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The Illusion of Love

Peace All. I'm feeling calm and also like I wanna scream. How are you all doin?This energy has me focused on love & lowering my guard. While also accepting people as they are & not ignoring their messages to me. I am one big ass bowl of sunshine. I have had ThE toughest time learning when people don't wanna be bothered. I ususally miss all the signs and end up manifesting a very annoying reality. Which causes resentment within me. I get offended that people are offended. Then I walk around being upset but feeling guilty because I know I am abundantly blessed. And therefore have no reason to feel as stuck as I be feelin. Still, it be goin down.

My bottom line is, I want all 100% honest and truthful reality with everyone for the rest of my life at all times, regarding all things. I am willing to give what I want to receive. I am coming from a space of uncondtional love. All year, I have reinvented what love means to me. By healing my lower 3 chakras and learning to love myself. I practice self love outwardly by loving on my children & allowing them to guide me to my inner child and make peace with her. But that's as deep as I have been able to go with love. 

If I'm being real, I'm making peace with love. Without blaming others, I can attest that love has been a helluva teacher for me. I have stood my ground & felt guilt full time in my 1st union. The 2nd one, I accepted everything with a smile on my face, but resented tf outta my King for welcoming the energy in the 1st place. There I go again, blaming others. When my error was not having boundaries in either situation, which allowed me to manifest, attract & experince the pain of love. This whole relaity was manifested from my own imagination & fueled with my own fear, shame & guilt. 

Sometimes, I'd like to discuss the dynamics of the situation so I can gain greater compression about it all. It's not easy being on Earth. I just wanna formally know where I am misaligning in all my relationships. Especially the sacred ones. In exchange, I share what I know so all situations can evolve. The insight I share on the natal chart allows us all to decode our bad moods and hurt feelings, site the source of where these feelings actually dwell from. Heal them entirely. And move on.I'm not into shifting blame. Therefore, I don't accept the pressure others pass to me like candy when painful realities become the focus. Instead of argue profusely, like I used to.

I now acknowledge whomever for honoring their truth. And advise it was not my intention to offend. Then I add clarity to whatever reality we are discussing by sharing my truth. My objective is to have a conversation of illumination. I wanna learn what I didn't know. I want to get along better. I wanna heal all wounds.Most people are clueless as to how they heal their own pain. So I sound mega cray cray to them. Sanity is a matter of perception. Instead of my feelings getting hurt, I choose to get lost in my natal chart and unlock the mysteries of myself.I am currently researching my fixed stars. All I am exploring is reminding me I am uniquely myself. No one can replace me. Which is a beautiful reality when illusions of insecurity enter the picture. My King has always represented my greatest insecurities. Because he is opening up, I kno I represent his as well. Therefore, we trigger eachother. In order to get beyond the conflict, we must communicate in our complete truth, without running, hiding, disrespecting one another, attempting to control/ dominate one another and/or hurt one another's feelings. This isn't easy. It's like walkin on hot coals. 

The perfect method breeds perfect results. Even in this time of intense healing, my King is still leading me to myself. He sent me this Jada Pinkett Smith vid today. I noticed it when my heart felt like it was bleeding out. Press play & enjoy: The next vid guided me on how to heal myself. Press play & enjoy:

I dare all of you to go into this week with the intention of living your best life. Release all fears after you face them head on. Remember, all ghosts disappear when you turn the lights on 📷. Are you enjoying the site? Beautiful.

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