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Writing My King Back In

Peace Babes. How y'all be? This has been yet another energetically intense week. It's been full of illuminations. It was predicted that this week would be themed in release. I can see that. My week was also themed in healing.

I'm communicating with my children more lovingly than usual. Which is helping us bond more. My beautiful, sensitive Virgo children require that I communicate all things with unconditional love. My daughter's energy has guided me to send her Dad back to school pix. As well as an fyi text tellin him our daughter's latest updates. He's a Leo. He said thank u. Whick is progress. So I feel good visualising us uniting in unconditional love & getting along with one another. So we can raise our child together, like we initially planned.

Learning how to be sensitive to growing boys, young men and men has been a challenge for me all of my life. I get so frustrated, I just wanna yell and run away. Which prevents the males from learning whatever from me. I recognize myself speakin just as aggressive with my son as I do his Dad. Which is a subject my King's & I often argued about. I see my short fuses now. I explain things better. I'm also much more gentle with my tone. Being kind to them has been very effective in me being kind to myself. Which is a reality I'm very grateful for.

Becase I'm kinder to myself, I have attracted my King. Instead of rush to make conclusions with a reality I have yet to make peace with. I choose to take my time. Making sure everything I experience feels good to me. Because this is my focus, my King & I are getting along beautifully. Which proves to me, the woman is the guide in all unions.

Because we are getting along beautifully, he feels comfortable speaking his truth to me. Which allows me to see how beautiful his truth is. His truth seems so simple. Especially compared to mine. Which is why making comparisons isn't a good look. But ey, I'm workin on it.

Today, old letters came up. Recognizing the fact that we both wrote eachother out our lives is sooo prolific. I'm growing from feeding into old feelings while reading old shit I've written. Now, I'm to the point where I can accept that I felt how I felt. I'm doin the work I need to do to feel better. Only focused on loving myself, which makes it easier to love others. 

My King has already began writing me back in his life. It feels like it too. Learning about the adventures he attracted in our time apart is more fun & interesting than feeling jaded and jealous. I've always wanted to be a friend to the man of my dreams. I know how ti be a friend. I'm still learning how to be the lover I wish to attract. Regardless of how I slice up this pie, my King is my dream man. Life looks different than I would have planned. Uet and still, it is beautiful. Therefore I am greatful.

Aretha Franklin passed away today. She was about a yr older than my Granny. My Granny is a Leo and 1 of my 3 Mom's. Granny was a professional celebrity chef all my life. I remember all the times she got shysted out of her money, played by the men, stressed by her own family. She would just come in the house, blast her playlist & join energy with the music while cookin the best food I ever ate in my life. 

I could feel Granny's pain. But she was great at not taking it out on me. I've always been hella inquisitive. My Granny always welcomed my questions. She took my hand & joined me in my lil World. While informing me about hers.

I didn't really comprehend what I was witnessing. Now I know I was witnessing alchemy at it's best. My Granny used soul music to burn through anything fake. She used her chefing abilities to feed her family and fuel us with uncondtional love at all times. She led her grandchildren with information and love. I could tell my Granny has always been 2 me who she wished 4 in her youth. 

I heard the same love in Aretha's songs. It wasn't just the lyrics. It was the soul of the tune itself. Whether strings, or the whole church band, your whole soul came alive and was healed when Aretha shared her soul w/the World, in the form of a song. 

Aretha Franklin has always been a major guide for me in manifesting a love that feels good. This love exceeds words. It feels unlike any other love that's ever been experinced. Very few people know what I'm talking about. Which tells me just how sacred this rare, custom love is. So far, my King has been the one and only man to fit the bill.

We are all in the thicke of our healing journey. I've noticed, sprinkling everything w/love makes it all better. As you all heal, I encourage all of you to write about, think & talk about what you want. Make peace with what you don't know and rise above it. This is a powerful way we can all manifest the reality we want. And make sure it feels good 📷.

Here's today's angel number:

Thank you for sharing the messages of you soul Aretha. Enjoy this list & keep me posted w/all the dope shit y'all manifest 📷:

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