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Thoughts of Kush

Peace babes,

It's been a lil minute. I been holding it down. At the beginning of my break, I took a break from weed. I was experiencing what seemed like the flu. Really, it was ascension symptoms. This latest wave, after the last eclipse of the year, put me fat on my ass. Then I came back to smoking in slow motion. Since, I been puffin on both Lemon True OG Kush, I been hella zen. Very much in my zone. Interacting with life with headphones on at all times. Still smiling, sending love and light. Yet, respecting myself enough to spot bs and turn the other cheek. This has been an amazing experience.

I have recently perfected the art of not giving af about the small talk people have. Eith amongst themselves, or in private. I am doing a MuCh better job of maintaining my lane and respecting other people'e lane's enough t stay out. People ask for advice more than ever. I am very unbiased these days. letting people know I am just sharing my personal observation and remedies I believe will assist. I am not telling anyone to do anything. 

My attitude is literally "Fuq It", but for once, I'm not angry. I am excited. This week, my personal dream is beginning to come true. I have been a stranger to journaling lately because I was learning how not to throw a hissy fit with spirit when I am following all the rules, and still need hella basic ish... I had to realize that by throwing a hissy fit, I am allowing my inner child to defend my adult self. Which doesn't feel good. I now give myself permission to put myself in meditation when I notice myself gettin a lil outta hand. I'm literally doing the same thing to myself that I now master, with my children. It was tough not yelling at my children all the time, in the beginning. Sometimes, it's still tough. However, now I can see my reaction for things I am passionate about. I become someone else when passion enters the picture. Before I healed myself, who I became was quite unattractive. She felt like she was made of acid and ice. Touch her and she would touch you back...

Playing that role became overwhelming. Smoking reminds me to take a chill pill and hit restart whenever those feelings come rushing back to me. If anger is an issue for you and you don't really know why, please, look into meditation, conscious eating and CBD oil and/or weed. Attached are this weeks basic info on the strands. Become informed. If you are on opoids, research thme and consider getting off. Life is much better when it feels good.

Enjoy the weeknd Babes.

Love n Lite

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