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Take that in you pipe and smoke it Part 2

Peace Get High Community.

I been holding on 2 this blog since the day I posted the last 1. It was tough for me to make peace with all the thoughts I have been thinkin since. Insecure thoughts had me down and out. I worked with and/or exchanged energy w/3 of the Democratic candidates & my persepctive is based off my experinces. Neay 3 months later, I am ready 2 share not only this thought, but share what I been up 2 since I been gone. Feel free 2 take my words w/a grain of salt. Enjoy💕.

"Ooookay Beautiful People. Before I continue on this blog, lemme just say it's taken me a couple weeks to articulate my thoughts entirely. I have decided not to vote during this midterm election because I'm on my J. Cole ish.

J. Cole



Even though I am not voting, I do respect the reality that many of my readers prolly will. Back in elementary school, I recall learning that the United States Constitutions taught We, The People have the power. Our power is in our voice. Perhaps my info can serve you all in your decision making process. Please note, I am not advocating for any of the candidates. I am simply speaking on my observations, my feelings and my thoughts. There's a lot of pressure for the mid-term election. I'm just observing to investigate why. Thank you all for respecting my mind in advance. I'm editing this week, puffin on Lavender Jones. Here's the info on the strand:

As I was saying last week,. Rodney is a military vet who was perusing the community around the same time as my Mom. Idk the details of how it all went down. I do know both Rodney and my Mom were vibing off the guidance of Mr. Sam, who was like the grandfather of knowledge, West Las Vegas edition. They have accomplished some miraculous shit in the 10 yrs they've been functioning as a team. It was the members of The Gathering that convinced Rodney to even peruse politics. He used to be too busy w/other stuff. Now Rodney is a whole new man. Which is beautiful to see. I'm just saddened that the conversations we've has changed quite a bit over the years. 

Rodney is the political version of himself which breaks my heart, because I really know him. What I mean by that is, the more her peruses politics, the less he speaks his heart. Which I enjoyed. Our conversations were cutting edge. He's very vocal on social media. I find most politicians to be fulla shit, only alluding to care. I really know this man cares tho. However, time has passed. The more systematic his political pursuits get, the more detatched I feel from hom, energetically.

I no longer feel like I know people the way I used to. He & I used to communicate via social media or physical face to face & exchange love. Whether we were talkin about childhood memories, the economy or whatever else, we were connecting. Something real politicians rarely do. I miss our connection. 

Rodney's a military vet from the South. I found all our conversations enriching. Whether I agreed with his points or not. Since I been posting about O- stuff, he been gone with the wind. Seemingly, like everyone else.

The Gathering isn't what it used to be. Which scares me. The young man Rodney is running against is Steven Horseford. A local Las Vegan, from the West Side, who built himself from scratch. Congressman Horseford ain't much better. I canvassed for him in 2012. I felt like he treated me like a number. He pretty much treated everyone like that. It's like he reads a script but it only memorized so many sentences ... 

Steven strikes me as the "win by any means necessary" kinda guy. I campaigned for Patricia Spearman this Summer, who was running against Horseford. He won. Allegedly, someone from his camp perused Spearman's campaign manager. Who was a passionate 20somethinger, who felt infinitely offended because she felt like he treated like a number. That young lady made it incredibly pleasurable to serve on Rosen's champaign. Even tho I didn't get a good vibe from Spearman, her campaign manager had another vibe. She did things like sage the office and guard the space w/spiritual stones. Because Spearman attracted such a beautiful team, I decided not to give up on my country, concluding a bunch of untrustworthy snakes run this country. I decided to meditate on a resolution instead.

After my Patricia Spearman experince, I went on to canvass for Jackie Rosen. Working for her inspired me to feel like she literally give 0 fux about the whole squad period. I felt like I was treated like a machine, not a human being. I was scared plenty of times. Going door to door at Republican estates in Henderson, NV. Once, an old lady called the cops on me. They were like 3 cars deep. Thankfully, I got picked up before they surfaced. 

Why did this seem like mission impossible? I was just reminding people of their power to vote during this mid-term election.But the energy was so aggressive. And the organization representing her, CADC, seemingly couldn't care less. I had a tough time carin about them 💔! 

I did care about my co-workers who were just as scared as me. I did thibgs like walk w/incense & spiritual stones. I walked around with codes from the Color of Law that would protect me, just in case. And I listened to spiritual reminders to keep my higher self connected to my physical self. 

