my human experience thus far. Think: emotions decoded type vibe.  This has been a major time of reflection for me. I've been spending lots of quality time with my family. They have been reminding me of how high strung I was as a child and young adult. I was impossible to get along with. VeRy emotional. They still can't believe they were clueless of me smoking weed since 12. My favorite song was Hay by Critical Conflict (click here: Dead give away 📷📷. I manifested a bunch of great things to reality, achievement wise. But my heart was cold as ice. I only let certain ones in. Suddenly, it became clear to me why I was so connected with changing once I met and fell in love with Jon, my King. I'm speakin all the things I know about private/common law because I believe this kind of knowledge could save our communities everywhere. I've always wanted to do what I'm doin now. I was too scared.  It was my King who would rock me like a baby, until my fears fell away. Or annoy me w/training so intense, my body becomes Fashion ready. He forced me to see the darker parts of myself & love me anyway. That inspired me to explore my own unconditional love w/in & learn 2 master giving from my overflow. My King specializes in the beauty of sexuality. One day soon, he and I will work together. Our message is huge & beautiful af.  For once, I won't speak for him... I'm waaay to busy talkin bout my damn self. This whole idea of union seems hella far fetched. I'm annoyed w/dating the common man. The 1s I attract all seem 2 be too lazy. I need me a Drake type, in touch w/his feelings, manifesting bucku bucks. My guidance can lead a man of that stature of endless accomplishments. Or a Chris Brown who is makin majic before the very World. Welcoming a softer heart after confessing his fear, shame & guilt on a blood moon. Around the time of the blood moon 📷! Yea, a King like him can keep up.  What about that beautiful ass Trey Songz type. Constantly makin baby makin music, which is the perfect vibe. Lately, men been rockin baby fever. An boi, do I dig it! I'm beamin out all the Kings from Virginia. The same land where the Mattox Tribe owned land. Life is about exploring. I'm ready. Until that happens, I enjoy re-visiting my life lessons while I visualizing & meditating in my current reality. This week's strand was Bubba OG Kush, which was perfect 4 my hella emotional ass week. I slept alot which helped me maintain a conscious-ish diet. Family time has exhausted me. However, I'm beginning to enjoy socializing again. Just in spurts...  Read about the strand here: How are you all doin out there? Comment below n let a Godis kno 📷 Ps, I have yet to hear a reply for an interview request I submitted. However, all aspiring bud-tenders should know their resources. I found out late. However,  late is better than never.  Merry Eclipse Season


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