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About Hello My Name Is Angela

The Story

Peace World. Welcome to my virtual World, where I tell the story of my becoming, invite you all to events & share knowledge. I'll break the ice with sharing my story. I'm a native of Chicago, ILL., relocating to Las Vegas, NV, with my entire immediate family August 2004 & relocated to Miami 2008-2012. I lived something like a Love N Hip Hop Miami type of life, yet behind closed doors, I hated life & suffered with suicide ideation. Just before life force me back to the Las Vegas, I met a "Hip Hop" fitness instructor who was an Uncle Luke Dancer. Although I was shy & desperately wanted to run away, the Twerk Bug bit me. A year later, I went on to partner with the City of Las Vegas, teaching Twerk Out Work Out classes 3 times a week to my community. This class was a fusion of fitness & Urban dancing, on a HIIT format. This class became the remedy for the working professional girl who forgot to feel while achieving her goals. Today, we are 10 years into Twerkology, teaching classes, hosting parties & spreading knowledge on the power & many faces of sexual energy. In this website, you will get to explore the journey of each product through story telling, community building & information sharing. Curiosity is welcomed, ignorance isn't. Welcome to Hello, My Name Is Angela. I'm excited for our journey!

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