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Smoke the Pain Away

Peace Babes. This week vibe was all about healin. I bonding with my brother. He provided the strand we cheifed. He didn't have a name. The high was good for grounding. As 100% Air, I live in the sky. Grounding is challenging for me. I've learned how to stop allowing the negative judgements of others intimidate me. Perspective is relative & full of opinions. Along my journey, science has been my guide. Science proves theories which seperates opinions from facts. No arguing necessary.

Lately, I've been studying the science of healing. Which has guided me to directly address my fears as opposed to manifest more nightmares into my living experince.

I've been dealing with my own trauma from childhood. It has been quite healing to learn how I hurt other people. Especially my siblings. I appreciate that I'm not the only uber sensitive being around. I'm grateful to drop masks holding illusions just to hide my true nature. I know hurt people hurt people. So it has been sooo healing to make up & share a joint, play Uno, laugh & make memories. That's love.

I used to see visions of the days I am currently living when I first learned to meditate. I'm a couple years in now. Still, I feel like a beginner. I gave up my attraction to detail. I now focus on what I want & how it makes me feel. Which feels much better. Resulting in me manifesting a lot faster.

Yes, sometimes the details of life scare tf outta me. I see so much that I have yet to share. It took alot for me to get where I am. I am determined to remain forcused on cultivating uncondtional love & illuminating light in all forms for all people who really want it.

To even say that statement honestly, I've had to make peace with my own previous lovers. They are the current ghosts behind my pain. I just wanna make up & live in total peace.

Having a son helps me see the love in males a lot clearer. I appreciate that. Turns out, we are all the same. Whoda thunk it!?

Today, I am surprising my son with his first concert. We are going to see Chris Brown. The majic I make with my son heals all the pain I've ever experinced. Not just in this lifetime, but for all my ancestors who live through me. Both dead & alive. Now, there is work required to truly heal. The work results in the younger generation carrrying forward the lessons. Which I initiated the moment I birthed my 2 beautiful starseed babies. This process manifests a win-win-win (win 4 me via my ansectors, win 4 the Universe via the children & win for Gaia). 

My grower just gave some Sunset OG Kush. I've had 1/2 a joint. It tatstes super floral & smells hella sweet & loud and low key piney. I feel euphoric & happy/joyful. This week, I raise a joint, in the energy of healing all hurts, all fear, all shame & all guilt. I'll puff to dat! Wanna know more about this strand? Clink the link:

I am having the time of my life, manifesting my life into existence, in a way that feels incredible

. What you all are observing through me is my physical response to this cosmic upgrade. To get it, you must get it. May the force be within all of you


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