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Digital Mid~Life Crisis Soul Chart Reading


Digital Mid~Life Crisis Soul Chart Reading

90 minutes

In Astrology, Saturn is something like an Iron Fist Daddy. Saturn takes about 29-30 years to circle the Sun. So, every 29-30 years, we are tested with a Mid-Life Crisis. Allowing us to see where we have grown & where we need to mature more. Exploring trials & tribulations you have overcome can help life flow more smoothly. Exploring how those challenges are a part of your destiny is a gift Target simply doesn't have! What challenges are you destined to face? How can you make the most of your journey? Your choices will make more sense, when you order this reading. Book this reading & find out... This is a Live reading. Your video meeting will be scheduled about 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. Feel free to bring an audio recorder, paper pen &/or pencil. See ya in your reading! All Readings require you fill out the Soul Science Form upon purchase. We need your name, date, time & location of birth for the most accurate results. Thank you.

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