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Digital Location Chart Reading


Digital Location Chart Reading

60 minutes

The soul responds differently to every location on the globe. This chart explores your time, location & date of birth, to compare how the soul science responds to the latitude & longitude of any location, World wide. Certain locations may inspire fear & anxiety. While other locations may inspire safety & happiness. Which can help us comprehend how a soul feels, upon birth, during infancy, in childhood & all other ages. (This chart proves infants, toddlers & young children are prone to depression & sadness). Assess the possible vibe & thought frequency your location inspires within you, your children, romantic partner, family member, classmate, friend & even your enemies! We explore 4 locations & this reading includes a 4 card tarot reading. Readings are sent out about 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. This reading includes downloadable content specific to your order. All Readings require you fill out the Soul Science Form upon purchase. We need your name, date, time & location of birth for the most accurate results. Thank you.

Soul Science Chart

Please fill out your  info below in order to allow us to research your natal chart. You will recieve your chart info/Live call about 3-5 business days from the date you order your product.

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