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Pisces Full Moon- I Feel All Things!

Peeeace Starbabes. Happy Full Moon in Pisces! This one is about feeling all things which can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, feeling is inconvenient & embarrassing. That can encourage us to get lost in escapism, pretending things are fine, basically we end up believing a lie. Which is a great way to go crazy! In honor of September being Mental Health Month, we are chatting about the cosmic Full Moon convos, the African Orisha spiritual connection & self care activities. Let's begin.

September 10 our Moon becomes full in the voice of Pisces, encouraging all the voices from the zodiac to speak up & speak out! There are 5 cosmic convos, including 2 subconscious convos, 2 sex sesh's & some cosmic yoga. Everything begins when the Moon got full & completed with the voice of Aries. There's an emotionally intelligent breakdown that is broken down in my podcast. Check out here.

What do you do when your feelings are all over the place & you just want it all to make sense of it all? When running away isn't an option & you are carbonated (melanated/Black), you explore African science, which helps us think beyond ourselves. The Sumerians & Ancient Egyptians are the best teachers. The African Ifa faith links the Orisha, telling a deeper story related to the godises & gods that were around the beginning of reality. Processing & applying this information helps us bring balance to our character. Oshun matches this current energy, as Oshun day is honored on September 8 pf every year. The the latest Wednesday with Odu, we discussed everything you need to know a about Oshun. Oshun is connected to Venus & the 2nd House. The 2nd House rules money, career & tradition. The 2nd House is traditionally ruled by Libra. In this current cosmic convo, Oshun is reminding us to, take your time & care for yourself. Money matters can find their own remedy from your work. Affirm money to be attracted to you, flowing like the water in the river. Visualize affirmations that help you believe this reality & watch things shift & change.

This full Moon is actually visiting the 12th House, which is a House of seclusion & escapism. Pisces actually traditionally rules this House. The subconscious is like the recorder of the mind & brings psychological problems to the surface. Which may force health issues (mental & physical) to become reality. In my personal chart, Virgo rules my 12th House & that House is empty. My relationship with most Virgos typically starts off rocky. I can see beyond likable characteristics, which triggers Virgos, because now we are working with the shadow. I had to find my flow, stop fearing & criticizing. Once that happens, I can dance with my Mercurical sibling. Geminis & Virgos feed off eachother, creating real life magic that outsiders can't duplicate! The thing about programming is, it's designed to distract soul destined connections. When you work to live your life on a soul level, focused on self balance over criticism, things change.

Practicing this science has been hella dope & it's taught me that even the most challenging relationships have a greater purpose, leading me to be my Higher Self, in this waking life. Both of my children are Virgos (Happy Borniversary to my Babies!) & so is a nice portion of my family. I love healing close relationships & building a stronger relationship with my soul self at the same time.

Think about that one zodiac sign you out argue & fight with. What will it take for you to get along better with them? The Universe is basically insisting the whole World answer this question & live the experience that help the answer seem true. Key questions to ask yourself is how can you make your chaos make sense? How can someone else grow from your heartbreak? What notes from your soul would your body want to remember, to help reality? It's time to tell better stories & the planets are here to help guide us along the way. Doctah B. Sirius breaks down mind control & it's connection to parasites. Just click his name above & check it out. September is both Self-Care & Suicide Awareness month. Food can cause weight gain & support depressing thought patterns. Eating to live can help people deal with this reality long term, allowing people to become their own mental health advocate. Sebi Sense Membership offers 30 Electric Alkaline Vegan recipes, a private forum where we can openly communicate about whatever we want, webinars, special videos, special events & digital weekly workouts. Learn more here!

Self-Care is all about paying attention to thyself & showing ourselves the love we freely give to others. One of the most effective ways to do this is taking spiritual baths. Here's what you do: Fill your tub up with warm water as hot as you can stand it. Mix pink Himalayan salt, lavender essential oil & lavender petals to the water. Before you enter the bath, coat your entire body in honey, feet included. Sit in the bath & allow the salt to break all stagnant, low frequency based energy. The honey will sweeten your energy, feed your skin & soften your energy. Talk to Oshun like she's your mother & honestly tell her about your journey on Earth, this lifetime. Tell her what you wish for most & why. Record the convo via voice recorder or writing. The lavender will help your central nervous system remain calm. This welcomes you to express your complete truth. Lot's of crying is natural. Feeling is powerful. Numbness requires an expressive emotional reaction. Remain calm within yourself & communicate with your younger self. That's where you will find your remedy. Stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes & where you're ready to exit, release the water 1st, exit the tub, air dry, moisturize with oil (olive, grapeseed). Put some honey under your tongue to seal the fate of what sweetened word will bring to you, then enjoy your day! This bath is ideal for both men & women. If you feel homicidal &/or suicidal, please call 988 & speak to an operator who can help you.

Shadow work for many people includes reparenting ourselves. Reminaya is a spiritual scientist that specializes in reforming the mother's relationship to her children. Click the highlighted information & become familiar. September 17 & 18, Nasa Bawa is hosting a Divine Feminine

sleepover! September is all about career & destiny, & Jupiter Love is partnering up with African Traditions to offer natal chart based divination readings. September is Work Hard, Play Hard, exploring the 2nd, 6th & 10th House, exploring Jupiter & Saturn to give the planetary perspective. Learn more here!

These vibes are alive & well for the next 2 weeks, at least. Remember to take your time! There are now 6 planets in retrograde, begging our consciousness to slow down, pay attention & make room for growth. Stay in touch through social media & I'll chat with you in 2 more weeks!

Astro Therapy covers the Sumerian pantheon because this is one of the most ancient timelines, linking ancient Egyptian deities Ma'at & Ra, leading us to the

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