My sister was in a management position. Management wasn't paid much more than the canvassers. They had 1 day off & were expected to work from like 6 or 7 am until about 8 or 9pm. They didn't care about family situations. It seems like they just used her to cart around the canvassers all day. Because my sister is such a detailed, love natured people, I was always safe. Everyone didn't have the same reality as me though.

The organization over all felt hella scammy. The pay wasn't much. But it was more than I was making meditating everyday for free. Some of my co-workers and managers were meth-heads and alcoholics. Which was kinda no surprise. Many of them were hired on the spot just after making money donating to the blood bank. These people cleaned up. Well enough. And they regurgitate the script well good. So... 🤷

Although a nice majority of my co-workers had shaky backgrounds, they had the most honest energy. I always had a joke, a smile and some headphones. I also rolled up and strategically hid it some place on my body to take as many smoke breaks as I needed to get through the day. Which made it easy as pie for me to remain in a good mood all the time. My patience was tested, often. I always met my challenges with love and light, which allowed me to hold on to the job for around 2 months. Without the weed, I would lasted 1 work day. 2 tops.

My particular office location had some members of management that I'm pretty sure were high off the hard stuff. It was interesting working with them. Observing the aggressive mood swings and lil meltdowns. As well as their light and jokin side. 

Suspicions of cocaine, meth,  and prescription drug usage wasn't about to kill my vibe daily. My sister & I had karaoke on the way to work every day. Which allowed us both to laugh off the scam of a job we went to everyday. The company handed out like 2 $10 gas cards a week. We ran out at least $30 of gas a day just driving people around. So $20 a week was a joke. 

CADC was not organized. All the time they demanded management spend in the office  was spent socializing more than structuring. Even though this was a "Bad boss/Bad Job" epic fail, I was happy. I asked the Universe to put me in a reality where I spent more time with my sister & I could provide for myself, doin work I found valuable. I found that. Several times, actually. Thanks to this job, we spent a whoooole lotta time with my sister. She'd been livin in Indiana for like 8 yrs. We both benefited from the time we spent together. Overall, it was actually a fun, Yet traumatizing overall experience.

Many melaini-rich canvassers were harassed, because they had us canvassing in Henderson, on property documented to be Republican. We had to talk about how Dean Heller has been in office for 10 years & his stale ideas are too dated. Rosen Rosen is our new safety net. However, Jackie doesn't strike me as better. 

Jackie Rosen's semi-smile on her brochure actually looks like a snare & low key keeps me on guard. It kinda scares me. Her picture says aggression, even tho her policies are rooted in job security & upgrading the NV. educational system. I feel like all these candidates are gettin their pimp on. Feels like both opposing sides serve the same bottom line. Wtf is the bottom line? Ur guess is as good as mine. 

I don't believe in any older person in my face, pressuring me to vote. Whether I vote or not, it's my private business. What's the purpose of pressure? I'm not sure why I'm so passionate with my inquisitive nature these days. Perhaps it has something to do with people acknowledging themselves to be clones. Maybe it's the fact that  Jackie Rosen hugged me at an event & I didn't feel a human connection, and that scares me. Perhaps it's because my natal chart s making all kinda sense to me and now I'm lookin at everyone wondering what their alien roots are, seein through any decpetion because I choose to honor the messages of my gut. I am bubbling over with passion about working as 1 voice. But how do you do that, when you observe the shit I've witnessed? 

Now I am higher than high, venting to my higher self, about all the shit I need to do. I just wanna be alone, meditating full time, transmuting energy. Higher than high. Venting to myself about the shit I need to make peace with. I'm too confused and no one is offering clarity. Therefore none of these politicians have earned my vote. I reserve my voting right til I find peace. 

In the meantime, now's a great time to talk to the community about our Constitutional rights, sovereignty and chattel. Make It Work Nevada had a Umunja themed meet in greet community party at the Pearson Center. I began writing this blog on 10.19.18. The same day Operation Get Right twrk class was scheduled to begin. I was overwhelmed by the energy, so I delayed the class until 11.10.18. Now it's 1.25.19 and I realize feeling overwhelmed means I need to pay attention to myself. So the classes are rescheduled for March 1, 2 and 3. Click the link below and get your tickets today.

I'm excited to see the community come out and support 1 cause. However, I totally don't believe in the system. However, I have 2 children here. I have to learn to trust. Some shit's gotta be restructured. Instead of complain, I shall remain open to learning and share what I've learned as I continue to explore this thing called life.

To survive all this, you must stay medicated. explore what I've been puffin on by clicking the links below.

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Now take that in you pipe and smoke it

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