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Virtual Star Family Chart Reading


Virtual Star Family Chart Reading

Session: 2 hours (bring a voice recorder, paper, pen &/or pencil)

This reading explores the Galactic origins of your entire birth chart. Helping certain, thoughts, feelings & sensations make muuuch more sense! This reading is ideal for people who feel very spiritual, connected to metaphysics, self healing, quantum science & astrology. This information is extremely ideal for breaking generational curses. This is a video chat meeting.  Please bring a voice recorder, pen, paper &/or pen & document the information we discuss. It exists to help everyone live by their soul purpose, on Earth. See ya in the reading!

Soul Science Chart

Please fill out your  info below in order to allow us to research your natal chart. You will recieve your chart info/Live call about 3-5 business days from the date you order your product.

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